Team Standings

World Erg Challenge 2012

3/15/2012 through 4/15/2012 11:59:00 PM

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Team Standings
Pos. Team Team Type Total Event Meters Team Members Average Meters
1 Age Without Limits Virtual Club41,247,218226182,510
2 LUNA-TICS Virtual Club24,138,781120201,157
3 Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. Health Club21,322,85025483,948
4 ANCIENTS Virtual Club15,479,14637418,355
5 Free Spirits Virtual Club14,735,453104141,687
6 RowPro Online Virtual Club13,140,13483158,315
7 Greenville Indoor Rowing Health Club11,671,66511898,912
8 Greensburg Rowing Team Correctional Facility9,524,00061,587,333
9 TimbukTWO Virtual Club8,369,09359141,849
10 Rockwell Collins Recreation Center Corporate Fitness Center8,220,9898992,371
11 Ottawa Rowing Club On-Water Club8,108,72859137,436
12 Team NAS Pensacola Military Facility7,780,89321136,876
13 Team Canada Virtual Club6,424,58248133,845
14 Empty the tanks Virtual Club6,280,96749128,183
15 Borgess Health & Fitness Center Health Club6,270,2508672,910
16 Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WEC2012 Team Virtual Club5,749,58937155,394
17 Final Results Fitness Health Club5,345,3916878,609
18 UCanRow2 Virtual Club5,318,67353100,352
19 Upper Valley Rowing Foundation On-Water Club5,185,77748108,037
20 Virtual Club4,950,52824206,272
21 A. E. Riesen Fitness First Corporate Fitness Center4,876,31818270,907
22 SBT 22 Military Facility3,971,39614826,834
23 Aspirus Keweenaw Fitness Medical Facility3,708,64711432,532
24 Metuchen Branch YMCA YMCA3,658,1304483,139
25 Apogee Health Club3,654,9375730,987
26 Baxter Fitness Solutions for Fifty and Beyond Health Club3,576,57719318,531
27 South Niagara Rowing Club On-Water Club3,524,67513271,129
28 Concept2 - Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center3,469,91328123,925
29 VaughanCon2 Crew Health Club3,460,58520173,029
30 The Wellness Center Health Club3,438,43315229,229
31 Island Rowing Club Virtual Club3,015,68530100,523
32 West Side YMCA YMCA2,859,56414204,255
33 The Killer Bees On-Water Club2,640,74818146,708
34 Long Beach Rowing Association (LBRA) On-Water Club2,601,39215173,426
35 UK Rowers Virtual Club2,578,56422117,207
36 Powerhouse Fitness Health Club2,469,56118137,198
37 Avon Falcons Crew School/Univ Club2,449,5257333,555
38 First in Fitness Health Club2,217,45714158,390
39 U.S. Navy Military Facility2,213,07317130,181
40 Olympia Area Rowing On-Water Club2,137,3712585,495
41 Saratoga Regional YMCA YMCA1,985,78512165,482
42 Spa Misfits Health Club1,920,6649213,407
43 Dublin Shamrocks Corporate Fitness Center1,914,55216119,660
44 Shosholoza Virtual Club1,913,58712159,466
45 Whitlock Recreation Health Club1,895,63514135,403
46 Fat Cats-Princeton Alums Virtual Club1,761,38117103,611
47 SAS RFC Corporate Fitness Center1,738,72211158,066
48 Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center1,681,6351798,920
49 Visaform Annecy Epagny Health Club1,560,0005312,000
50 Forum flyers 2012 Undefined1,558,3571791,668
51 Oak Bay Orcas Health Club1,541,3673513,789
52 Concept2 Indoor Team Rowing Virtual Club1,507,44413115,957
53 Eh! Team Virtual Club1,446,58311131,508
54 J3A ROWFIT Health Club1,435,7196239,287
55 Lincoln Maritime Center On-Water Club1,430,82311130,075
56 Gerrie's Fitness Center Health Club1,383,0161781,354
