Team Standings

World Rowing Challenge 2010

3/15/2010 through 4/15/2010 11:59:00 PM

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Individual Standings
Pos. Name Team Gender Age Total Event Meters
1 Rodrigo Barba CHROME FIT M282,463,425
2 Wikus Loots Shosholoza M372,328,908
3 Clyde Carr A. E. Riesen Fitness First M1,918,269
4 Darlene  Brennan Age Without Limits F661,730,803
5 Eric Nelson Wenatchee Valley YMCA M561,700,000
6 Bart Valgaeren LUNA-TICS M441,619,755
7 Gary DeYoung Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M1,617,222
8 Joseph Arias Sr Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M1,506,590
9 Student 6 Albion Rowing Club M1,466,000
10 Jerry Sabo Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M1,454,436
11 Joe Keating Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M611,434,890
12 Student 3 Albion Rowing Club M1,400,000
13 Student 4 Albion Rowing Club M1,400,000
14 Student 9 Albion Rowing Club M1,400,000
15 Student 10 Albion Rowing Club M1,400,000
16 Fred Jones ANCIENTS M671,331,921
17 Gene Harding Final Results Fitness M1,257,870
18 Judy Abbott Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F1,254,053
19 Student 5 Albion Rowing Club M1,250,000
20 Student 7 Albion Rowing Club M1,250,000
21 Student 8 Albion Rowing Club M1,250,000
22 Student 2 Albion Rowing Club M1,250,000
23 Clarence Pfaff ANCIENTS M711,248,059
24 Dave Holby Forum Flyers M291,197,958
25 Jeff Hampton A. E. Riesen Fitness First M1,190,000
26 Joi Bear Age Without Limits F361,166,378
27 Joan Martin Cape Cod Rowing F441,107,919
28 Mac Daniel Adams Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M1,102,022
29 Bill Westenfield Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M1,101,111
30 BIJAN FATHY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M1,100,000
31 glenn r smith Age Without Limits M431,075,159
32 Shailesh Bhatt Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M1,064,473
33 Sarah Fuhrmann Keweenaw Fitness F471,013,408
34 John Anderson USMC - Semper Row! M411,011,553
35 Terry-Ann Smythe Keweenaw Fitness F521,008,003
36 Joseph Heery ANCIENTS M651,007,108
37 Bruce D. McVeety Age Without Limits M531,000,760
38 Marilyn Swift Keweenaw Fitness F551,000,583
39 Greg Hausman RowPro Online M371,000,000
40 Mark Bower Empty the tanks M321,000,000
41 Jamila Lammerts van Bueren The Avengers F39973,777
42 Christine Wojcik Free Spirits F41950,000
43 Mark Burgess Shosholoza M44931,057
44 david lamkin Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team M66929,400
45 alan wisniewski Free Spirits M58924,694
46 Student 1 Albion Rowing Club M920,000
47 Will Salach LUNA-TICS M53912,000
48 Dharmen Samant Age Without Limits M42853,949
49 Bill Stewig Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M853,875
50 Richard White Age Without Limits M62852,354
51 Chris  Archer Ex Royal Marines M61801,288
52 Pam Fitzgerald Age Without Limits F49800,000
53 Ed Lebryk Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M785,000
54 Stephen Scarfe Age Without Limits M55773,679
55 Kong Chuan Goh,Dr ANCIENTS M68760,464
56 Jose Maria Ribot Age Without Limits M54759,492
57 Brian Fry SanDisk M30728,494
58 Lorenz Lammerts van Bueren The Avengers M38724,399
59 Laurie Yothment Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F700,100
60 Craig McFarlane Free Spirits M39694,037
61 graham maddison Age Without Limits M49687,682
62 Ellen Dollar RowPro Online F67674,261
63 Tom Archer Ex Royal Marines M22674,133
64 Jeff Orloff SanDisk M664,400
65 Chris Tudury LUNA-TICS F60662,034
66 Pat Kaczmarczyk Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F655,542
67 Eugene de Jong Move Your Body M45649,655
68 Frederico Ziotto West Side YMCA M47642,948
69 Bob Sherman ANCIENTS M67640,000
70 David Townsend Highveld Roklub M51635,000
71 Gene Kelley Age Without Limits M58630,046
72 Jeff Ward A. E. Riesen Fitness First M626,367
73 Steve Roedde Big Blue International M56625,436
74 Linda Brown TIMBUK2 F59622,771
75 Paal Svensson Highveld Roklub M63621,000
76 Jim Smart ANCIENTS M79616,411
77 Marlis Eadline Final Results Fitness F615,733
78 Stephen Saucier Age Without Limits M29612,567
79 Ari Ignatius Age Without Limits M54611,100
80 Darryl Bathel LUNA-TICS M61607,979
81 David McCullough Age Without Limits M50600,614
82 Peggy Hampton A. E. Riesen Fitness First F600,279
83 MICHEL HERBETH Age Without Limits M47600,091
84 Tom Houghton Ex Royal Marines M38600,054
85 Tom Rashbrook Civil Nuclear Constabulary (UK) M50600,001
86 Alex Wilson DryLand Rowing Club M79600,000
87 Todd Wyche West Side YMCA M41591,348
89 Cam Ellis A. E. Riesen Fitness First M576,131
90 Horea Lemeni Pop SanDisk M574,471
91 Dean Fassett Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) M64563,215
92 Carl Markstone Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M551,600
93 Bill Schmidt Age Without Limits M49550,911
94 Evelyn Nelson Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F550,486
95 Jim Kielma TIMBUK2 M56550,063
96 Ruud Jackel RowPro Online M53547,297
97 Cheryl Hayes A. E. Riesen Fitness First F541,831
98 Karri Tuyls Empty the tanks F51533,829
99 Daniel Drury ANCIENTS M62531,398
100 John Staerk TIMBUK2 M42529,962
101 Jan Borgesen Fredensborg RC Denmark M38526,197
102 John Archer Ex Royal Marines M49525,000
103 Phi Hou ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M31519,726
104 John Neufeldt RowPro Online M63519,418
105 William Wright Ex Royal Marines M63517,386
106 Francis Amman Highveld Roklub M47515,000
107 Lowell Caylor Greenville Indoor Rowing M68514,924
108 Mark Neely The Wellness Center M511,957
109 Petra Woosley Spa Fitness Center F43511,192
110 Michael Derry Guilderland YMCA M66510,410
111 John Via Age Without Limits M47509,262
112 Neville Atkinson Age Without Limits M39507,732
113 Andy Soyring Empty the tanks M50505,050
114 R. Steinfeldt Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M503,687
115 Georgina Price Forum Flyers F58503,004
116 don geiger Keweenaw Fitness M57501,859
117 Valerie Vinestock Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F50501,852
118 David Conway Amoskeag Rowing Club M62500,582
119 Deb Kamrad Keweenaw Fitness F55500,221
120 Jeff Older Guilderland YMCA M45500,155
121 Raimo Sihvonen PeRaCom Rowing Team M50500,083
122 Randy Marvin RowPro Online M53500,000
123 John Hendrie ANCIENTS M74497,000
124 William Hawthorne ANCIENTS M62496,025
125 Matt Rawlinson Age Without Limits M43489,390
126 James (JD) Liddil TIMBUK2 M49485,438
127 Marcos Souza Ann Arbor Rowing Club M35482,400
128 John Bracik Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M480,500
129 Joan Riha Crew Omni Fitness F476,507
130 Ken Lake Ex Royal Marines M56476,276
131 Marla Blazier Final Results Fitness F47471,009
132 Casey  Thomas Rocket's Resolute Rowers M58470,731
133 Gabi Krause RowPro Online F44470,143
134 Tim Somes Cotton Lake Rowing Club M57469,535
135 ROGER JONES DryLand Rowing Club M45468,800
136 William Gill Age Without Limits M62468,744
137 Tom Chapman Age Without Limits M45460,000
138 James Caple ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M41459,231
139 Lucy Centeno Age Without Limits F42458,027
140 Tito Sergi Pulse Generators M37458,000
141 Bob Miller M53452,822
