Team Standings


9/15/2008 through 10/15/2008 11:59:00 PM

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Team Standings
Pos. Team Team Type Total Event Meters Team Members Average Meters
1 Age Without Limits Virtual Club36,564,021304120,276
2 Free Spirits Virtual Club12,585,35913791,864
3 LUNA-TICS Virtual Club7,887,2469682,159
4 SUB7 IRC Virtual Club6,834,70563108,487
5 TIMBUK2 Virtual Club6,325,8779368,020
6 The Zone Fitness Studio,Bangalore,India Health Club6,270,7308672,915
7 North Shore YMCA, Auckland, New Zealand YMCA5,317,12334156,386
8 Town of Ajax Training Clubs. ON, CAN Health Club4,540,2486569,850
9 SanDisk Corporate Fitness Center4,115,74937111,236
10 North Texas Rowing Club Rowing Club3,652,61328130,450
11 Halifax Rowing Association Rowing Club3,479,90325139,196
12 Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) YMCA3,006,1749930,365
13 BTB Fitness/CrossFit Health Club2,657,8034756,549
14 Spa Fitness Center Health Club2,597,84615173,190
15 Final Results Fitness Health Club2,560,6355154,972
16 Montana Athletic Club - Libby Undefined2,351,60117138,329
17 Gainesville Area Rowing Rowing Club2,326,25815155,084
18 Concept2 - Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center2,225,6927629,285
19 Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO Health Club2,172,61414155,187
20 Fit4Life Fitness Lifestyle Center Health Club2,135,84717125,638
21 Fit@Sun Santa Clara Corporate Fitness Center2,102,82517123,696
22 Team NAS Pensacola Military Facility2,086,9597627,460
23 Lynnwood CrossFit Health Club1,969,6392385,636
24 SAS RFC Corporate Fitness Center1,926,00017113,294
25 Aspirus Keweenaw Rehab. & Fitness Center Medical Facility1,909,6886612,889
26 Energy Center Rock and Rowers Undefined1,840,76618102,265
27 C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move Health Club1,792,1522517,140
28 Salisbury School School/Univ Club1,743,2442472,635
29 FIT@SUN-BUR Corporate Fitness Center1,738,21213133,709
30 Long Beach Rowing Association Rowing Club1,729,9362666,536
31 University of MN Duluth Fitness Center Undefined1,705,9116284,319
32 Arizona Outlaws Virtual Club1,705,6096028,427
33 Harbor City CrossFit Health Club1,684,1651799,069
34 MediFit Team #1 - St. Louis Corporate Fitness Center1,659,3492097,939
35 Wichita Rowing Association Rowing Club1,560,95513120,073
36 Postrodden Rote 87 Rowing Team Rowing Club1,550,3374387,584
37 SLRC Masters and Friends Rowing Club1,543,34815102,890
38 WSU Varsity Men School/Univ Club1,519,22611138,111
39 Michigan River Ratz Virtual Club1,415,5742707,787
40 Rocket City Rowing Club Rowing Club1,343,5732163,980
41 Altitude Rowers Virtual Club1,305,20211118,655
42 Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Cardiac Rehab Medical Facility1,304,4125623,293
43 Fibra Rowing Team Virtual Club1,277,4513425,817
44 PRAIRIELAND STROKERS Virtual Club1,254,7525522,814
45 Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit Montclair Health Club1,183,2301865,735
46 Citi Jacksonville Corporate Fitness Center1,182,2614924,128
47 Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Goup Health Club1,139,4421671,215
48 Core Dynamics Team Health Club1,097,5283036,584
49 iERG 4 JU Dolphins School/Univ Club1,077,67410107,767
50 JU Rowing3 Undefined1,066,3679118,485
51 Old Colony YMCA - Central Division YMCA1,063,0152150,620
52 Dive Motivators Military Facility1,062,1641762,480
53 C Co 1-10 Military Facility1,052,41210105,241
54 SCAR Undefined1,049,7121474,979
55 Team Netzaberg Elementary School/Univ Club1,047,4849116,387
56 Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club Rowing Club1,025,2867146,469
