Team Standings

Fall Rowing Challenge 2011

9/15/2011 through 10/15/2011 11:59:00 PM

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Team Standings
Pos. Team Team Type Total Event Meters Team Members Average Meters
1 Age Without Limits Virtual Club50,980,527290175,795
2 LUNA-TICS Virtual Club25,675,629143179,550
3 Free Spirits Virtual Club22,619,989151149,801
4 RowPro Online Virtual Club14,781,15298150,828
5 SBT 22 Military Facility14,505,03415394,804
6 Greenville Indoor Rowing Health Club11,630,65512096,922
7 Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower Fall Team Virtual Club10,979,26772152,490
8 ANCIENTS Virtual Club10,767,98329371,310
9 Team NAS Pensacola Military Facility9,358,52650018,717
10 TimbukTWO Virtual Club8,567,30354158,654
11 UK Rowers Virtual Club6,522,57962105,203
12 Empty the tanks Virtual Club6,349,10845141,091
13 Forty-One Military Facility5,954,68046129,450
14 Team Canada Virtual Club5,774,0226588,831
15 Virtual Club4,817,60127178,430
16 Island Rowing Club Virtual Club4,526,36444102,872
17 180 Fitness Health Club4,456,48720222,824
18 Baxter Fitness Solutions for Fifty and Beyond Health Club4,338,09217524,789
19 Powerhouse Fitness Health Club3,940,93126151,574
20 Kinetic Fitness Studio Health Club3,936,93428140,605
21 SLRC Masters and Friends On-Water Club3,718,29436103,286
22 getBUILT Chattanooga CrossFit Health Club3,542,62529122,159
23 SanDisk Corporate Headquarters Corporate Fitness Center3,490,5725069,811
24 Borgess Health & Fitness Center Health Club3,396,21528121,293
25 Orlando Fire Department Fire/Rescue/Police3,393,7673791,723
26 Forum Flyers 2011 Virtual Club3,356,51817197,442
27 Row-sham-bo Virtual Club3,237,52417190,443
28 Rote 87 Rowing Club On-Water Club3,122,7636520,461
29 USS Bataan / 22 MEU Military Facility3,049,3403198,366
30 Healthy BROE'S - Wellness Committee Corporate Fitness Center2,966,02624123,584
31 Long Beach Rowing Association (LBRA) On-Water Club2,960,29113227,715
32 Nashville Rowing Club On-Water Club2,844,53524118,522
33 First in Fitness Health Club2,783,69515185,580
34 Million Meter Vikings Virtual Club2,782,81116173,926
35 Flower City Crossfit Health Club2,774,4074956,621
36 Concept2 - Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center2,764,44123120,193
37 Team Virtual Club2,690,9743186,806
38 metrosouthmedicalcenter Medical Facility2,630,4897734,162
39 CCT Champions Corporate Fitness Center2,405,00017141,471
40 Montana Athletic Club - Libby Health Club2,133,16614152,369
41 HCC Ottawa Wolf Pack Military Facility2,113,97711192,180
42 West Side YMCA YMCA2,066,27912172,190
43 Final Results Fitness Health Club1,996,46517411,474
44 Champlain Valley CrossFit Health Club1,996,0212483,168
45 In Shape Health Club1,957,05617115,121
46 Ducks and Friends Together Virtual Club1,906,8152095,341
47 Flywheel Fitness Health Club1,832,89913140,992
48 CrossFit Cape Cod Health Club1,763,4472667,825
49 CrossFit Gordon Health Club1,758,1752667,622
50 CrossFit 609 Health Club1,754,2552473,094
51 Whitemarsh Boat Club On-Water Club1,695,0052180,715
52 Chrysalis Health Club1,687,71013129,824
53 CrossFit Decatur 2011 Health Club1,572,0682465,503
54 MHC rowing team Medical Facility1,567,0974336,444
55 East Berlin Fitness Health Club1,540,13912128,345
56 CrossFit Ocean City Health Club1,502,6142075,131