142 Andrew Hunt Age Without Limits M56451,000
143 Hod Barnes A. E. Riesen Fitness First M450,809
144 Peter Daniels ANCIENTS M70448,267
145 Ettore Buffardi Age Without Limits M51444,450
146 Don Gilstrap Greenville Indoor Rowing M55443,695
147 Charles Wilkins Big Blue International M61443,522
148 David Delbrook First in Fitness M56440,000
149 Christy Hilgers Keweenaw Fitness F62438,766
150 Jean-Philippe Vermersch Age Without Limits M34435,730
151 Pam Loeffen RowPro Online F48434,945
152 Joe Greco RowPro Online M57434,944
153 Michael Stafford Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M41434,940
154 Robert Moore TIMBUK2 M58434,868
155 Stephen Selwood Free Spirits M53434,265
156 braad sowman RowPro Online M35433,527
157 Richard Tutching Core Dynamics Team M49433,008
158 Rick Hughes South Niagara Rowing Club M57430,000
159 Ray Craft A. E. Riesen Fitness First M428,800
160 Alan Kough Age Without Limits M60425,156
161 Todor Petrov Empty the tanks M42424,677
162 Keith Goldsmith Highveld Roklub M34424,000
163 William Konarzewski Free Spirits M60423,866
164 Sue Arias Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F47421,488
165 Don Watkins Omni41 M421,306
166 Ed Elliott Rudy's Gym - McCall M62418,500
167 Shannon Ridgeway Island Rowing Club M44416,285
168 Mike Altarace ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M36415,000
169 Roberta Dikeman TIMBUK2 F43414,654
170 Jean-Marc Hurni Age Without Limits M48414,063
171 JOAN PRUSSE Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F414,000
172 Barry O'Malley LUNA-TICS M50412,271
173 Paul Gross Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M58410,000
174 Warren Matthews Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M40409,107
175 leonard boyle SAS RFC M63408,115
176 Ollie Trinder Forum Flyers M23407,113
177 Shirley Sell ANCIENTS F73405,006
178 Duane Leonard ANCIENTS M65402,510
179 Chris Popp Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F402,500
180 Tom Grimm Keweenaw Fitness M402,283
181 Steven Docsa Keweenaw Fitness M53402,000
182 Karl Meyer Free Spirits M48402,000
183 John Damen Cincinnati Rowing - Alumni et al M30400,983
184 Michelle Murry Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F400,504
185 Fitness links Move Your Body Move Your Body F40400,458
186 Joan Joesting-Mahoney Island Rowing Club F72400,291
187 Rhian jinny-jones Taff Attack Racing F22400,100
188 Don Zukswert Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M54400,033
189 Mike McDevitt Island Rowing Club M50400,001
190 Kathleen Wojtas Island Rowing Club F45400,000
191 maurice todd UK Rowers M63394,728
192 Raun Austin RowPro Online M42391,651
193 Lee Winslow Free Spirits M45390,238
194 Neil Polson Free Spirits M43388,934
195 Eric Neely The Wellness Center M388,208
196 Jeffrey Cueto First in Fitness M60385,590
197 Bill Keating ANCIENTS M70385,583
198 Jarrett Peeples University of Georgia M20384,491
199 Matthew Leonard Free Spirits M39383,281
200 Judith keating ANCIENTS F72379,134
201 Diana Hector Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F378,305
202 Rick Hipsky Northern Lights Rowers M55377,422
203 Ted  Cowley-Gilbert LUNA-TICS M49377,000
204 Ann K Seidman HealthPlex F61376,676
205 Deborah Jean Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club F53376,542
206 Edward Budimier U.S. Navy M20375,000
207 Jan van der Haar ANCIENTS M65374,256
208 Bill Kaliney South Bend Medical Foundation M61373,520
209 Paul  Mudroch Ottawa Rowing Club wRECkers M54372,783
210 Peter Seidman HealthPlex M62371,435
211 Randy Hickman A. E. Riesen Fitness First M371,012
212 Roy Foulke UK Rowers M68370,493
213 Mark Hunter DREAM Team M58370,301
214 Harold Hobson Shosholoza M48369,959
215 Mike Podolsky Age Without Limits M50369,521
216 Huw Thomas Free Spirits M49366,318
217 William Haag LUNA-TICS M59365,290
218 gregory brock Spa Fitness Center M62364,355
219 Barb Faherty Island Rowing Club F44364,253
220 Tad Woliczko Spa Fitness Center M59363,893
221 Tom McGlinn ANCIENTS M78363,699
222 Richard White Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M363,656
223 Dave Crawford Age Without Limits M56363,582
224 Nigel Roedde Big Blue International M22363,175
225 Eric Hagberg Team Nereid M41360,860
226 Charles Jenkins Green & Grey M50360,000
227 Darin Dodd Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M43359,489
228 Johan Hoeke M42358,834
229 Preston Zale Empty the tanks M55355,037
230 Joan Pastore Keweenaw Fitness F54354,712
231 Diana Henderson RowPro Online F49354,464
232 Kenneth Guenther LUNA-TICS M62351,981
233 Nan Musgrave Final Results Fitness F351,632
234 Lisa Innis Island Rowing Club F45351,380
235 Masahiro Arakawa Power 11 M38351,249
236 Dennis Kamrad Keweenaw Fitness M69351,226
237 Mickey Edlefsen Age Without Limits M56351,221
238 Jim Rockovich Age Without Limits M74350,991
239 Gloria Falcone Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F350,003
240 David Wilken Just For The Run Of It M57348,653
241 Bill Dunn St.Catharines Rowing Club M57347,140
242 Fernando Alegre Age Without Limits M59346,835
243 Douglas Mitchell Amoskeag Rowing Club M56343,702
244 Dougie Lawson Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M47342,730
245 Colin Bradley Free Spirits M57341,309
246 PAUL KOBEY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M340,000
247 Kenny Kemp MediFit - Utah M339,014
248 Alvin Fortson ANCIENTS M70338,287
249 David SAGON Age Without Limits M39337,843
250 Rachelle Stock MediFit - Utah F337,616
251 David Oakford West Side YMCA M58335,002
252 Michael Daley USMC - Semper Row! M49334,744
253 David Rickersey UK Rowers M36334,000
254 john choice Age Without Limits M60333,811
255 Mara Siegel Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F48333,240
256 Rick Green A. E. Riesen Fitness First M333,100
257 Clay Christensen U.S. Navy M45333,097
258 Len Norton ANCIENTS M64332,819
259 David Adams Age Without Limits M60332,649
260 Andrew Doidge Green & Grey M44332,254
261 Dave Gray Team Netzaberg Elementary M51332,048
262 Len Fechter M35331,838
263 MIKE PAUL Island Rowing Club M37329,612
264 Jennifer Browning LUNA-TICS F45329,371
265 Joe Gutstadt Age Without Limits M73327,738
266 Sandra Jones Greenville Indoor Rowing F59326,983
267 Geoff Riley RowPro Online M46326,737
268 Scott Furman A. E. Riesen Fitness First M326,087
269 david schneider Free Spirits M64325,675
270 Tom Fogle Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M325,000
271 Laurence Casey Free Spirits M47324,185
272 Janet Papesh Omni41 F323,182
273 Patrick Macaulay RowPro Online M44322,720
274 Henry Hiltunen Keweenaw Fitness M321,115
275 Joseph Calkins Age Without Limits M50320,874
276 Lesley Gavin UK Rowers F46320,756
277 Susan Lagreca Island Rowing Club F45320,750
278 Richard Goers Age Without Limits M56320,500
279 Scott Anthony A. E. Riesen Fitness First M320,052
280 Michael Scanlon TIMBUK2 M43320,000
281 Frank Ross RowPro Online M49320,000
282 Stephen Kinnard Ann Arbor Rowing Club M48319,669
283 NELSON BOYD Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M61319,200
284 Gregg Petersen Age Without Limits M53318,673
285 Dwayne K. Adams Free Spirits M45317,640
286 Ed Schneider Crew Omni Fitness M54315,120