57 Shelburne Health & Fitness Health Club1,343,5541779,033
58 Green Mountain Recreation Health Club1,288,0311775,767
59 Golds Gym Fredericksburg VA Health Club1,253,93310125,393
60 Brampton Manor Country Club Indoor Rowing Team Health Club1,227,5551676,722
61 Kiwi Crewsers Virtual Club1,194,2087170,601
62 LSU 2 Military Facility1,188,4121674,276
63 Amoskeag Rowing Club On-Water Club1,166,0095233,202
64 Team Nereid On-Water Club1,139,4228142,428
65 Elite Fitness Training Health Club1,120,1416186,690
66 McHenry County College Fitness Center School/Univ Club1,082,5642445,107
67 FitMix50 (Australia) Virtual Club1,062,2391381,711
68 Navesink Indoor Rowing On-Water Club1,045,5177149,360
69 Rowing for Beer Virtual Club1,041,0406173,507
70 Team Bluesoup Undefined1,025,9417146,563
71 Merriott Fitness Health Club1,024,2481953,908
72 Georgian Bay Rowing Club On-Water Club1,021,8665204,373
73 Highveld Yacht Club Virtual Club1,000,0005200,000
74 Rudy's Gym - McCall Health Club954,6001186,782
75 TRC Masters On-Water Club944,4796157,413
76 ERGfit Undefined941,8412537,674
77 HRC On-Water Club940,3487134,335
78 Team Virtual Club923,2211754,307
79 Knotty Knitters Virtual Club912,5628114,070
80 CrossFit Hood River Health Club900,4541464,318
81 HAVK Mladost On-Water Club896,1201456,180
82 Tallahassee Rowing Club On-Water Club880,8511273,404
83 Winnipeg Rowing Club On-Water Club841,9751460,141
84 HealthConnections Fitness Center RTP, NC Corporate Fitness Center829,6142041,481
85 Nashville Rowing Club On-Water Club786,2701649,142
86 CAM Canoers Corporate Fitness Center776,0035155,201
87 Colorado Athletic Club Monaco Rowers - Denver, CO Health Club755,7811075,578
88 Stockton Rowing Club On-Water Club747,1316124,522
89 Row-sham-bo Virtual Club721,4231072,142
90 S+M Silvey Virtual Club706,7852353,393
91 Hofstra Crew School/Univ Club695,5851449,685
92 QPRC wellness center Health Club687,7891740,458
93 Stouffville Fitness Centre Health Club687,3801838,188
94 RowGain Undefined683,0974170,774
95 ECHRowers Medical Facility680,166917,474
96 OC Rowers Virtual Club621,9545124,391
97 Cotton Lake Rowing Club Virtual Club621,9372310,969
98 Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team YMCA617,391788,199
99 White Rock Boathouse On-Water Club598,3913199,464
100 Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) On-Water Club593,661874,208
101 RowZone Manayunk Health Club591,1451636,947
102 Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club On-Water Club572,859963,651
103 Roquefort Rowers Virtual Club571,6992285,850
104 Zion Rowing Club On-Water Club560,2773186,759
105 Genesee Waterways On-Water Club540,342777,192
106 Smaller Bellies For Dads & Mums Virtual Club536,3385107,268
107 Raleigh Rowing Center On-Water Club529,872688,312
108 Team Frontrower Virtual Club518,8303172,943
109 Sac State Men School/Univ Club517,192957,466
110 NetFit Fitness Center Corporate Fitness Center511,229956,803
111 Healthy BROE'S - Wellness Committee Corporate Fitness Center488,761954,307
112 Pikelet IRC Virtual Club486,147597,229
113 Ann Arbor Rowing Club On-Water Club483,563953,729
114 Row for fun :-) Virtual Club482,2322241,116
115 DFad_rowers Corporate Fitness Center479,5143159,838
116 Alcatel-Lucent Corporate Fitness Center477,9323159,311
117 Franklin CLM Undefined472,935594,587