57 Maple Sap Suckers On-Water Club1,451,9326241,989
58 Dublin Shamrocks Corporate Fitness Center1,447,3878180,923
59 Rehab Warriors Medical Facility1,443,73512120,311
60 Amoskeag Rowing Club On-Water Club1,440,1514360,038
61 U.S. Navy Military Facility1,413,1571594,210
62 Orlando Rowing Club On-Water Club1,381,5942751,170
63 Golds Gym Fredericksburg VA Health Club1,380,44810138,045
64 Whitlock Recreation Health Club1,362,6889151,410
65 Orlando Rowing Club - Team 1 On-Water Club1,345,56411122,324
66 Rowfit Chicago Health Club1,341,0332651,578
67 Eh! Team Virtual Club1,324,38610132,439
68 C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move Health Club1,323,3295125,948
69 SAS RFC Corporate Fitness Center1,321,3392847,191
70 Pasco Health & Fitness Health Club1,287,73910128,774
71 Rudy's Gym - McCall Health Club1,280,7112064,036
72 Jackson Indoor Rowing Club Health Club1,243,13112103,594
73 SLU Crew School/Univ Club1,239,5042256,341
74 Varian Medical Systems Corporate Fitness Center1,219,4294304,857
75 Westfield Area YMCA YMCA1,164,7663038,826
76 Club O Santa Clara Corporate Fitness Center1,164,0121577,601
77 Mile High Rowing Club On-Water Club1,163,44810116,345
78 CrossFit Verve Health Club1,150,0493830,264
79 Silvey Virtual Club1,140,2643380,088
80 Avalon CrossFit Health Club1,107,4211573,828
81 Power 11 Virtual Club1,096,3677156,624
82 Visaform Annecy Epagny Health Club1,087,7255217,545
83 RowZone Manayunk Health Club1,062,1163332,185
84 Halifax Rowing Assocation On-Water Club1,061,6809117,964
85 OGER CrossFit FRC Health Club1,061,5171475,823
86 FitMix50 (Australia) Virtual Club1,059,3398132,417
87 Saratoga Regional YMCA YMCA1,054,3381287,862
88 Gainesville Area Rowing On-Water Club1,047,2551569,817
89 Orlando Rowing Club - Team 2 On-Water Club1,034,08410103,408
90 HealthConnections Fitness Center RTP, NC Corporate Fitness Center1,033,6921664,606
91 Highveld Yacht Club Virtual Club1,032,3606172,060
92 Team Columbia Athletic Health Club1,014,2632836,224
93 LARC, Hardcore! On-Water Club1,007,0001759,235
94 GUBC 2011-2012 School/Univ Club987,2361098,724
95 NEW YORK LIFE Corporate Fitness Center984,7481282,062
96 UCanRow2 Health Club980,0221951,580
97 BGC Stormy Dragons On-Water Club936,5649104,063
98 Nederland Virtual Club922,6998115,337
99 HSBC RC On-Water Club907,1031850,395
100 Energy Center's Rockin Rowers Health Club897,1631181,560
101 Toms River Fitness Health Club896,1175179,223
102 Oak Bay Orcas Health Club863,2163287,739
103 WCRI On-Water Club849,5081084,951
104 LifeStyles Fitness Center Health Club843,2541084,325
105 CrossFit Sandy Health Club835,515992,835
106 University of South Florida School/Univ Club831,7982139,609
107 Gerrie's Fitness Center Health Club828,0591459,147
108 NetFit Fitness Center Corporate Fitness Center820,8581268,405
109 Ricketts Virtual Club813,1352406,568
110 Not-so-Gently Down the Stream Virtual Club762,2904190,573
111 Annapolis Crab Catchers On-Water Club761,6923253,897
112 Glory Days Virtual Club748,0144187,004
113 Raleigh Rowing Center On-Water Club721,391980,155
114 Sammamish Rowing Association On-Water Club716,9667102,424
115 Greendale YMCA YMCA715,8862429,829
116 EBB Rowers Fire/Rescue/Police696,3101069,631
117 Livestrong Virtual Club694,5991353,431
118 Fivestar Fire/Rescue/Police682,1416113,690