287 Mark Keown Age Without Limits M48315,110
288 charmie curran Amoskeag Rowing Club F50315,000
289 John Stewart Crew Omni Fitness M54314,565
290 Robert Jensen Age Without Limits M78314,231
291 Preston McAfee Cleveland, TN - YMCA M38313,844
292 Ryan Dartnell Bonner Crew M15313,537
293 Stu Miller Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M62313,200
294 William J Witt YMCA Downtown Omaha M74311,484
295 Charlene Burgess Shosholoza F44311,087
296 Michael Schramm Free Spirits M51311,000
297 Mark Spain Row-Lo's M49310,582
298 Lester Farr Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M60310,003
299 Sally Elliott Rudy's Gym - McCall F62309,819
300 Ed Buchanan First in Fitness M58309,240
301 Johan Eklund Postrodden Rote 87 Rowing Club M48309,114
302 Stuart  Thorp Forum Flyers M37309,041
303 Mike Fox Age Without Limits M59309,000
304 GILES CLARKE Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M45308,112
305 Walfred Cabrera West Side YMCA M34307,941
306 Sven Simon Empty the tanks M46307,601
307 Walter Anthonissen Age Without Limits M51307,379
308 David Chmilowskyj Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M43306,964
309 Rodrigo Garcia LUNA-TICS M33306,641
310 John Hackney First in Fitness M64306,000
311 Randy Bilbo Don Rowing Club M306,000
312 Andrew Stanway Free Spirits M46305,894
313 John S Butsch VCIRC M66305,875
314 J. Arthur Sholz Age Without Limits M63305,827
315 Paula McMasters The Wellness Center F305,016
316 June Czerniawski Lincoln Park Boat Club F60304,744
317 dan mcnamara Core Dynamics Team M304,000
318 Alan Weatherley ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M60303,740
319 Lacey Baer MediFit - Utah F303,373
320 Vincent Brunning Age Without Limits M29303,000
321 Thomas Toutant Keweenaw Fitness M303,000
322 Thom Mitchell Dawgs Out of Water M53302,825
323 Amy Pualwan First in Fitness F46302,617
324 jonny kutz VCIRC F62302,609
325 Robert Hook Whitlock Recreation M70302,105
326 Tammy Fountaine Keweenaw Fitness F302,101
327 Aurelian Penciu Rowing for Beer M43302,050
328 Sarah Warren Free Spirits F42301,778
329 Peter Pinkham Age Without Limits M59301,592
330 Greg Forbes M53301,240
331 John Betts Empty the tanks M63301,210
332 Jenny  Howse Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F31300,924
333 Rao Moturi A. E. Riesen Fitness First M300,843
334 jake seigle Spa Fitness Center M64300,776
335 J.J. Miller ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M64300,716
336 Gabe Slotnick West Side YMCA M35300,532
337 Matt Smith Row-Lo's M44300,439
338 Terrence Freeman STLCC Rowers M109300,097
339 Eric Karvonen Keweenaw Fitness M300,074
340 Stephane Repessé Age Without Limits M44300,022
341 David A. Alden LUNA-TICS M49300,011
342 Virginia Vinyard ANCIENTS F73300,000
343 Bob McDevitt Island Rowing Club M48300,000
344 Nicki Humphries Rudy's Gym - McCall F53300,000
345 Richard Youell RowPro Online M44299,872
346 Jason Hewitt Free Spirits M38299,315
347 Daniel Cox LUNA-TICS M65298,819
348 Gene Cisneros Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M50298,500
349 Laura Thorson LUNA-TICS F49297,527
350 Tim Masick Free Spirits M57296,072
351 Patrick Connors Age Without Limits M51295,463
352 Meri Nielsen First in Fitness F69294,503
353 Steven Sarrafzadeh Age Without Limits M46294,500
354 Mark Tyrrell Age Without Limits M49294,254
355 Fitness rechts rechts Move Your Body M40293,946
356 Malcolm Simcock Ex Royal Marines M44292,932
357 Simon Lackner UK Rowers M48292,545
358 Walt Stanek Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center M57292,408
359 Jerry Molnar Age Without Limits M57291,751
360 Dana Lee SanDisk M291,604
361 Randy Acker Rudy's Gym - McCall M46291,000
362 Greg Trahar Age Without Limits M52290,489
363 Michael Chin The Killer Bees M53290,271
364 Perry Doermann Crew Omni Fitness M62290,053
365 Body Workout Move Your Body F40287,570
366 Sharon O'Neill Age Without Limits F45287,371
367 Matt Garry Free Spirits M34287,004
368 Don Steele Don Rowing Club M46286,863
369 Robert Krawitz FIT@SUN-BUR M46286,253
370 carolyn bryks Spa Fitness Center F56285,464
371 David Crampin UK Rowers M45284,476
372 Andrea Bourne Keweenaw Fitness F284,357
373 Iain Pope Free Spirits M36283,940
374 Debbie Coccia Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F283,697
375 Joshua Crone Age Without Limits M33283,553
376 Lucy Magnetta Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F282,883
377 Joost van der Loo Move Your Body M43282,012
378 Townsend Swayze Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M72281,916
379 Brian Badders Fitness Plus M56281,496
380 Jeff Rice TIMBUK2 M60281,430
381 Brian McCracken Age Without Limits M46280,802
382 Jim Barry Girotti Machine M48280,438
383 Anne Marie Mayr Final Results Fitness F42280,163
384 Adrian Gray UK Rowers M41280,085
385 ALLAN HERON Empty the tanks M47280,008
386 Timothy Foley Age Without Limits M61280,000
387 Redmond Paul Age Without Limits M49279,455
388 Tom Allardice U.S. Navy M55279,366
389 Gaye McOnie HealthPlex F52278,956
390 Cindi Little CrossFit Springfield F57277,618
391 George Weekes Free Spirits M53277,500
392 Iain Greenwood Free Spirits M41277,478
393 David Dickinson Free Spirits M41277,356
394 John Neighbors Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M275,703
395 Brad Rathert Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M274,690
396 Apolos Garcia Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M55274,335
397 David Carman Ex Royal Marines M71274,259
398 David Plumb Free Spirits M46274,036
399 Henry Strieker Forum Flyers M43273,897
400 Joyce Winchester Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F272,231
401 Wylie Guest Greenville Indoor Rowing M58272,148
402 AJ Pilgrim Age Without Limits F59271,626
403 Barry Miller Age Without Limits M55270,000
404 John Hawkins Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M62269,003
405 John Hipsky Northern Lights Rowers M71268,932
406 Predrag Markovic Team Nereid M61268,852
407 Sebastian Kazmierczak Lincoln Park Boat Club M36268,750
408 Mike Crossley LUNA-TICS M53267,952
409 paul kosmas Age Without Limits M44267,284
410 Kalpana Bhatt Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F267,168
411 Jo Andrews Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F40267,025
412 Michael Wrenn Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M69265,947
413 Danette Smith Row-Lo's F51265,898
414 Chuck Elias Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M265,385
415 jesse carpenter Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M28265,259
416 Brant Ottnad Don Rowing Club M44265,136
417 Terry Schnapp ANCIENTS M67265,000
418 Philip Press Age Without Limits M66264,975
419 Herman de Boer M44264,343
420 Steve Wiser Free Spirits M59263,816
421 Chris Squires UK Rowers M50263,801
422 Claude Stone First in Fitness M69263,443
423 Bill Helenburg Omni41 M262,528
424 Nick Wakeford Free Spirits M32261,789
425 Dale Winchester Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M261,662
426 Laura Sanhueza-Miller Don Rowing Club F26261,438
427 Kathy Gettys Greenville Indoor Rowing F56261,131
428 Carol Kawiecki Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F260,638
429 Diodoro Madrigal Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M56260,455
