Team Standings

Fall Rowing Challenge 2009

9/15/2009 through 10/15/2009 11:59:00 PM

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Team Standings
Pos. Team Team Type Total Event Meters Team Members Average Meters
1 Age Without Limits Virtual Club50,586,253294172,062
2 Free Spirits Virtual Club21,587,971179120,603
3 LUNA-TICS Virtual Club12,510,66069181,314
4 RowPro Online Virtual Club10,673,92480133,424
5 'Big Blue' International Rowing Club9,339,52614667,109
6 Greenville Indoor Rowing Health Club8,209,56081101,353
7 UK Rowers Virtual Club7,950,59273108,912
8 TIMBUK2 Virtual Club7,491,60462120,832
9 ANCIENTS Virtual Club7,483,08419393,847
10 SUB7 & PaddyPower FRC Team Virtual Club7,106,89742169,212
11 Forum Flyers Virtual Club6,951,02938182,922
12 Empty the tanks Virtual Club6,509,32358112,230
13 North Shore YMCA, Auckland, New Zealand YMCA6,087,71645135,283
14 Baxter Fitness Solutions for Fifty and Beyond Health Club5,208,52515134,494
15 Island Rowing Club Virtual Club5,050,01049103,061
16 Town of Ajax Fitness and Health Centres, Ajax, ON. Health Club4,391,1987757,029
17 Spa Fitness Center Health Club4,124,94520206,247
18 N.F.R.C. Virtual Club4,010,3286668,388
19 CrossFit Invictus Health Club3,829,3065569,624
20 Team NAS Pensacola Military Facility3,801,13312829,696
21 SanDisk Corporate Fitness Center3,679,79227136,289
22 SLRC Masters and Friends Rowing Club3,664,69634107,785
23 Core Dynamics Team Health Club3,197,8084571,062
24 HMS CORNWALL Military Facility3,153,07025126,123
25 SAS RFC Corporate Fitness Center3,080,72922140,033
26 U.S. Navy Virtual Club3,033,88727112,366
27 Halifax Rowing Association Rowing Club2,998,34423130,363
28 First in Fitness Health Club2,881,37920144,069
29 Million Meter Vikings Virtual Club2,879,14312239,929
30 The Killer Bees Rowing Club2,573,42221122,544
31 Gainesville Area Rowing Rowing Club2,541,58220127,079
32 Ducks and Friends Together Virtual Club2,513,72017147,866
33 Montana Athletic Club - Libby Health Club2,456,56621116,979
34 Final Results Fitness Health Club2,447,9414275,733
35 The Eh!Team Virtual Club2,398,89717141,112
36 Fit2Live Undefined2,377,7349225,845
37 Concept2 - Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center2,361,30423102,665
38 MFH Undefined2,273,45312189,454
39 No Excuses CrossFit Health Club2,159,4864251,416
40 metrosouthmedicalcenter Medical Facility2,088,47815613,388
41 CrossFit Lethbridge Health Club2,081,6022971,779
42 RAWROW Health Club2,063,13814147,367
43 R.A.W. TRAINING Health Club2,062,08314147,292
44 The Zone Fitness Studio,Bangalore,India Health Club1,956,0874741,619
45 Postrodden Rote 87 Rowing Club Rowing Club1,902,4655380,493
46 TEAM OARSOME Virtual Club1,864,93411169,539
47 Lynnwood CrossFit Health Club1,851,8202284,174
48 Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) YMCA1,713,38113131,799
49 RehabGYM Medical Facility1,680,5911893,366
50 West Side YMCA YMCA1,677,57411152,507
51 East Berlin Fitness Health Club1,600,08716100,005
52 R.A.W.'s Ripped Rowers Health Club1,592,05514113,718
53 CrossFit Louisville East Health Club1,591,64514113,689
54 ROWBICS -Long Beach Rowing Club1,480,04911134,550
55 Welch Allyn Fitness Center Corporate Fitness Center1,349,0421496,360
56 Highveld Yacht Club Virtual Club1,314,0972657,049
57 University of Georgia School/Univ Club1,298,1361399,857