119 Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club On-Water Club675,252975,028
120 Pikelet IRC Virtual Club672,6793224,226
121 Hedgehog Virtual Club671,212795,887
122 Lethbridge Fire Department Fire/Rescue/Police646,4141158,765
123 RowTreking Virtual Club645,1164161,279
124 Cross Fit Springfield,Mo. Health Club635,9191639,745
125 Crossfit 610 Health Club620,3941062,039
126 LifeSport Fitness Resource Center Health Club616,9534115,048
127 South Niagara Rowing Club On-Water Club609,5185121,904
128 Stockton Rowing Club On-Water Club602,5931346,353
129 Grumpies Rowing Virtual Club593,1354148,284
130 FITT GYM Health Club589,6094313,712
131 Simcoe-VaughanCon2 Crew Corporate Fitness Center588,187873,523
132 Cheesecake Chasers Health Club582,3055116,461
133 Ye Ole Mates On-Water Club581,8773193,959
134 CrossFit SoMO Health Club578,7881057,879
135 Arizona Outlaws Virtual Club572,672963,630
136 SSP Am Ers Corporate Fitness Center544,9472272,474
137 Stony Brook University Crew School/Univ Club536,0832819,146
138 Rowing for Beer Virtual Club534,036866,755
139 U.S. Army/Dept of State Indoor Rowers Virtual Club528,0024132,001
140 Jacksonville University Men's Crew School/Univ Club527,545687,924
141 USAF Indoor Rowers Virtual Club511,3463170,449
142 Mighty Matfen Virtual Club500,9892250,495
143 Knotty Knitters Virtual Club494,953682,492
144 Humboldt Bay Rowing Association On-Water Club493,262682,210
145 GDEB.GROTON/NLON Corporate Fitness Center489,4291144,494
146 Williams College Virtual Virtual Club487,5144121,879
147 Shocker Rowing School/Univ Club484,481860,560
148 Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team YMCA480,1684120,042
149 FEDS2010 Corporate Fitness Center468,883766,983
150 The Ergsters On-Water Club468,272766,896
151 Tulsa Rowing Club On-Water Club466,373593,275
152 Team Tara Health Club466,0112233,006
153 HealthPlex Health Club464,4352232,218
154 Spirited Capital Endurance On-Water Club462,0621142,006
155 White Rock Boathouse On-Water Club460,0004115,000
156 Corning Family YMCA (Upstate New York) YMCA457,2242228,612
157 Row Bears Virtual Club455,5972227,799
158 Form Restoration Virtual Club452,381950,265
159 Boyce Lake Rowers On-Water Club451,6952225,848
160 Anchorage Rowing Association On-Water Club447,089855,886
161 Indoorance Health Club440,4321236,703
162 Missoula Sheepheads Virtual Club440,431762,919
163 ErgoMounties Fire/Rescue/Police433,600672,267
164 Just Do It Virtual Club428,3034107,076
165 ShipShape Corporate Fitness Center418,289852,286
166 Kathy's boys Virtual Club406,7072203,354
167 Thomson Reuters Rowing Team Virtual Club402,8863134,295
168 Wrabness Crew Virtual Club401,9952200,998
169 Team Philips Corporate Fitness Center394,7753131,592
170 IcKogVAR Virtual Club394,4702197,235
171 RowForPeace Virtual Club393,000498,250
172 smilin' pit bull rescue Corporate Fitness Center391,9772195,989
173 Alcatel-Lucent Corporate Fitness Center390,591665,099
174 Devoran Pilot Gig Club Ergers On-Water Club378,204663,034
175 DFad_rowers Corporate Fitness Center372,7043124,235
176 Yakima Training Center Military Facility369,289661,548
177 OC Rowers Virtual Club367,114491,779
178 RHYTHMIC ROWERS Medical Facility357,9352713,257
179 CPI Power Rowers Corporate Fitness Center356,262659,377
180 St. Ignatius College Prep Crew School/Univ Club350,4153116,805