430 M. Boris Züchner Free Spirits M44260,437
431 Mike Wheeler Free Spirits M44260,397
432 Caroline Joynson Empty the tanks F37260,362
433 John Reinhardt Age Without Limits M59260,255
434 MaryJo Saksa Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F259,421
435 Rick Baney Island Rowing Club M47259,124
436 Wayne Boyd A. E. Riesen Fitness First M258,051
437 David Hislop Forum Flyers M54258,009
438 sally scratton Core Dynamics Team F258,000
439 Judy Geer Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F56257,414
440 Frank Eichenlaub Keweenaw Fitness M68257,303
441 John Mills Age Without Limits M54257,217
442 Rich DiBello Age Without Limits M61257,172
443 Stephanie Kindig Final Results Fitness F257,053
444 Michael Sanville Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M28256,817
445 Dan Haskin YMCA Downtown Omaha M43256,796
446 Ted Halverson Age Without Limits M64255,623
447 Steve Lindsay Age Without Limits M51255,533
448 David Manco PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M54255,206
449 Duane Adams South Bend Medical Foundation M52255,154
450 Tim Gaskell Highveld Roklub M54255,000
451 Randy Rhoads Final Results Fitness M255,000
452 Teemu Suortti Free Spirits M29254,765
453 MASSIMILIANO DE ROSA Free Spirits M42254,097
454 Heidi Hooglugt- van Brussel Move Your Body F41254,054
455 Michael Howard Jackson TIMBUK2 M60252,936
456 Kate Sharadin Row-Lo's F44252,902
457 Paul Morris British Army M38252,780
458 Joanne Marriott Whitlock Recreation F71252,318
459 Edmundas Daukantas RowPro Online M47251,982
460 Larry Vassar Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M251,665
461 Becky Thomas Just For The Run Of It F46251,346
462 Patrick Losso Are We There Yet M40250,928
463 Neena Kubacki Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F250,049
464 Sarah Bogart ILSM Rowers F27250,001
465 Trish Wright Ex Royal Marines F55250,000
466 dave burch Age Without Limits M53250,000
467 David Tangerini LUNA-TICS M62250,000
468 Terry Laskey Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F56249,388
469 Nicole Koch RowPro Online F36249,181
470 Liz Marshall Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F59248,600
471 barbara grandberg LUNA-TICS F59248,229
472 Michel Brucker Age Without Limits M46247,739
473 Anita Blackwell Greenville Indoor Rowing F51247,500
474 Barry Dussault Age Without Limits M40247,200
475 Jørgen Mortensen Free Spirits M48246,167
476 Michelle Toy RowPro Online F42245,399
477 Uffe Ender Age Without Limits M57244,866
478 Diana Hartwick Warwick Crew F52242,835
479 Mick Mills Halifax Rowing Association M45242,594
480 Steve Hellwig Empty the tanks M39242,582
481 Dwayne P Stephens Age Without Limits M71242,477
482 Richard Nordin Jr Free Spirits M56241,949
483 Tyler Kimberley First in Fitness M24241,500
484 Stephen Tabb Tallahassee Rowing Club M60241,462
485 Pekka Lamberg PeRaCom Rowing Team M48241,449
486 James Sundheim ANCIENTS M65241,331
487 Everett Barr TIMBUK2 M25241,000
488 Dick Hodges Fit2Live M240,800
489 Eddie Scott RowPro Online M45240,686
490 STEPHEN CLARK Forum Flyers M37240,615
491 Jack East Crew Omni Fitness M72240,412
492 Paul Lockwood Age Without Limits M46240,000
493 Joan O'Connor Age Without Limits F59240,000
494 Sara-Mai Conway Flywheel Fitness F33239,929
495 Joe Vanischak RowPro Online M56239,699
496 Steven Hamer Club Cardio (Ham, NZ) M48239,437
497 Janet Gremba Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F238,777
498 Charles Anderson M26238,549
499 Jan Kaschmitter Ducks and Friends Together F56238,331
500 Steve Smith Free Spirits M45238,238
501 Veena Shah Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F237,354
502 Phil Venables Empty the tanks M62237,120
503 Vincent Croce Age Without Limits M53237,000
504 Christopher John Green TIMBUK2 M75236,954
505 Jeff Rice M48236,708
506 Chris Sorensen Manhattan Masters Rowing Club M62236,700
507 David Roberts Age Without Limits M55236,000
508 Kor Kiley Age Without Limits M65235,268
509 Robert Brooks Greenville Indoor Rowing M54235,000
510 James Gray Brazil Nuts M33234,864
511 Bill Ross Final Results Fitness M234,400
512 Steven C. Price Age Without Limits M58233,691
513 Joe Neverauskas Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M233,244
514 Marilyn Olson Rudy's Gym - McCall F56233,000
515 Kristie Toler Stockton Rowing Club F50232,841
516 Carla Darr Just For The Run Of It F49232,436
517 Steve Ruehle Age Without Limits M55232,000
518 Gary Dakin Free Spirits M53231,650
519 David Janssen Age Without Limits M56231,593
520 Marcin Szymański UKS Jedynka Znin POL M22231,549
521 Dan Anderson Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) M38231,398
522 Richard  Tessier Age Without Limits M59231,350
523 Michael Babin West Side YMCA M47231,002
524 Conny Johansson Postrodden Rote 87 Rowing Club M38230,908
525 Steve Greska Pugs M49230,836
526 Timothy Vick Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M230,680
527 Susan Horvat Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F230,541
528 Kathleen Bucher Age Without Limits F48230,416
529 Susan Glait Age Without Limits F57230,097
530 MARK MCINTOSH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M230,000
531 Dave Hill CHIPS Fitness Center M230,000
532 Jeanie Keller Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team F63230,000
533 Steven Larky LUNA-TICS M47228,843
534 Nick Shuker Free Spirits M48228,106
535 Patrick Demasco Age Without Limits M52228,000
536 Retha Fields Greenville Indoor Rowing F63227,435
537 Larry Link Stockton Rowing Club M54226,538
538 Alicia Tassaro Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F226,449
539 Rick Bayko Forum Flyers M62225,524
540 Jim Brink LUNA-TICS M38225,374
541 Gail ONeal Team NAS Pensacola F46225,179
542 TOM STOKES Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M225,000
543 Chris Banker Arizona Desert Rowers M40224,808
544 Doug Gow SA Rowers Unlimited M48224,781
545 Sean Casavechia Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M30224,576
546 Mildred Orban Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F224,505
547 Robert Haynes Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M59224,422
548 Craig Peck Cotton Lake Rowing Club M53223,977
549 Cathy McFadden Greenville Indoor Rowing F53223,058
550 Cynthia Runia Age Without Limits F49222,942
551 Deb Adams Greenville Indoor Rowing F47221,510
552 Tom Lynam ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M18221,177
553 Ann Jones-Weinstock Ducks and Friends Together F52220,910
554 Duane Grant West Side YMCA M55220,869
555 Jo Ban Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F220,840
556 Charlie Orbell Island Rowing Club M47220,452
557 Patrick McDevitt Island Rowing Club M48220,452
558 ROBIN WELSH Island Rowing Club F220,000
559 Jack Poll SAS RFC M53220,000
560 Jack MacLachlan Age Without Limits M51220,000
561 Bryan  Schreiber TIMBUK2 M39220,000
562 David Gray Age Without Limits M53219,766
563 Anne Cankosyan Age Without Limits F43219,494
564 Roger Bangay Free Spirits M73219,416
565 Darren Brooks Age Without Limits M40219,071
566 Dan Lebl Don Rowing Club M24218,972
567 Robyn Huttenmeister Age Without Limits F51218,897