57 Forum Flyers Virtual Club1,012,8754253,219
58 Cambridge School of Dallas School/Univ Club994,4581952,340
59 Sammamish Rowing Association Rowing Club990,0494323,024
60 Brockville Y Warriors YMCA962,3722440,099
61 Greenbrier Country Club, VA Health Club940,8771658,805
62 JU Rowing 1 Undefined938,2599104,251
63 Cotton Lake Rowing Club Rowing Club920,4158115,052
64 Tempe Family YMCA YMCA919,3572931,702
65 WSU Novice Women School/Univ Club899,3101369,178
66 South Bend Medical Foundation Medical Facility869,0325173,806
67 Fraser Valley Rowing Club Team Rowing Club851,2158106,402
68 Rocket's Resolute Rowers Virtual Club850,2112425,106
69 WSU Novice Men School/Univ Club842,965993,663
70 WSU Varsity Women School/Univ Club806,4061080,641
71 Europe Undefined754,193983,799
72 Whippany Fitness & Wellness Center Corporate Fitness Center737,1084184,277
73 ARIEL TOY Virtual Club732,7023520,934
74 CrossFit Laguna Beach Undefined719,6411259,970
75 Amoskeag Rowing Club Rowing Club710,6827101,526
76 Nelson Place Health Club Health Club666,7795133,356
77 WSU Novice Men 2 School/Univ Club647,3796107,897
78 Kansas Crew School/Univ Club639,2943120,622
79 Dawgs Out of Water Rowing Club629,9433209,981
80 Westfield Area YMCA YMCA629,673878,709
81 SparkPeople Indoor Rowers Virtual Club627,6895125,538
82 Pikelet IRC Virtual Club612,574876,572
83 VCIRC Virtual Club609,3311155,394
84 CrossFit Spotsy Undefined608,3441346,796
85 Rocky Mountain Rowing Club Rowing Club596,809785,258
86 NIGHTHAWKS - YWCA Minneapolis YMCA570,6993190,233
87 Corgan Corporate Fitness Center556,207961,801
88 Minnesota Boat Club Rowing Club553,8961246,158
89 DryLand Rowing Club Rowing Club540,1263180,042
90 Scotty's Boot Camp Virtual Club534,282689,047
91 University of Derby Rowing Club School/Univ Club518,8794129,720
92 Tampa Catholic Undefined513,0321242,753
93 Fitness Plus Medical Facility501,820862,728
94 RowPittsburgh Rowing Club475,1284118,782
95 OldeDawgs Virtual Club470,8332235,417
96 A- Team Virtual Club469,409678,235
97 Orange County Fire Authority Corporate Fitness Center463,476592,695
98 Wyandotte Boat Club Rowing Club453,0892716,781
99 Rowing in Circles Virtual Club449,582674,930
100 Adobe Fitness Center San Jose Corporate Fitness Center424,8851922,362
101 Bonner Rowing School/Univ Club417,9891137,999
102 Tyner Rowing Club409,3722204,686
103 Log4Success Corporate Fitness Center401,0342200,517
104 Dehydrated Rowing Virtual Club397,4123132,471
105 Green & Grey Military Facility383,1302191,565
106 Avesta Roddklubb Rowing Club382,800576,560
107 Fivestar Corporate Fitness Center365,0073121,669
108 Robin's Roundup Undefined360,7163120,239
109 Worcester Polytechnic Institute School/Univ Club359,369489,842
110 Scrambled Legs And Achin Virtual Club359,002659,834
111 TEAM CG Undefined350,888843,861
112 Boulder Crossfit Health Club346,622749,517
113 Neenah-Menasha YMCA Undefined338,2553112,752
114 Jolly Roger Rowers Health Club338,2502169,125
115 South Shore Rowing Center Rowing Club335,1482167,574
116 Gently down the stream Undefined330,5313110,177
117 The SuperHappy FunTime Team Virtual Club323,946564,789
118 The Lodge at Des Peres Health Club319,0492159,525
119 Team 202 Eddy Corporate Fitness Center314,6762157,338
120 HQC Fitness Center Military Facility314,637839,330
121 Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Fall Challenge Team YMCA311,7373103,912
122 USAG Brussels Military Facility301,6163100,539
123 CrossFit Revolution Health Club300,4063100,135
124 BIAC Evening Undefined299,4062149,703
125 Team Dettlinger Undefined282,545470,636
126 Black Sheep Rowing Club Rowing Club275,610645,935