181 SLU Men's Novice School/Univ Club348,163843,520
182 Cambridge (UK) rowers Health Club337,5773112,526
183 UNITY CREW Medical Facility325,794565,159
184 CrossFit Toowoomba Health Club320,7511129,159
185 Row-n-Go Virtual Club317,963563,593
186 Erg Peeps Virtual Club316,6643105,555
187 OPRA - Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association On-Water Club314,875839,359
188 Texas Crew School/Univ Club312,690478,173
189 Lawn Guy Landers Virtual Club303,102475,776
190 Rocket City Rowing Club On-Water Club298,370649,728
191 Lake Casitas On-Water Club294,146836,768
192 Cardinal House Virtual Club282,707470,677
193 Arizona Monsoon Rowers Virtual Club282,257470,564
194 SA Rowers Unlimited Virtual Club280,893393,631
195 Remigo Ergo Sum Virtual Club278,730392,910
196 Row Pain, Row Gain Virtual Club264,079388,026
197 Boiler Crew School/Univ Club261,891387,297
198 Dragon'sBreath Virtual Club260,615386,872
199 Team VF Virtual Club260,156552,031
200 Power of powder Halmstad Corporate Fitness Center251,7001122,882
201 Just For The Run Of It Health Club246,328641,055
202 The Cambridge Club Health Club245,000735,000
203 FC Internazionale Milano Virtual Club242,118380,706
204 Geriatrics of Denver Health Club239,7881318,445
205 Teamtops Corporate Fitness Center235,6942117,847
206 Girotti Machine On-Water Club235,224733,603
207 SLU Men's Varsity School/Univ Club216,756730,965
208 BAH Rowers On-Water Club216,5172108,259
209 Old Colony YMCA YMCA215,289923,921
210 Williamsburg Boat Club On-Water Club214,979371,660
211 Saving Sinkers On-Water Club209,8012104,901
212 Genesee Rowing Club On-Water Club206,676922,964
213 Bravo Zulu Military Facility206,3301414,738
214 Vonage Corporate Fitness Center205,2971118,663
215 Ewauna Rowing Club On-Water Club202,981825,373
216 MDHU Plus Rowing Team Medical Facility202,209367,403
217 Universal Rowing 2 Health Club200,549540,110
218 Fit 4Life Health Club196,312298,156
219 HuNott Hill Row-Ergz Virtual Club195,824297,912
220 Binghamton University School/Univ Club192,869824,109
221 4chewn8 en2siasm On-Water Club190,801727,257
222 CURITIBA VIRTUAL ROWING TEAM Virtual Club188,074362,691
223 Ann Arbor Rowing Club On-Water Club187,363631,227
224 Community Rowing, Inc On-Water Club184,329536,866
225 CRLS Falcons School/Univ Club183,5001314,115
226 Fitness Plus Health Club178,8021611,175
227 Ageless Fitness, LLC Health Club178,073629,679
228 Lawst & Found Virtual Club174,610443,653
229 Highbullen rowers Health Club173,664357,888
230 Guilderland YMCA I YMCA170,853285,427
231 Casanova's Virtual Club167,973283,987
232 Saperia Fitness Center, Orlando Health Club165,600355,200
233 Luchthappers Virtual Club161,107280,554
234 Club One-Petaluma Health Club158,400531,680
235 Pentagon Log Warriors Military Facility157,485278,743
236 FHS Crew School/Univ Club156,396352,132
237 Honey Badgers Virtual Club154,610819,326
238 Michigan River Ratz Virtual Club151,789350,596
239 SparkPeople Indoor Rowers Virtual Club150,691350,230
240 East Bay Rowing On-Water Club144,150348,050
241 Foundation Crossfit Corporate Fitness Center140,991270,496
242 UpandUnderGroup Virtual Club140,665346,888
243 Rocket's Resolute Rowers Virtual Club140,235270,118
244 Alpenresort Schwarz Black Rowers Health Club137,716622,953