568 Ramesh Shah Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M218,889
569 Lorraine Cutone Cape Cod Rowing F62218,602
570 Patrick Hadley Free Spirits M52218,399
571 Bill Zuber Greenville Indoor Rowing M65217,724
572 Diane Bragiel Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F217,598
573 Paul Nowacki ROWBICS -Long Beach M56217,174
574 Paul Mainstone UK Rowers M59217,074
575 Shirley Godkin Forum Flyers F63217,030
576 George Wyner LUNA-TICS M52217,000
577 Michael McGuirk The Killer Bees M67215,945
578 Michel Thibodeau Girotti Machine M52215,554
579 Mike Bolf Age Without Limits M57215,178
580 Jack Wittig Gerrie's Fitness Center M62214,359
581 Jennifer Warner Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F52214,349
582 Matthew Smith Empty the tanks M32214,098
583 Robert Kidd First in Fitness M39214,058
584 Stuart Lange Arizona Outlaws M48213,887
585 Ian Nordan Age Without Limits M40213,779
586 Chris Hunt Tallahassee Rowing Club M47213,579
587 Dick Ban Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M213,443
588 Michael Ives West Side YMCA M52213,386
589 Kim Schoon Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F212,958
590 Deborah Wilkes South Niagara Rowing Club F46212,000
591 Jane Hughes UK Rowers F49211,188
592 Odd Geir Aarrestad Free Spirits M49211,010
593 Helen Jancich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F210,892
594 John Rogalski Age Without Limits M68210,769
595 Jim Mason Age Without Limits M59210,598
596 Pete Schnopp ShinerBockx2 M60210,591
597 Judy Bishop Keweenaw Fitness F52210,460
598 Tapio Luukkanen Age Without Limits M52210,000
599 Tom Power Halifax Rowing Association M42210,000
600 Chris Venables Empty the tanks M39209,680
601 Matt Hammel Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M209,500
602 Deb Dorocak Crew Omni Fitness F209,418
603 John Morey A. E. Riesen Fitness First M208,900
604 Graham Rickett RowPro Online M48208,390
605 Keith McIntyre ANCIENTS M73208,378
606 Nancy Sage Stockton Rowing Club F58208,203
607 Denis Judd Free Spirits M51208,110
608 Lynn Fisher Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F56207,873
609 phil freeman RowPro Online M49207,790
610 Rob Moorhead USMC - Semper Row! M56207,683
611 Richard Kleinhample Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M51207,365
612 Larry Eckrich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M207,317
613 Brent Baker Adobe Fitness Center M35207,000
614 Aaron Mielke BAH Rowers M30207,000
615 Sheri Covey CHROME FIT F38206,801
616 Carol Davis Omni41 F206,500
617 Thomas Merritt ILSM Rowers M41206,270
618 Viv Oates SA Rowers Unlimited M54205,807
619 Anne Badanes RowPro Online F55205,624
620 Steven Vandervort Age Without Limits M47204,696
621 Barbara Kambourelis Team VF F57204,527
622 Jim Harrison Arizona Outlaws M53204,521
623 Kathryn Cerles Ducks and Friends Together F49204,371
624 SAM DUDLEY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M204,300
625 Lisa Godfrey CrossFit Springfield F45203,731
626 Harry See Adobe Fitness Center M203,399
627 Marlene Fales CHROME FIT F49203,282
628 Shawn LaRose Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M45203,054
629 Kathleen Carlson St.Catharines Rowing Club F56203,046
630 Peter W Straw Age Without Limits M62202,872
631 Anya McGuirk SAS RFC F52202,805
632 Victor Haupt Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M202,646
633 David Thomas Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M52202,204
634 Bent Andersen Fredensborg RC Denmark M70201,964
635 Jolene Lane Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F34201,810
636 Joseph Fialli FIT@SUN-BUR M201,750
637 Jerry Penegor Keweenaw Fitness M201,515
638 Dan Hutt Final Results Fitness M201,410
639 Kevin Kitching Age Without Limits M53201,190
640 Mike Williams UK Rowers M66201,159
641 Lisa Washburn Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F41201,077
642 Monica Duvall TIMBUK2 F41200,981
643 Hans Koolhaas RowPro Online M60200,788
644 Mike McKortel Age Without Limits M57200,726
645 Trevor Baker Adobe Fitness Center M37200,492
646 Rich Budell Tallahassee Rowing Club M54200,463
647 Jennie Weiger Keweenaw Fitness F200,445
648 Elaine Rinkert Spa Fitness Center F49200,282
649 Kathy Kirk Final Results Fitness F200,281
650 Ken Armstrong A. E. Riesen Fitness First M200,214
651 Doris Boegsted-Moeller RowPro Online F62200,200
652 Phil Mullaney Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M200,152
653 John Bertran Island Rowing Club M52200,031
654 Nicholas Hahn CrossFit Oahu M28200,023
655 CAROL NOWACKI ROWBICS -Long Beach F58200,022
656 Wayne Jensen MediFit - Utah M200,002
657 Charles Johnson First in Fitness M67200,000
658 Lance Peters Empty the tanks M49200,000
659 Michael MacDonald Row Bears M55200,000
660 Carl Watts RowPro Online M43200,000
661 Gordon Cantlay Age Without Limits M49200,000
662 Libby Knox Age Without Limits F53200,000
663 Joe Lohrman Age Without Limits M59200,000
664 Jean Sweat Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F200,000
665 Chantall Riggien Shosholoza F35199,295
666 Murphy Pepper Age Without Limits M36199,238
667 Peter Weiß Free Spirits M43197,934
668 Ted Hack Omni41 M197,564
669 Ed Winchester Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M39197,167
670 Corey Smith A. E. Riesen Fitness First M196,895
671 John Foster wRECking Crew M27196,815
672 Melanie Harris Age Without Limits F43196,772
673 Todd Condell Saving Sinkers M46196,746
674 Patrick Kercheville Age Without Limits M44196,614
675 John Stanko ANCIENTS M64196,583
676 William Haskell Forum Flyers M44196,022
677 Inge Peters Move Your Body F38195,796
678 Gina Levy LUNA-TICS F51195,769
679 Ashley Hutchens CrossFit Springfield F30195,000
680 Gustavo Welsh Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M42194,716
681 Nowak Beth The Wellness Center F194,689
682 Vance W. Torbert, 3rd PittsbErghs M64194,607
683 joel walentuk 1000 Islands Rowing Club M53194,452
684 Lou Friend Ducks and Friends Together F53194,330
685 Thomas Krämer Age Without Limits M43194,315
686 Nikki Sarkisan Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F194,132
687 Leif Gordon Age Without Limits M30193,953
688 Pedro Polydoro Empty the tanks M43193,657
689 CR Davis Row Bears M56193,500
690 Marsha Wiener Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club F71193,000
691 mary ulmer Cotton Lake Rowing Club F43192,897
692 Mark Spickett Row-Lo's M49192,739
693 skip allan Spa Fitness Center M65192,547
694 James Alves Tallahassee Rowing Club M55192,170
695 Michael Y.B. Lam Free Spirits M46192,130
696 Van Clanton Greenville Indoor Rowing M56191,902
697 Christopher Bould U.S. Navy M39191,881
698 Karen Peterson Tallahassee Rowing Club F49191,563
699 Courd Samples A. E. Riesen Fitness First M191,387
700 Florence Goh ANCIENTS F66191,158
701 Zibi Turtle The Killer Bees F43190,638
702 Bernie Keele Age Without Limits M67190,513
703 SHANE SHAW Forum Flyers M48190,164
704 Eric Luck Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M39190,155
705 David Wilson ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M56190,001
706 Graham Jones Age Without Limits M61190,000
707 Ray Coombs ROWBICS -Long Beach M62189,994
708 Michelle Steen Team Steen F38189,799
