Team Standings

World Rowing Challenge 2009

3/15/2009 through 4/15/2009 11:59:00 PM

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Team Standings
Pos. Team Team Type Total Event Meters Team Members Average Meters
1 Age Without Limits Virtual Club59,494,407308193,164
2 North Texas Rowing & Fitness Club Rowing Club46,961,350215218,425
3 Free Spirits Virtual Club35,395,973216163,870
4 Aspirus Keweenaw Rehab. & Fitness Center Medical Facility32,498,13952362,138
5 Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. Health Club29,917,122268111,631
6 RowPro Online Virtual Club17,724,104102173,766
7 Team Canada Virtual Club17,643,47621382,833
8 Final Results Fitness Health Club14,343,89956025,614
9 LUNA-TICS Virtual Club13,880,07075185,068
10 TIMBUK2 Virtual Club10,204,13977132,521
11 A. E. Riesen Fitness First Corporate Fitness Center9,707,84346211,040
12 SUB7 & PaddyPower WRC Team Virtual Club8,812,94358151,947
13 ANCIENTS Virtual Club6,438,26111585,296
14 Upper Valley Rowing Foundation Rowing Club6,385,94751125,215
15 Winston Family YMCA YMCA6,185,4647187,119
16 Grenville Rowing Club Rowing Club5,436,64910543,665
17 Forum Flyers Virtual Club5,188,40622235,837
18 Rockwell Collins Recreation Center Corporate Fitness Center4,914,6286476,791
19 Greenville Indoor Rowing Health Club4,873,4636574,976
20 Island Rowing Club Virtual Club4,558,58536126,627
21 Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO Health Club4,536,0045779,579
22 Wenatchee Valley YMCA YMCA3,751,40215025,009
23 The Zone Fitness Studio,Bangalore,India Health Club3,634,9227747,207
24 Spa Fitness Center Health Club3,485,35616217,835
25 Minnesota Boat Club Rowing Club3,322,84130110,761
26 UK Rowers Virtual Club2,885,29818160,294
27 Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) YMCA2,821,41514201,530
28 Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center2,802,2652996,630
29 Killer B Fitness Health Club2,802,0008931,483
30 CrossFit Lethbridge Health Club2,620,1362893,576
31 Ancients Also Virtual Club2,570,21811233,656
32 CrossFit Birmingham Health Club2,533,2084063,330
33 West Side YMCA YMCA2,502,30912208,526
34 metrosouthmedicalcenter Medical Facility2,463,92612819,249
35 Harbor City CrossFit Health Club2,329,8302786,290
36 Empty the tanks Virtual Club2,326,59617136,859
37 Team MOTO Virtual Club2,282,56017134,268
38 N.F.R.C. Virtual Club2,232,6123744,204
39 First in Fitness Health Club2,215,65915147,711
40 N-DIRT Rowing Club2,128,02610212,803
41 Team NAS Pensacola Military Facility2,107,07310719,692
42 Cotton Lake Rowing Club Rowing Club2,069,4539229,939
43 Concept2 - Morrisville, VT Corporate Fitness Center2,026,4902196,500
44 The Wellness Center Health Club1,902,38417111,905
45 His Church, Pinetown Virtual Club1,873,0716312,179
46 Three Rivers Rowing Mixed Masters Rowing Club1,825,7011996,090
47 Omni41 Health Club1,783,4661993,867
48 North Shore YMCA, Auckland, New Zealand YMCA1,731,1001991,111
49 STLCC Rowers School/Univ Club1,710,4472277,748
50 Montreal Rowing Club Rowing Club1,692,8945338,579
51 DITTONS SKIFF & PUNTING CLUB Rowing Club1,580,2963347,888
52 Ottawa New Edinburgh Club 2 Undefined1,549,8056258,301
53 VCIRC Virtual Club1,544,94412128,745
54 BODYWORKS (Hemet Ca)/CROSS FIT X Health Club1,540,05312128,338
55 Back Seat Boom Stick School/Univ Club1,499,2622171,393
56 Milwaukee Rowing Club MOJOs Rowing Club1,479,5451692,472
57 PRAIRIELAND STROKERS Virtual Club1,429,5791975,241
58 Wyandotte Boat Club Rowing Club1,388,8909154,321
59 LARC, Hardcore! Rowing Club1,382,9561686,435
60 Gerrie's Fitness Center Health Club1,361,59512113,466
61 Whitgift School Boat Club School/Univ Club1,299,4881776,440
62 Anchorage Rowing Association Rowing Club1,286,32211116,938
63 North Cascades Crew Rowing Club1,225,6757175,096
64 Genesee Rowing Club Rowing Club1,213,6327173,376
65 Amoskeag Rowing Club Rowing Club1,210,3055242,061
66 Fit2Live Health Club1,115,6093135,987
67 Arizona Desert Rowers Virtual Club1,108,1398138,517
68 Green & Grey Military Facility1,102,7433367,581
69 South Niagara Rowing Club Rowing Club1,090,9917155,856
70 Ann Arbor Rowing Club Rowing Club1,077,1531476,940
71 FitMix50 (Australia) Virtual Club1,073,6261859,646