118 SparkPeople Indoor Rowers Virtual Club457,351765,336
119 KW Rowing Club On-Water Club455,8362227,918
120 PAR Excellents Undefined439,207762,744
121 Fraser Valley Rowing Club On-Water Club436,7294109,182
122 Westford Area Crew Club On-Water Club436,085854,511
123 Lethbridge Fire Department Fire/Rescue/Police435,506762,215
124 Grand Valley Rowing Alumni Virtual Club428,251671,375
125 The Edinburgh Indoor Rowing Club (Est. 1425) Undefined424,5933141,531
126 Rowed Scullers Virtual Club421,5254105,381
127 Fitness Plus Health Club418,9302020,947
128 MonkeySpoilers Virtual Club418,8482209,424
129 PTs under the Bar Undefined413,781582,756
130 Power 11 Virtual Club408,5214102,130
131 CrossFit 609 Health Club406,753945,195
132 OPRA - Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association On-Water Club405,9531723,880
133 Rote 87 Rowing Club On-Water Club403,251580,650
134 Clarks Christmas Tree Farm Virtual Club393,0043131,001
135 DryLand Rowing Club On-Water Club384,7772192,389
136 Netzaberg Elementary School School/Univ Club383,1482191,574
137 GEZUMO Fire/Rescue/Police382,1003127,367
138 Tribe Oaring Virtual Club381,599663,600
139 PeriKoh Undefined375,030493,758
140 RHYTHMIC ROWERS Medical Facility368,7072614,181
141 Team Chalmers Virtual Club364,132491,033
142 BBRC On-Water Club359,1613119,720
143 Team FB Virtual Club358,3413119,447
144 Carnegie Lake Rowing Assoc On-Water Club353,404750,486
145 Fantastic Four (Five) Undefined348,093487,023
146 CrossFit Ocean City Health Club346,3511819,242
147 Mighty Matfen Virtual Club340,4822170,241
148 RowForPeace Virtual Club335,439483,860
149 St.Catharines Rowing Club On-Water Club327,932565,586
150 Cots Aviron On-Water Club327,074481,769
151 Manhattan Masters Rowing Club On-Water Club315,552745,079
152 Nederland Virtual Club311,884477,971
153 EBB Rowers Fire/Rescue/Police308,421651,404
154 BAH Rowers Health Club305,6812152,841
155 TBRC On-Water Club298,510474,628
156 Frequent Fliers Virtual Club286,460471,615
157 Guilderland YMCA I YMCA286,0172143,009
158 Inspired by Ripley Virtual Club278,770834,846
159 UKS Jedynka Znin POL On-Water Club275,727645,955
160 M & M Virtual Club274,4532137,227
161 Ontario & NB Virtual Club270,353554,071
162 CBRC Masters On-Water Club267,991466,998
163 Hatchets Muskoka On-Water Club267,881644,647
164 3 Stooges Rowing Club Undefined251,1112125,556
165 Row Bears Virtual Club251,0972125,549
166 uporni Virtual Club248,354462,089
167 Beer 'N Donuts Virtual Club245,5062122,753
168 Covenant Christian Academy School/Univ Club245,000381,667
169 Snake River Rowers On-Water Club244,400461,100
170 Girls Gone Erg Virtual Club239,530734,219
171 Rawlway Military Facility236,1072118,054
172 LAKEWOOD ROWING Virtual Club236,0002118,000
173 Scenic City Crossfit Health Club232,8272116,414
174 Minneapolis Rowing Club On-Water Club226,721375,574
175 BBRC On-Water Club225,118375,039
176 Boston VRC Virtual Club218,676454,669
177 RowTreking Virtual Club215,981371,994
178 LI Fit Crew Virtual Club213,2622106,631
179 Cheesecake Chasers Health Club212,882370,961
180 AWHS ALUMNI School/Univ Club212,7762106,388
181 Crossfit Anywhere Health Club202,822367,607
182 UA Crew Edition School/Univ Club201,9961118,363
183 STRONG DIVAS OF CHICAGO Health Club201,796540,359
184 TAC Health Club199,746922,194
185 Thomson Reuters Rowing Team Virtual Club196,852449,213