709 Paul Flack Community Rowing, Inc M54188,572
710 Jonathan Steen Team Steen M44188,054
711 David Morris PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M40187,608
712 Chris Gregory Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M42187,421
713 Jane Goddard Free Spirits F44187,000
714 Jay Cicone Tallahassee Rowing Club M51186,886
715 Christine OToole Community Rowing, Inc F47186,492
716 Josephine Lau Teh & Associates F38186,221
717 Tobin Schmuck West Side YMCA M46185,580
718 Rhonda Blackmore  ErgoMounties F185,500
719 Mike O'Dell Free Spirits M50185,337
720 Mari Friend Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club F66185,005
721 Alfredo Garzino-Demo The Killer Bees M45184,978
722 Jonathan Sawyer Age Without Limits M37184,895
723 Laura Dalton CrossFit SoMo F63184,793
724 Manuel Cornett Greenville Indoor Rowing M61184,578
725 Don Sell ANCIENTS M71184,417
726 Arik Johnson M40184,369
727 Doret Schulkes Move Your Body F50184,290
728 Nikola Vajda VCIRC M57184,250
729 Stephen Rose Age Without Limits M54183,761
730 Wayne Lahr Final Results Fitness M42183,098
731 Danny Graham Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M34183,040
732 Barbara Cracknell UK Rowers F51183,000
733 Cynthia Houston CHROME FIT F48182,995
734 Tom Blue Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M56182,825
735 John Welsh Island Rowing Club M48182,312
736 Peggy Sadler Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F69182,281
737 Deborah DeMars Team VF F42182,100
738 Whit Kirk ZLAC Rowing, LTD F32182,060
739 Robert Lee Community Rowing, Inc M65182,029
740 Tristan Fiedler Island Rowing Club M41182,000
741 Manfred Sellink Age Without Limits M47181,333
742 Nancy Smick Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F181,000
743 Kristine Strasburger LUNA-TICS F45180,354
744 Bill Etsweiler U.S. Navy M56180,100
745 Fernando Moreno USMC - Semper Row! M60180,082
746 Carl Shawber A. E. Riesen Fitness First M180,048
747 Richard Bartlett Age Without Limits M47180,000
748 Helle Bang Fredensborg RC Denmark F44180,000
749 Scott Humber US Air Force M29179,971
750 Charles Slezak Greenville Indoor Rowing M39179,303
751 Thomas Rowe Carnegie Lake Rowing Assoc M52179,179
752 Gloria Morris SanDisk F179,100
753 Adrian Quinney UK Rowers M48179,042
754 Ron Sidwell Team NAS Pensacola M57178,866
755 David Kawiecki Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M178,830
756 Richard Perry Age Without Limits M43178,824
757 Stanley Newton U.S. Navy M47178,612
758 Doug Rose Genesee Rowing Club M46178,197
759 Norma Plante ZLAC Rowing, LTD F57178,129
760 Brian Gaffigan 4chewn8 en2siasm M52177,945
761 Peter Hearding ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M31177,937
762 Kris Kuzniar Forum Flyers M33177,904
763 Stan Fedun Don Rowing Club M18177,761
764 Allan Kotmel Guilderland YMCA M67177,686
765 Kevin Hillman FitMix50 (Australia) M44177,498
766 andy steele Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M62177,176
767 Ernie Parizeau Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M53177,175
768 Thomas Daley ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M50177,114
769 DB DB SAKnBlack M33176,528
770 Patrick Kelly Flywheel Fitness M43176,500
771 Penny Palmer Greenville Indoor Rowing F50176,085
772 FRANK KING Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M176,000
773 Larry Tait RowPro Online M53175,763
774 Fluid Motion Crew Omni Fitness F175,555
775 Chuck Konz Wasabi Burn M52175,546
776 William Fisher TIMBUK2 M62175,523
777 Yasmin Marks Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F18175,511
778 Doug Johnston 1000 Islands Rowing Club M67175,258
779 Jeremy Willens Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M48175,000
780 Kevin Sharp Empty the tanks M45174,686
781 Denise Aitcheson Free Spirits F54174,500
782 Bucky Tenney Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M62174,429
783 Glenn Horton Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M49173,822
784 Timothy  Woodman Age Without Limits M58173,619
785 Nancy Grimm Keweenaw Fitness F173,360
786 Michel Pelletier RowPro Online M43173,088
787 Susan Holladay RowPro Online F42173,015
788 Eleazar Sanchez USMC - Semper Row! M42172,728
789 Cheryl Boelman BHFC Rowers F59172,617
790 Mitzi Smart ANCIENTS F68172,608
791 Mary Johnson Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F172,591
792 George Deegan Age Without Limits M68172,500
793 David Liptack Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center M40172,500
794 Anthony Barrueta Age Without Limits M44172,179
795 Katie Guest Don Rowing Club F17172,113
796 Steven Geary Age Without Limits M53171,867
797 jim mcdevitt Island Rowing Club M42171,812
798 Ali Spain Row-Lo's F44171,664
799 Ron Windauer TIMBUK2 M40171,591
800 Chris Whale Forum Flyers M40171,579
801 Keith Allen No Good Bad and Ugly M47171,355
802 Didier Girod RowPro Online M36171,315
803 Jason McCormack Firefighter Row M38171,175
804 Wayne Huffman Fitness Plus M53171,024
805 jack nunn ROWBICS -Long Beach M30171,000
806 Richard Apanewicz Age Without Limits M62170,991
807 Eric Baker CrossFit Springfield M49170,660
808 Matthew Dunn UK Rowers M44170,643
809 Martha Schulman West Side YMCA F45170,400
810 Melissa Fogle Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F170,309
811 Matt Maddock Age Without Limits M40170,000
812 Dan Waterkotte Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club M67169,818
813 David Herz Age Without Limits M41169,627
814 Liz Koenig Big Blue International F25169,465
815 Helen Haggerty Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F41169,325
816 Geraint Scourfield Taff Attack Racing M39169,285
817 Jennifer Fitzwater Tallahassee Rowing Club F46169,266
818 Scott Robinson Greenville Indoor Rowing M51169,199
819 Steve Mello Rudy's Gym - McCall M59169,000
820 James Herbison Age Without Limits M39169,000
821 Michael Thorne UK Rowers M52168,509
822 Cesar Guerra Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M53168,134
823 Sheena Burnett Club Cardio (Ham, NZ) F27167,789
824 Russ Holmes TIMBUK2 M42167,588
825 Kay Bieri Free Spirits M33167,531
826 Howard Mayes STLCC Rowers M59167,397
827 David Koerting Lincoln Park Boat Club M40167,305
828 Dominic Meagher UK Rowers M48167,077
829 Thomas Opferman Lincoln Park Boat Club M54166,872
830 Jim Kathios Free Spirits M49166,745
831 John McKeand ...the wicked M38166,667
832 Amy Bright ...the wicked F32166,667
833 James Filiatreault U.S. Navy M39166,666
834 Stephen Craig-Pearson Age Without Limits M40166,564
835 Vicki Rebesco Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F166,536
836 Merlin Leisinger A. E. Riesen Fitness First M166,411
837 Linda Fredrickson Keweenaw Fitness F166,212
838 Peter Davenport Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M70166,000
839 Chuck Bremer Crew Omni Fitness M165,977
840 Steve Austin Age Without Limits M47165,775
841 Jose Samson Arizona Desert Rowers M52165,320
842 Anthony Balestrino Age Without Limits M56165,217
843 Brandy Richards Rudy's Gym - McCall F36165,130
844 Mike Rosenberg RowPro Online M45165,000
845 Dick Dreissigacker Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M63165,000
846 Kathleen Brooks Tallahassee Rowing Club F48164,882