58 Fit@Sun Santa Clara Corporate Fitness Center1,287,5471680,472
59 Sammamish Rowing Association Rowing Club1,273,0161490,930
60 Rocket City Rowing Club Rowing Club1,271,51211115,592
61 Stockton Rowing Club Rowing Club1,255,28111114,116
62 Whitlock Recreation Health Club1,243,87211113,079
63 C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move Health Club1,232,9601438,622
64 Fit4Life Fitness Lifestyle Center Health Club1,200,0841392,314
65 His Church Virtual Club1,173,6571297,805
66 Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Challenge Team YMCA1,162,15011105,650
67 FIT@SUN-BUR Corporate Fitness Center1,120,1381670,009
68 Run Jump Lift Health Club1,115,6736018,595
69 Yakima Training Center Military Facility1,109,9547158,565
70 WBC Rowing Club1,087,6407155,377
71 Wichita Rowing Association Rowing Club1,084,99510108,500
72 CofC Cougars School/Univ Club1,067,9852641,076
73 family fitness center Health Club1,041,9399115,771
74 Nashville Rowing Club Rowing Club1,035,7821569,052
75 Boulder Crossfit Health Club1,012,1541377,858
76 JRC Rowing Club1,004,4442502,222
77 DryLand Rowing Club Rowing Club1,000,6523333,551
78 TotalFitness4U Health Club993,5882049,679
79 Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center Corporate Fitness Center971,8988121,487
80 Arizona Outlaws Virtual Club955,7801468,270
81 Orlando Fire Department Undefined943,9801094,398
82 Victory Base Complex IRC Military Facility900,7877128,684
83 Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico Health Club899,2116149,869
84 Rowing Warriors School/Univ Club895,9591274,663
85 Lakeview Medical Center Health & Wellness Center Medical Facility895,4371181,403
86 Townnorth YMCA YMCA882,4571655,154
87 Rowing for Beer Virtual Club876,910997,434
88 Wild2Row Virtual Club849,2113283,070
89 Old Colony YMCA - Central Division YMCA837,6801269,807
90 CrossFit Decatur Health Club832,1371175,649
91 NCSU Rowing Club School/Univ Club829,6521555,310
92 WCRI Rowing Club827,1991082,720
93 Genesee Rowing Club Rowing Club824,8221363,448
94 Inlet Rowing Club Rowing Club822,4355164,487
95 Green & Grey Military Facility740,4273246,809
96 HRCR - Harlem River Community Rowing Rowing Club737,3391073,734
97 Dawgs Out of Water Rowing Club690,454798,636
98 InlandBodyWorks/Hemet Health Club681,369885,171
99 Universal Rowing 2 Health Club669,2671160,842
100 Masters Coaching Rowing Club665,1321351,164
101 Arizona Desert Rowers Virtual Club658,2126109,702
102 Augusta Rowing Club Rowing Club655,1186109,186
103 Not-so-Gently Down the Stream Undefined639,2444159,811
104 Topeka Rowing Rowing Club637,449879,681
105 Too Late for Lunch Virtual Club635,9644158,991
106 Iraq King Air Blacksheep Military Facility634,0633211,354
107 Nelson Place Health Club Health Club631,4584157,865
108 Tyner Virtual Club624,5953208,198
109 BattleBorn CrossFit Undefined615,9111155,992
110 TRI Meters Undefined609,0004152,250
111 South Bend Medical Foundation Medical Facility603,8555120,771
112 Tampa Catholic School/Univ Club595,7444712,675
113 Dallas Rowing Club Rowing Club584,083783,440
114 CrossFit Birmingham Health Club582,7452127,750
115 Manhattan Masters Rowing Club Rowing Club566,1951151,472
116 Palafox Paddlers Undefined558,730962,081
117 MRC Women's Sweep Program Rowing Club536,2321535,749