186 Rowfit Chicago Health Club192,9141216,076
187 Genesee Rowing Club On-Water Club188,869294,435
188 CrossFit SoMO Health Club185,920630,987
189 Yeovil Medics UK Medical Facility178,342444,586
190 Row-n-Go Virtual Club171,000357,000
191 Saving Sinkers On-Water Club165,178441,295
192 Ribble Valley Rowers Virtual Club164,393282,197
193 Barking Bulldogs School/Univ Club158,000279,000
194 Gascon Family Undefined153,835351,278
195 University of Alabama-Huntsville Rowing Club School/Univ Club145,994348,665
196 Blazing Bolt Rowing Club On-Water Club141,749270,875
197 U.S. ARMY Undefined140,585270,293
198 Dragon'sBreath Virtual Club139,307269,654
199 Inland EmperOars Virtual Club134,512267,256
200 University of Massachusetts Amherst School/Univ Club134,034344,678
201 Jacksonville University Men's Crew School/Univ Club129,934816,242
202 University Barge Club On-Water Club126,575525,315
203 Gladiatorivs CrossFit Bel Air Health Club122,143261,072
204 CURITIBA VIRTUAL ROWING TEAM Virtual Club116,253338,751
205 Ewauna Rowing Club On-Water Club101,516520,303
206 Cazenovia Rowing Club On-Water Club98,508616,418
207 Team VF Virtual Club98,168424,542
208 Chicago Rowing Union On-Water Club96,604424,151
209 Lincoln Park Boat Club On-Water Club93,795246,898
210 Arizona Outlaws Virtual Club92,924246,462
211 CR Warriors Undefined91,438713,063
212 Just For The Run Of It Health Club90,970245,485
213 Auggies Rowers Fire/Rescue/Police84,000242,000
214 Rocklin Crossfit Undefined83,673136,436
215 Gumbo Virtual Club78,663326,221
216 Rocket's Resolute Rowers Virtual Club77,535238,768
217 Longmont Scullers On-Water Club75,242325,081
218 Belen Jesuit Prep School/Univ Club70,720235,360
219 UVA Indoor Rowing School/Univ Club68,500322,833
220 Scooby Deux Virtual Club65,051232,526
221 NHergITES Virtual Club64,161232,081
222 Greendale YMCA YMCA63,573173,740
223 SSP Am Ers Corporate Fitness Center62,173231,087
224 Grand Rapids Rowing On-Water Club60,602230,301
225 Cape Cod FlyWheelers Virtual Club58,241229,121
226 Nasty Nickel Fire/Rescue/Police57,800319,267
227 Team 1 Leg 2 Legs Virtual Club54,347227,174
228 AC Rowing On-Water Club48,123224,062
229 Tennessee Crew School/Univ Club47,97959,596
230 Shocker Rowing School/Univ Club46,518411,630
231 Run for passion Virtual Club41,099220,550
232 CrossFit Gordon Health Club40,573410,143
233 Flatbottom rowers Undefined40,502410,126
234 University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Rowing Team School/Univ Club39,93149,983
235 Team Chambers Fire/Rescue/Police37,485312,495
236 Team Tara Health Club37,305218,653
237 B.C.P. & M.S. Virtual Club36,51349,128
238 Ratlum Mt. Athletic Club Undefined35,550311,850
239 Sievers Sisters Virtual Club32,946310,982
240 Howes On-Water Club29,12883,641
241 Just Do It Virtual Club28,249214,125
242 Team Short Undefined24,703212,352
243 SWEAT Virtual Club24,50038,167
244 CrossFit Arlington Heights Health Club24,200212,100
245 Townnorth YMCA YMCA12,00043,000
246 Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club On-Water Club11,93125,966
247 Super Sisters Virtual Club6,92623,463
248 CrossFit West Sacramento Undefined5,00022,500
249 Alpenresort Schwarz Black Rowers Health Club5,00041,250
250 The Rowing Shed Virtual Club5,00022,500
251 Team Elite Undefined2,00021,000
  394,441,940 4,193 94,072