847 Wayne Vlainic Crew Omni Fitness M164,872
848 Eddie Woodard Age Without Limits M55164,744
849 Cynthia Drewry Don Rowing Club F48164,649
850 Stacy McCarthy Age Without Limits F34164,611
851 Henk Wieland Age Without Limits M54164,519
852 audrey johnson Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club F58164,500
853 Mary K Falconer Tallahassee Rowing Club F57164,304
854 Eleanor Burke Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F164,292
855 Tim James Free Spirits M54163,857
856 Michael Cecala C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M163,111
857 Rich Fredricks US Air Force M63163,000
858 Colin Bearpark Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M45162,604
859 Jonathan Miller West Side YMCA M58162,526
860 Bobbie Kielma TIMBUK2 F57162,480
861 Steve Palmer Greenville Indoor Rowing M50162,436
862 Stephanie  Laidig Age Without Limits F56162,186
863 Byron Kangelis Girotti Machine M162,150
864 Barb Eckrich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F161,603
865 Sarah Tracey-Keel Age Without Limits F80161,599
866 Hetty Wout Move Your Body F53161,250
867 Mitch Courtright MediFit - Utah M161,022
868 Sara Hance Hances Are GO! F30161,011
869 frances tuite Lincoln Park Boat Club F51160,882
870 Adam Marsland TIMBUK2 M24160,861
871 Barb Furman Final Results Fitness F160,680
872 margaret dixon Spa Fitness Center F57160,633
873 Paul Fales CHROME FIT M47160,507
874 Greg Rogerson Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M36160,478
875 Julie Stenger Keweenaw Fitness F160,265
876 Leslie Vecchione Cape Cod Rowing F61160,234
877 James Palik Jr Age Without Limits M27160,233
878 paul archer Ex Royal Marines M37160,165
879 Louisa Leung RowPro Online F34160,163
880 David J Marks Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M39160,141
881 Karen Venables Empty the tanks F38160,046
882 John Fewtrell Empty the tanks M63160,000
883 Bryon Rankin Empty the tanks M33160,000
884 Senioren Move Your Body Move Your Body F64159,879
885 DAVID BUTCHER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M159,700
886 Chris Whitehead Ex Royal Marines M55159,093
887 Gary Forsyth Age Without Limits M46158,777
888 James Moermond Age Without Limits M46158,509
889 Pablo Leo Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M44158,470
890 Fred Brovold TIMBUK2 M70158,401
891 Jerry Jorgenson ANCIENTS M68158,000
892 bob gimlich Are We There Yet M56157,753
893 RONALD BAATEN Move Your Body M57157,453
894 Nick Stanley Age Without Limits M58157,450
895 Glen Cameron wRECking Crew M42157,419
896 Mauricio Coccoz Team Nereid M40157,267
897 Robert Young Free Spirits M42157,036
898 Nathalie Wessling Rocket's Resolute Rowers F55156,906
899 Jessi Grove CrossFit Springfield F32156,600
900 Cindy Kepler Reck TIMBUK2 F37156,532
901 Teina Lucas CHROME FIT F52156,073
902 South Range Keweenaw Fitness M156,045
903 Robert Doughty Age Without Limits M57156,041
904 Diane Goodsell Team Nereid F50155,244
905 Marianne Liimatta Keweenaw Fitness F155,146
906 Tina Razzell Ducks and Friends Together F46155,021
907 Rosemary Dunville SA Rowers Unlimited F52154,986
908 Tim Wheeler RAS Rowers M58154,800
909 Dylan Hartwick Warwick Crew M16154,500
910 James Greven Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M154,500
911 Katie Broderick Greenville Indoor Rowing F51154,447
912 GARY KOCHERT Team NAS Pensacola M69154,442
913 Steve Kurcz Dewy Cheetem and Howe M52153,897
914 Lyle Theisen Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M153,836
915 Wilbert Bekkering Move Your Body M42153,614
916 Marek Matuszczyk Rybnik Rowing Club M30153,596
917 Craig Donovan Age Without Limits M54153,533
918 Karen Knight UK Rowers F50153,305
919 Daniel Moore Firefighter Row M37153,207
920 Scott Anderson St.Catharines Rowing Club M51153,062
921 Pat Walsh Age Without Limits M63153,000
922 Gerald Saalfeld Age Without Limits M48152,824
923 Nancy Graham Greenville Indoor Rowing F49152,807
924 Mike Schnell Empty the tanks M36152,641
925 Eric Peppler Age Without Limits M26152,552
926 Cheryl Wagner RAS Rowers F57152,510
927 Aleksa Klimas-Mikalauskas Big Blue International F26152,480
928 Marie Thorne Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F51152,474
929 Dale Murry Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M152,155
930 David Preece Age Without Limits M48152,000
931 Amy Odle Greenville Indoor Rowing F48151,758
932 Philippe Erkel Free Spirits M48151,731
933 WILLIAM C. BARTLETT Age Without Limits M64151,697
934 Patricia Thomas FitMix50 (Australia) F64151,432
935 Jim Millar Island Rowing Club M52151,400
936 Thomas Sowell Age Without Limits M74151,361
937 Jan-Paul Klein Age Without Limits M57151,208
938 Ron Fernstedt MediFit - Utah M151,204
939 Lawrence Shaper Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M66151,142
940 Amadee Pelgrim RowPro Online M45150,959
941 Ariane Hurni Age Without Limits F50150,859
942 Matthew Robertson TIMBUK2 M34150,734
943 Karen Mayes STLCC Rowers F53150,569
944 Patricia Kuchta Whitlock Recreation F65150,283
945 Jon Wood Whitlock Recreation M65150,282
946 Jan Stevenson LUNA-TICS F57150,243
947 Brian Hussey Taff Attack Racing M35150,115
948 Judith Loubet Team VF F64150,059
949 Art Giacosa Empty the tanks M41150,000
950 Bob Cooke TIMBUK2 M57149,836
951 John Spivey Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M149,518
952 Kellie Brant A. E. Riesen Fitness First F149,247
953 Nick Summy Fit2Live M149,000
954 Mitch Johnson LUNA-TICS M54148,859
955 Jonathan Turns Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M42148,676
956 Neil Wilde Age Without Limits M46148,574
957 Rick Barton Age Without Limits M57148,535
958 Boris Bossi Free Spirits M42148,445
959 Peter Smeets M46148,209
960 Brian Woolley Age Without Limits M63148,061
961 Paul Ryan BAH Rowers M49147,715
962 Adrian Millar Taff Attack Racing M44147,700
963 Lee Cressman Age Without Limits M56147,500
964 Gary McCollim Age Without Limits M62147,436
965 Bettie Barnes First in Fitness F41147,297
966 Lynn Faitsch Ducks and Friends Together F35147,090
967 Nancy Whalen Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F51147,000
968 Kevin Jacoby Final Results Fitness M147,000
969 Richard Nabasny RowPro Online M60146,753
970 Gregg O'Neill Metuchen Edison YMCA M55146,670
971 andy peterson Forum Flyers M46146,401
972 Katherine Gonyea ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly F38145,879
973 Ken Nelson Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M145,842
974 Chris Smith Crossfit Salem M47145,521
975 Nathaniel Kinney Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M35145,321
976 Mike Naka FIT@SUN-BUR M145,000
977 Christine Power Halifax Rowing Association F42145,000
978 Shawn Bryan First in Fitness M61144,582
979 Kristine Brown Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F144,415
980 Larthell Carthan Free Spirits M56144,363
981 Jef . Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M46144,124
982 Jeff Massey Keweenaw Fitness M52144,120
983 Allen Goodwin Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club M66144,089
984 Bob Sechrist Age Without Limits M70144,000
985 Debbie Pillarella Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F143,895
986 Stefan Lättman Free Spirits M29143,730