72 East West Rowing Club Virtual Club1,039,2024259,801
73 NSWU2 Stuttgart, Germany Military Facility1,035,0301473,931
74 SAS RFC Corporate Fitness Center1,022,5751192,961
75 Plaza 2 Crew Corporate Fitness Center1,003,1408125,393
76 Erg Peeps Virtual Club1,000,0001376,923
77 Olympia Area Rowing Rowing Club994,4931099,449
78 DryLand Rowing Club Rowing Club965,6352482,818
79 Postrodden Rote 87 Rowing Team Rowing Club944,9185188,984
80 Mustangs Military Facility910,3282241,379
81 University of Massachusetts Amherst School/Univ Club906,8528113,357
82 Concord Recreation--CB's Team Health Club904,7069100,523
83 FIT@SUN-BUR Corporate Fitness Center901,0921464,364
84 Alpenresort Tyrol Austria Health Club830,0833225,940
85 North River Rowers Virtual Club823,6574205,914
86 U.S. Marines WTBn Quantico Military Facility820,4251174,584
87 Mighty Matfen Undefined820,0002410,000
88 Old Colony YMCA - Central Division YMCA816,2671554,418
89 Just For The Run Of It Health Club812,962990,320
90 Avesta Roddklubb Rowing Club792,8045158,561
91 Fitness Plus Medical Facility788,2017112,600
92 Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club Rowing Club785,570987,286
93 AARDVARK BROTHERS Virtual Club781,0267111,575
94 Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club Rowing Club766,1441076,614
95 Clarks Christmas Tree Farm Virtual Club756,0205151,204
96 Rocket City Rowing Club Rowing Club742,8821074,288
97 CORE Virtual Club733,9107104,844
98 St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers Medical Facility729,5112628,058
99 Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) Rowing Club725,7184181,430
100 WATTYS-HEROES Health Club707,0354176,759
101 Carnegie Lake Rowing Assoc Rowing Club705,7885141,158
102 Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center Corporate Fitness Center703,0737100,439
103 CrossFit Works Undefined691,9995612,357
104 Stockton Rowing Club Rowing Club679,047975,450
105 Whippany Fitness & Wellness Center Corporate Fitness Center662,6004165,650
106 Crossfit Champions Health Club640,2495411,856
107 Pikelet IRC Virtual Club625,3194156,330
108 Leander Rowing Club S.A Rowing Club625,2196104,203
109 Cardiac Clot Busters Medical Facility621,1962228,236
110 Whitlock Recreation Health Club611,2765122,255
111 Ewe Row! Virtual Club608,089786,870
112 Cambridge University Alumni Virtual Club596,313785,188
113 Million a Month Virtual Club591,4351345,495
114 Arizona Outlaws Virtual Club582,856697,143
115 >Warwick Crew Rowing Club581,9715116,394
116 D&M Fitness Health Club579,3082424,138
117 R.C. Notman Virtual Club576,520696,087
118 U.S. Navy Virtual Club567,2512283,626
119 Mustangss-3 Military Facility556,7931537,120
120 ShinerBockx2 Virtual Club556,0612278,031
121 New Squall Association Virtual Club545,240868,155
122 Team Martin Virtual Club542,1163180,705
123 Sledgehammer Rowing Club Undefined531,8673177,289
124 holyoke rows Rowing Club509,781772,826
125 RowForTeamWiski Undefined508,8052254,403
126 Team Netzaberg Elementary School/Univ Club503,6873167,896
127 Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Challenge Team YMCA484,8564121,214
128 Lake Union Crew Rowing Club473,8241047,382
129 Longmont Scullers Rowing Club472,880767,554
130 Dawgs Out of Water Rowing Club462,4454115,611
131 Get Built Chattanooga CrossFit Health Club451,8141045,181
132 Manhattan Masters Rowing Club Rowing Club442,757588,551
133 Gords Gym, Inc. Health Club433,4081333,339
134 1000 Islands Rowing Club Rowing Club432,878761,840
135 Row Bears Virtual Club431,5002215,750
136 Fairfield Prep Rowing School/Univ Club415,8561041,586
137 Ghost Rowers Virtual Club415,4462207,723
138 QPRC wellness center Health Club414,4631331,882
139 Scotland the Wave Undefined387,0262193,513
140 Team Kein Concept Virtual Club375,675493,919
141 Tampa Catholic Undefined366,6023410,782
142 North Durham Rowers Rowing Club345,2002172,600
143 Nelson Place Health Club Health Club343,0842171,542
144 Mile High Rowing Club Rowing Club322,5693107,523
145 1989's and 1990's glory Virtual Club321,6803107,227
146 Team VCRC Rowing Club321,4983107,166
147 RowForPeace Virtual Club320,914653,486
148 Eastside Fire and Rescue Undefined314,968934,996