127 Boer-z-bobs Virtual Club274,785739,255
128 1000 island rowing Rowing Club264,136833,017
129 Barking Bulldogs School/Univ Club262,0002131,000
130 Kwaj Twins Undefined259,7572129,879
131 Autocam Corporate Fitness Center256,7201123,338
132 Willamette University School/Univ Club255,134385,045
133 Team Wasteddi Undefined235,525547,105
134 BethesdaRow Virtual Club229,0002114,500
135 Med-Well Maniacs Health Club228,723376,241
136 Manhattan Masters Rowing Club Rowing Club224,993637,499
137 New Haven Fitness Health Club218,786454,697
138 Rudern, Veslovani, Remo & More Rowing Virtual Club215,666453,917
139 SECT CrossFit Health Club215,3751316,567
140 Cleveland, TN - YMCA YMCA209,8322104,916
141 YMCA at Pabst Farm YMCA203,727450,932
142 Visaform Annecy Epagny Health Club202,0002101,000
143 Anniesland College Sports Department School/Univ Club200,018450,005
144 Patch Fitness Center Military Facility200,0051020,001
145 Mel Hi Crew Undefined196,350365,450
146 MasterCard Team Undefined187,436537,487
147 JRYRIC YMCA185,7351116,885
148 Desert Chocked Crew Rowing Club185,610292,805
149 Stray Shot Virtual Club183,135291,568
150 Sweaty Lezzies Virtual Club177,116288,558
151 River City Rowing Club Undefined171,323285,662
152 Carla's Rowing Crew Health Club163,259440,815
153 Bellingham Rowers Virtual Club152,238350,746
154 Longmont Scullers Rowing Club152,120438,030
155 QSeekers Rowing Club Rowing Club147,918273,959
156 Bay Citi Rowers Corporate Fitness Center138,266346,089
157 The JGX School/Univ Club136,115527,223
158 Chellew Family Rowers Undefined124,310524,862
159 WCRI Rowing Club107,879253,940
160 Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center106,064362,946
161 Dr. Phillips YMCA Orlando YMCA105,875335,292
162 Stony Hill Rowing Club Rowing Club105,563252,782
163 Saint Louis University Crew School/Univ Club103,200714,743
164 Grand Canyon Rowers Virtual Club102,600251,300
165 UpandUnderGroup Undefined102,331251,166
166 Fidelity Undefined100,097250,049
167 Frequent Fliers Virtual Club98,631424,658
168 Cossacks Virtual Club98,500249,250
169 Superior YMCA YMCA90,431245,216
170 VISN 11 Indoor Rowing Team Undefined84,200328,067
171 i4you Virtual Club81,757327,252
172 The Onyx Connection Rowing Club78,937239,469
173 Telecommuters Undefined60,195415,049
174 Granby HS Crew School/Univ Club58,100414,525
175 Team Tuttle Undefined56,846318,949
176 Girl of the Waves School/Univ Club50,212225,106
177 STLCC Rowers School/Univ Club50,133316,711
178 Syracuse '12 Rowing Undefined50,000225,000
179 RG Rowing Club38,500219,250
180 EliteAthletesEdge Undefined36,889218,445
181 TKO go BOOM Virtual Club33,888216,944
182 Naked Ninja IRC Rowing Club32,72648,182
183 Carrick on Shannon Juniors Rowing Club24,908212,454
184 Poet Rowing Association Undefined24,13338,044
185 Lawrence University School/Univ Club24,00038,000
186 Team Tumlin Undefined23,118211,559
187 CrossFit Baltimore Undefined22,34963,725
188 Team Greenbrier CC Corporate Fitness Center19,66453,933
189 PHIL4:13 Undefined16,00028,000
190 Cazenovia College Undefined14,00027,000
191 Ikon Science Undefined13,00026,500
192 Greater Lawrence Rowing Rowing Club10,10033,367
193 CrossFit Balboa All-Stars Undefined10,00025,000
194 KMRREC Virtual Club6,49632,165
195 Kinacres IRC Undefined4,37422,187
196 J.Schwartz Construction Virtual Club3,0154754
197 Cypress Ridge Rowers Health Club2,0009222
198 Station L RC Powerhouse Crew Undefined090
199 Nine Days Undefined020
200 FIT@SUN Broomfield - Rusty Rowers Corporate Fitness Center0200
201 ROLOs Corporate Fitness Center020
202 GreenHillsYMCA YMCA0100
203 Hamilton Hawk Crew School/Univ Club0100
204 ROWBOTS Undefined020