118 Pikelet IRC Rowing Club522,6445104,529
119 Napp Undefined518,5102259,255
120 Team Netzaberg Elementary School/Univ Club492,8212246,411
121 Fitness Plus Health Club488,030769,719
122 LIVE ICOM Corporate Fitness Center437,7242218,862
123 Erg Peeps Virtual Club427,898761,128
124 North Cascades Crew Rowing Club416,539759,506
125 MRC Rowing Club Rowing Club409,3162204,658
126 D&M Fitness Health Club402,6011040,260
127 HAFFAST Rowers Virtual Club399,218757,031
128 Warwick Crew Rowing Club396,911499,228
129 FitMix50 (Australia) Virtual Club393,382756,197
130 HuNott Hill Row-Ergz Virtual Club387,8102193,905
131 Tempe Town Lake Rowing Rowing Club382,900576,580
132 VCIRC Virtual Club376,687494,172
133 R.C. Notman Virtual Club370,0002185,000
134 GUBC--Saxa Rowing Club362,549751,793
135 Garnison Farnham Forward Division Military Facility359,081571,816
136 Passaic River Rowing Assoc. Rowing Club354,6052177,303
137 New Squall Association Virtual Club353,188750,455
138 Chelsea Piers Crew NYC Health Club349,5081034,951
139 Row Bears Virtual Club343,5002171,750
140 Aspirus Keweenaw Rehab. & Fitness Center Medical Facility335,478509659
141 Olympia Area Rowing Rowing Club333,972655,662
142 Dehydrated Rowing Virtual Club330,7223110,241
143 US Air Force Military Facility325,519746,503
144 Team Longevity Undefined320,0872160,044
145 Team Catoe Virtual Club318,238479,560
146 Jersey Shore Rowers Rowing Club317,3712158,686
147 Coldwater Crew Health Club317,151479,288
148 Prince William Rowing Club Rowing Club312,485744,641
149 Avesta Roddklubb Rowing Club305,0203101,673
150 ShinerBockx2 Virtual Club304,3222152,161
151 Row-sy Cheeks Virtual Club303,7523101,251
152 RowForPeace Virtual Club301,605650,268
153 Team Leyland Virtual Club300,418650,070
154 Not Ready for Prime Time Rowers Undefined299,505474,876
155 get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit Health Club291,465836,433
156 Water E Dogs Undefined288,100396,033
157 Esporta Health Club, Bracknell Health Club283,0192141,510
158 ITACG Undefined282,574394,191
159 Argo Summer 2009 School/Univ Club277,3391223,112
160 Sabatini's family Virtual Club275,581555,116
161 Nadio rowers Virtual Club273,3362136,668
162 CentenaryAlum Undefined272,5212136,261
163 Amoskeag Rowing Club Rowing Club269,605553,921
164 British Army Military Facility268,6372134,319
165 Chaparral Crew School/Univ Club266,800738,114
166 CG 9 Military Facility266,081466,520
167 Indy Rowing Center Rowing Club264,555466,139
168 Dewy Cheetem and Howe Rowing Club260,5412130,271
169 QPRC wellness center Health Club257,5451418,396
170 tubbins Undefined256,8282128,414
171 Moose Jaw Ground Squirrels Undefined247,8412123,921
172 Just For The Run Of It Health Club247,0891024,709
173 Suck My Wake Rowing Club243,774381,258
174 Humboldt Bay Rowing Association Rowing Club240,000460,000
175 Scotch Corner Health Club235,7251023,573
176 British Fire Service Undefined232,8962116,448
177 Power 11 Virtual Club222,433374,144
178 SLU Crew Undefined222,279827,785
179 Rowed to nowhere Virtual Club216,0452108,023
180 Valley YMCA H&W Undefined215,447826,931
181 Connecticut College Rowing Alumni Virtual Club214,842371,614
182 Cambridge University Alumni Virtual Club214,5302107,265
183 DREAM Team Rowing Club210,755370,252
184 VCU Crew Ladies School/Univ Club210,046730,007