149 SparkPeople Indoor Rowers Virtual Club307,824561,565
150 Westfall Water Rats Undefined307,7172153,859
151 Illinois Valley Rowers Virtual Club306,2582153,129
152 Masters of the Mohawk Rowing Club302,1933100,731
153 Rowed to nowhere Virtual Club296,5152148,258
154 Tiffin School Boat Club School/Univ Club295,359836,920
155 FUNdamental Fitness Health Club293,7852611,299
156 Crewkerne Health Club Health Club290,672648,445
157 U.S. Air Force Undefined287,907395,969
158 Passaic River Rowing Assoc. Rowing Club278,9462139,473
159 Australia Virtual Club273,3202136,660
160 GCRA CORP Rowing Club272,979554,596
161 Boer-z-bobs Virtual Club266,962466,741
162 Heinz Crew Team Rowing Club251,419735,917
163 Concept 1: Just a few strokes behind Virtual Club249,061641,510
164 Xtreme Fitness Undefined245,000461,250
165 Rocket's Resolute Rowers Virtual Club240,0982120,049
166 Sportclub SC Health Club238,628459,657
167 The Kate's Room Rowers Correctional Facility230,133376,711
168 The Kirk Smith Memorial Rowing Team Rowing Club224,787544,957
169 Jersey Shore Rowers Virtual Club220,501373,500
170 Pacific Athletic Club (PAC) San Diego Health Club215,3222107,661
171 The Open Gym Undefined214,593453,648
172 Scotch Corner Health Club208,892541,778
173 South Puget Sound RC Virtual Club201,5002100,750
174 The Brundage Crew Undefined197,050298,525
175 The Lodge at Des Peres Health Club193,688296,844
176 The GWC Undefined191,075538,215
177 Vision Personal Training Wollongong Health Club187,3811512,492
178 Savannah CDS School/Univ Club186,194293,097
179 Jolly Roger Rowers Health Club181,485290,743
180 Beer 'N Donuts Virtual Club180,850290,425
181 The Fitness Group Health Club179,600725,657
182 STACKMELTERS- YWCA Minneapolis YMCA178,782289,391
183 Strictly Come Erging Virtual Club178,094535,619
184 Team Longevity Undefined170,275285,138
185 The Seacole Scullers Virtual Club168,456284,228
186 Big Daddys Trailer Park Yacht Club Piranhas Rowing Club164,209532,842
187 Corgan Corporate Fitness Center162,931532,586
188 Frequent Fliers Virtual Club161,867353,956
189 Connecticut College Rowing Alumni Virtual Club159,829279,915
190 Webster NY Virtual Club159,104279,552
191 National Institute for Fitness and Sports Undefined157,572352,524
192 HuNott Hill Row-Ergz Virtual Club155,008277,504
193 Ichi Ni San Row Undefined152,942350,981
194 UKS Jedynka Znin POL Rowing Club142,646347,549
195 Rowing in Circles Virtual Club142,257271,129
196 Seven One Seven Undefined133,491266,746
197 Team Nereid Rowing Club133,160344,387
198 Physiques Row Team Health Club125,383262,692
199 LemonHeads Virtual Club110,170255,085
200 Barking Bulldogs School/Univ Club110,000255,000
201 Splash Dogs Virtual Club105,835335,278
202 Des Moines Rowing Club Undefined102,355334,118
203 TEAM LI-FENG Virtual Club99,277424,819
204 WDC Undefined88,018244,009
205 UC Rowing Alumni Virtual Club83,535241,768
206 Team Canada Eh Virtual Club80,000240,000
207 Rudern, Veslovani, Remo & More Rowing Virtual Club79,538326,513
208 Cleveland State Rowing School/Univ Club77,441238,721
209 Ecole Mill Bay School/Univ Club77,212238,606
210 Loyola Academy Rowing Association School/Univ Club70,803323,601
211 SC Rowers Undefined70,519235,260
212 Union Bay Rowing Club Rowing Club70,219235,110
213 Grand Rapids Rowers Rowing Club69,670323,223
214 Liberty University School/Univ Club69,393234,697
215 Ottawa Rowing Club wRECkers Rowing Club65,198610,866
216 Tassie Ferals Undefined58,754319,585
217 Greendale YMCA Undefined56,650228,325
218 East Tennessee Rowing Organization Rowing Club54,192318,064
219 AHS Rowers School/Univ Club45,885222,943
220 Telecommuters Virtual Club45,195315,065
221 University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Rowing Team School/Univ Club42,451410,613
222 Keystoners Undefined41,500220,750
223 Team Sumo Undefined40,615220,308
224 Universitšt Innsbruck School/Univ Club40,227220,114
225 University of Derby Rowing Club School/Univ Club20,00036,667
226 Club Metz School/Univ Club16,25044,063
227 Ambler Area YMCA, PA YMCA12,55726,279
228 Hudson River Rowing Association Rowing Club3,00021,500
229 The APEX at Lehman College School/Univ Club0390
230 Team Rebound Military Facility020
  504,575,643 5,355 94,225