245 Bullet Gym Health Club136,524268,262
246 Team India Virtual Club129,862525,972
247 Technical University of Łódź - AZS School/Univ Club129,000343,000
248 RAYNJAN Virtual Club128,229264,115
249 Clube Fluvial Vilacondense On-Water Club127,505342,502
250 Carolina Masters On-Water Club125,984431,496
251 2+2 Poker Degenerates Virtual Club123,586341,195
252 3CITY BRZESZCZOTS Virtual Club120,000340,000
253 Old and get out of our way Virtual Club118,610259,305
254 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School/Univ Club117,015258,508
255 CrossFit The Rack Health Club109,212813,652
256 Jackson Hole Rowing Club Virtual Club105,976252,988
257 Sweaties On-Water Club105,211252,606
258 Fairfax Rowers Virtual Club105,188252,594
259 Anytime Fitness - Ruckersville Health Club104,438128,703
260 POWER Virtual Club103,066251,533
261 Oliver Smash Virtual Club101,696250,848
262 Max Wattage Virtual Club101,382333,794
263 Rowing for Beer Virtual Club100,072250,036
264 Colorado SUP Corporate Fitness Center99,398424,850
265 Nerds on Ergs Virtual Club97,000424,250
266 DreamTeam Virtual Club93,324246,662
267 Swordlake Rowing Club Health Club90,000245,000
268 Roquefort Rowers Virtual Club86,251243,126
269 Water E Dogs Virtual Club86,200328,733
270 Dallas Central On-Water Club84,600242,300
271 robbies rotten rowers Virtual Club80,476326,825
272 MonkeySpoilers Virtual Club80,417240,209
273 Louisville Rowing Club On-Water Club80,390326,797
274 CRC Club PM On-Water Club79,795419,949
275 UKS Jedynka Znin POL On-Water Club76,41798,491
276 Rowed to nowhere Virtual Club72,485236,243
277 VRT Virtual Club71,913235,957
278 MBS CrossFit Health Club68,630611,438
279 Down Under Battlers Virtual Club68,344322,781
280 Walk of Life Virtual Club65,347232,674
281 Team Kein Concept Virtual Club63,355231,678
282 In-laws Health Club60,745230,373
283 Kabul Indoor Rowing Club Military Facility58,915319,638
284 Fitness R.O.I. Virtual Club57,029414,257
285 Topeka Rowing On-Water Club55,01169,169
286 CrossFit Warwick Health Club54,03669,006
287 Cape Cod Rowing Club On-Water Club50,713412,678
288 Mansfield Community Center Health Club50,681510,136
289 Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra Corporate Fitness Center46,83867,806
290 CrossFit Bathurst Health Club41,250123,438
291 Slicer Rowing Virtual Club39,068219,534
292 No Good Bad and Ugly Virtual Club37,262218,631
293 Western Reserve Rowing Association On-Water Club33,814216,907
294 Westgate Sharks Virtual Club33,475216,738
295 Leicester Rowing Club On-Water Club31,071310,357
296 Gumbo Virtual Club30,000310,000
297 PVAC Health Club29,365214,683
298 Robinson High School School/Univ Club25,097212,549
299 Capital CrossFit Loudoun Corporate Fitness Center24,578212,289
300 Team Frontrower Virtual Club21,500210,750
301 Les ptites bites Virtual Club20,000210,000
302 Greater Columbus Rowing Association On-Water Club18,98144,745
303 Station L Rowing On-Water Club17,68328,842
304 RITX On-Water Club17,39628,698
305 Auggies Rowers Fire/Rescue/Police15,00027,500
306 Diablo Crossfit Health Club13,50026,750
307 ISB Dragon Rowers School/Univ Club11,00025,500
308 Frequent Fliers Virtual Club9,63533,212
309 AWHS ALUMNI School/Univ Club7,04223,521
310 The Rowing Shed Virtual Club4,00022,000
311 Ewe Row! Virtual Club180290
  433,955,658 5,036 86,171