185 South Puget Sound RC Virtual Club209,173452,293
186 Simpsonators YMCA204,4812102,241
187 PFP POWER Undefined203,2441711,956
188 South Niagara Rowing Club Rowing Club200,800450,200
189 UKS Jedynka Znin POL Rowing Club195,673727,953
190 Australia Virtual Club185,000292,500
191 Renton Rowing Rowing Club184,200292,100
192 Alpenresort Tyrol Austria Health Club182,743228,307
193 Scarboro SLSC Rowing Club176,213288,107
194 AARC Rowing Club174,601287,301
195 St. Edward's University Crew Undefined171,463357,154
196 Bonner Crew School/Univ Club167,540283,770
197 Rudern, Veslovani, Remo & More Rowing Virtual Club167,247355,749
198 Ford/Chivers Undefined162,443281,222
199 Virginia Tech Alumni School/Univ Club158,279279,140
200 Corgan Corporate Fitness Center154,558530,912
201 Kelowna Rowing Club Rowing Club154,000277,000
202 Harlesses Health Club140,080270,040
203 Louisville Rowing Club LRC Rowing Club138,567527,713
204 Bulldog CrossFit Health Club136,8721211,406
205 BTB Fitness/CrossFit Health Club135,760719,394
206 Fraser Valley Rowing Club Rowing Club127,152342,384
207 5k a day Virtual Club124,188341,396
208 Crossfit San Diego Health Club121,3431111,031
209 West Point Elementary School/Univ Club114,700257,350
210 CrossFitSonora Undefined110,0001011,000
211 Xtreme Fitness Undefined104,500426,125
212 Rogues Undefined103,149251,575
213 Eastside Fire and Rescue Undefined101,512616,919
214 N&B Virtual Club101,076250,538
215 Seven One Seven Undefined88,124244,062
216 QSeekers Rowing Club Rowing Club87,227243,614
217 Row Pain, Row Gain Virtual Club84,590242,295
218 Miami Beach Rowing Club Undefined84,051242,026
219 MIKA Remo Team Health Club70,300235,150
220 SparkPeople Indoor Rowers Virtual Club68,118513,624
221 Barclays Capital Fitness Center Corporate Fitness Center66,785144,770
222 TKO go BOOM Virtual Club63,909231,955
223 Cleveland, TN - YMCA YMCA60,818230,409
224 Black Sheep Rowing Club Rowing Club54,276318,092
225 Killer Bees Rowing Club Rowing Club42,884314,295
226 Citi Jacksonville Corporate Fitness Center38,075241,586
227 Open University Rowing Club School/Univ Club35,527217,764
228 Navesink River Rowers Rowing Club35,078217,539
229 University of Dayton School/Univ Club33,851311,284
230 UpandUnderGroup Undefined30,000215,000
231 Row Apollo Rowing Club28,300214,150
232 Bopettes Virtual Club28,000214,000
233 Ewe Row! Virtual Club24,33138,110
234 Michigan River Ratz Virtual Club23,550211,775
235 ProErgers Undefined23,263211,632
236 SECT CrossFit Health Club22,99045,748
237 Vidlin (Men) Undefined14,50034,833
238 Fairfield Prep 2012 Undefined13,46891,496
239 Green Mountain Valley School Undefined11,00013846
240 Universit├Ąt Innsbruck School/Univ Club9,06224,531
241 Lords Sports Club - Subiaco Undefined8,64332,881
242 Barking Bulldogs School/Univ Club4,60022,300
243 CrossFit Row Undefined1,9772989
244 Pulse Generators Undefined070
245 Blue Danube Rowing Club Rowing Club030
246 Fountain of Youth Undefined020
247 Equinox Crew Team Undefined080
248 Grenville Rowing Club Rowing Club090
249 Big Daddys Trailer Park Yacht Club Piranhas Rowing Club020
250 Club Metz School/Univ Club040
251 Splash Dogs Virtual Club020
252 ZLAC Rowing, LTD Rowing Club030
253 Telecommuters Virtual Club020
254 Pioneer Rowers School/Univ Club03590
255 Spokane Valley YMCA cruisers YMCA020
  356,084,115 5,199 68,491