Annual Meters Honor Board 2008

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This is day 365 of the 2008 Honor Board.

10,000+ Daily
+3,650,000 to date
> 7,500+ Daily
+2,737,500 to date
5,000+ Daily
+1,825,000 to date
2,500+ Daily
+912,500 to date
1,500+ Daily
+547,500 to date

7,500 or more Meters per day since May 1st

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Profile Name
Current Age City State
Total Meters to Date
Average Daily Meters to Date Projected Annual Meters
ViewPaul Beech67 West Newbury MA USA 3,644,1779,9563,644,177
ViewJim Smart85 Libby MT USA 3,623,5289,9003,623,528
ViewAl Hallberg60 Roxburgh  Central Otago NZL 3,605,4559,8503,605,455
ViewMichael M. Gunther62 Chester Cheshire GBR 3,605,0009,8493,605,000
ViewAnthony Alessi60 Norwich CT USA 3,603,9309,8463,603,930
ViewPentti Runko55 Maaninka   FIN 3,575,2369,7683,575,236
ViewDavid Cox84 Ames IA USA 3,550,5009,7003,550,500
ViewRafal Kapler40 Konstancin Jeziorna   POL 3,544,2269,6833,544,226
ViewChris Speed49 Newcastle Upon Tyne   GBR 3,540,2139,6723,540,213
ViewMichael DiTullo63  NY USA 3,510,0219,5903,510,021
ViewJim Divan56 Riverhead NY USA 3,486,6019,5263,486,601
ViewChad Goss53 Groton MA USA 3,472,3629,4873,472,362
ViewGary Hurley57 Abbeywood, LONDON   GBR 3,463,4379,4623,463,437
ViewBilly Walmsley38 Hull   GBR 3,452,3979,4323,452,397
ViewNace Magner59 Bowling Green KY USA 3,441,2589,4023,441,258
ViewTom Chapman51 Wilmington DE USA 3,431,0009,3743,431,000
ViewDavid Adams65 Mountain View CA, AGE WITHOUT LIMITS USA 3,430,9579,3743,430,957
ViewJames Douglass85 Palatka FL USA 3,428,5009,3673,428,500
ViewAntonio Morillo83 Culver City  CA USA 3,401,3029,2933,401,302
ViewIgor Zak64 Woodbridge CT USA 3,359,4579,1783,359,457
ViewJim Corkal62 Yellowknife, NWT Eh!Team CAN 3,339,6069,1243,339,606
ViewBill Kochuk64 Raleigh NC USA 3,328,6999,0943,328,699
ViewRick Bayko67 West Newbury MA USA 3,323,0289,0793,323,028
ViewMichael McGuirk73 Bel Air MD USA 3,304,7679,0293,304,767
ViewVincent Berry (Papa Berry)60 East Lansdowne Pa USA 3,296,9739,0083,296,973
ViewLauren Siebert26  Holt Mi USA 3,290,6218,9903,290,621
ViewAnthony Barton46 Mount Martha Victoria AUS 3,290,2878,9893,290,287
ViewLex Altink65 Hilversum Netherlands NLD 3,287,7648,9823,287,764
ViewSteve Vousden50 Abergele, North Wales  RowPro Rowers GBR 3,285,1448,9753,285,144
ViewGary Boomgaardt63 Dundas  ON CAN 3,273,0278,9423,273,027
ViewColin Best58 Broxburn West Lothian GBR 3,269,3708,9323,269,370
ViewSean Hurley29 Cleveland Hts. OH USA 3,263,1168,9153,263,116
ViewEarl Veale55 Oakville, ON Eh! Team CAN 3,243,3618,8613,243,361
Viewdavid schneider69     USA 3,240,1948,8523,240,194
ViewPerry Sperber68 South Daytona FL USA 3,232,7148,8323,232,714
ViewGregory Cook46 Bainbridge Island WA USA 3,229,7718,8243,229,771
ViewDavid Chmilowskyj48 Caledon East ON CAN 3,229,4218,8233,229,421
ViewMichael Derry72 Utica NY USA 3,211,0008,7733,211,000
ViewJoan Joesting-Mahoney77 Melbourne FL USA 3,210,5098,7713,210,509
ViewTolly Allen59 Palm City  FL USA 3,203,7318,7533,203,731
ViewHank Greenblatt58 Washingtonville ny USA 3,197,4958,7363,197,495
ViewJean-Marie GAYRAUD52  XL GYM CHATEAURENARD   FRA 3,192,6188,7233,192,618
ViewSteven Geary58 Bluff  South Island NZL 3,173,4968,6703,173,496
ViewPaul J. King67 Methuen MA USA 3,172,0158,6663,172,015
ViewJason Bartley44 Whangamata Free Spirits NZL 3,171,1578,6643,171,157
ViewEva Jacobs76 Manchester Age Without Limits GBR 3,166,9668,6523,166,966
ViewDiane Duranti67 Renton WA USA 3,164,1908,6453,164,190
ViewMarty Meyer57 Woodbridge VA USA 3,152,0008,6123,152,000
ViewJeff Rice66 Moorestown NJ USA 3,145,6918,5943,145,691