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Concept2 Online Logbook and World Rankings

The Online Logbook will allow you to:

  • Enter and keep track of all of your workouts online.
  • See a list of your personal world ranking entries.
  • Access your personal pace chart history, comparing workouts of similar distance or time with each other.
  • See weekly and monthly summary statistics as well as total meters and time.
  • Export your log to a text file.
  • See average daily meters since your first piece of the season.
  • Participate in Concept2 online challenges.

Sign up for your Online Logbook.

The Online World Ranking is where rowers and skiers all over the world:

  • See how they stack up next to their competition.
  • Submit their own results to the ranking.
  • Get motivated by terrific competition.

View rankings without registering.

To submit a piece for the ranking, you must:

  1. Set up an online logbook profile.
  2. Enter a workout result in your logbook.
  3. Click on the "rank" link next to the result in your logbook.

When we first put the logbook and ranking online in 2000, we didn’t anticipate how popular it would be! Many years and many millions of entries later, the Online Logbook and Ranking have become the most interactive motivators that we know of for users around the globe. Have fun!