987 David Seebaugh 41 M45143,646
988 Bonnie Cruz Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F143,556
989 Tibor Kovacs Don Rowing Club M57143,149
990 Jim Yaremko wRECking Crew M51143,014
991 Ronald Kramer Argonauten M46143,011
992 John Marsh LUNA-TICS M55142,711
993 Dickie Selfe Keweenaw Fitness M58142,281
994 Richard Underwood Free Spirits M60142,194
995 Lynn Sponzilli PUC Rowers F31142,183
996 Susan Donnelly Keweenaw Fitness F142,016
997 Jon Koskiniemi Keweenaw Fitness M141,925
998 Kevin Kenyon Guilderland YMCA M52141,900
999 Nicole Smith CrossFit SoMo F38141,895
1000 Chase Smith CrossFit SoMo M40141,822
1001 Peter Osborne RowPro Online M59141,799
1002 MAx Lee Genesee Rowing Club M58141,486
1003 Kellie White St.Catharines Rowing Club F41141,467
1004 Nigel Scott Free Spirits M60141,115
1005 Elene Brett-Evans Don Rowing Club F24141,083
1006 Donna Eckert Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F50140,851
1007 Tom Olsen Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M33140,851
1008 Innes Fisher Club Cardio (Ham, NZ) M49140,792
1009 John Obermeier Greenville Indoor Rowing M49140,625
1010 KEVIN HERMAN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M140,400
1011 Ian Wetherill RowPro Online M51140,172
1012 Steven Drews LUNA-TICS M40140,000
1013 David Ballard LUNA-TICS M44140,000
1014 Mike Bardee Age Without Limits M54140,000
1015 Eric Ridlon Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M30139,974
1016 Ben Skinner Free Spirits M35139,974
1017 Debbie Wiles Tallahassee Rowing Club F53139,900
1018 David Mikoska Empty the tanks M36139,098
1019 Scott Gould Greenville Indoor Rowing M51139,077
1020 Henry Cleveland Spa Fitness Center M59139,039
1021 Steve Stoddart Age Without Limits M39138,517
1022 paul worrell Forum Flyers M47138,492
1023 Mario Luna RowPro Online M45138,032
1024 Stephen Sepe Age Without Limits M60137,610
1025 Rob Wild WUSTL Crew Pair M39137,557
1026 Hans Schouten Move Your Body M46137,402
1027 Gail Thornton-Smith FitMix50 (Australia) F52137,260
1028 Joseph Jones The Killer Bees M45137,229
1029 Susan McNulty Halifax Rowing Association F61136,605
1030 William Herstek Crew Omni Fitness M136,449
1031 Wendy Hunter DREAM Team F58136,037
1032 David Moores Forum Flyers M36136,018
1033 Dan McCarthy Empty the tanks M48135,787
1034 Kelly Gilbert Row-Lo's F52135,702
1035 Marty Smith Greenville Indoor Rowing F57135,696
1036 Debbie Barber Forum Flyers F52135,679
1037 Dee Dee CHEETAH McDEVITT WANT A BE Island Rowing Club F30135,661
1038 Bob Dwyer STLCC Rowers M135,501
1039 Jane Davis Greenville Indoor Rowing F56135,359
1040 Peggy Johnson Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club F54135,292
1041 KC Colt Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F57135,258
1042 Susan Fassett Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F65135,140
1043 Tony Ducret West Side YMCA M31135,013
1044 Helen Ingram Greenville Indoor Rowing F41134,842
1045 wayne pridham wRECking Crew M55134,730
1046 Mark Hancock Pikelet IRC M39134,662
1047 Beth McFadden Free Spirits F54134,503
1048 Chris Sweetland VCIRC M47134,333
1049 Vince Crockenberg Age Without Limits M67134,304
1050 MEGAN  MELLINGER Island Rowing Club F44134,262
1051 Tom Kelly Cape Cod Rowing M63134,250
1052 Pat Mazzei TIMBUK2 F60134,237
1053 Catherine Simmons Ducks and Friends Together F56134,090
1054 John Mattson Island Rowing Club M46134,084
1055 Jean Curran Empty the tanks F56134,000
1056 Chris Taylor East Berlin Fitness M45133,800
1057 Rory Bausch A. E. Riesen Fitness First F133,499
1058 Lukas Duban Lazy Team M35133,330
1059 Eric Davies Age Without Limits M43133,220
1060 Mauro Piranda Age Without Limits M53133,000
1061 Todd Carkner Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) M48133,000
1062 Tony Walsh Age Without Limits M68132,894
1063 Alex Schneider Greenville Indoor Rowing F49132,890
1064 Andy Finch Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M38132,723
1065 Simon Jackson Free Spirits M40132,708
1066 Juluis Cheranko Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M132,456
1067 Hannah Dunthorne Civil Nuclear Constabulary (UK) F28132,000
1068 Margaret Wright TIMBUK2 F50131,884
1069 Chris Blackwood St.Catharines Rowing Club M53131,864
1070 Sonia Goltz Keweenaw Fitness F131,701
1071 Tom Phelan RowPro Online M45131,691
1072 Ian Clegg UK Rowers M52131,561
1073 David Sutcliffe UK Rowers M46131,499
1074 Phil Wood Age Without Limits M70131,452
1075 Charlene Howell Age Without Limits F58131,218
1076 John Silverton Stockton Rowing Club M66131,143
1077 Andrea Jones Tallahassee Rowing Club F49131,065
1078 Chris Shaefer CrossFit Springfield M45131,000
1079 Mike McDaniel Firefighter Row M42130,798
1080 anne steele Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F54130,647
1081 Tony Fontana Age Without Limits M62130,500
1082 Michael Hyde Community Rowing, Inc M62130,409
1083 George Wiederock New Squall Association M46130,364
1084 andrea elliott CrossFit Springfield F43130,300
1085 Helga Verschuuren Move Your Body F28130,278
1086 Chuck Mercier U.S. Navy M50130,261
1087 Mike Wood Age Without Limits M48130,253
1088 Cathy Winch Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F130,100
1089 Peter Groepenhoff Age Without Limits M42130,000
1090 Ray Primett Age Without Limits M43130,000
1091 Peter Huurman LUNA-TICS M37130,000
1092 Frank Snow Free Spirits M40130,000
1093 Bill Yeingst ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M56129,991
1094 Jostein Hopen Age Without Limits M43129,981
1095 Tim Lahner Shosholoza M44129,562
1096 Brandi Willis Greenville Indoor Rowing F37129,288
1097 Rick Carveth LUNA-TICS M58129,216
1098 Rocket Man  LUNA-TICS M37129,075
1099 Christa Klarer Milwaukee Women's Sweep Program F49129,041
1100 Gavin Merrington Free Spirits M42128,931
1101 Simon Jones Forum Flyers M36128,892
1102 Jonette Albers ERG CLUB F48128,857
1103 Roger Pradel Visaform Annecy Epagny M66128,825
1104 Andrew Augenstein TIMBUK2 M58128,820
1105 Lance Travis 1000 Islands Rowing Club M53128,374
1106 Goca Lebl Don Rowing Club F52128,205
1107 Dick  Henry ANCIENTS M62128,104
1108 Marykay Steinacker BHFC Rowers F43128,000
1109 Paul Bloom TIMBUK2 M18127,973
1110 Dave Dukich PUC Rowers M127,833
1111 Gary Campbell Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M39127,746
1112 Jeanne Richardson First in Fitness F68127,731
1113 James Sauerwein Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team M67127,721
1114 Tim Herbert Free Spirits M42127,666
1115 paula wakefield Free Spirits F33127,500
1116 Graeme Meek Age Without Limits M43127,455
1117 Jim Waldo FIT@SUN-BUR M127,369
1118 Andrew Baines RowPro Online M41127,295
1119 Joseph Wyatt Free Spirits M56127,144
1120 joe emslie ErgoMounties M49127,000
1121 Maria Laskaris Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F47126,997
1122 George Vesvardes Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M126,928
1123 Nancy Carter Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F60126,798
1124 Jim Moldenhauer Empty the tanks M53126,673
1125 Antony Stansbie Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M46126,619
1126 Brita Danielson Pulse Generators F126,500
1127 Carol Randall Age Without Limits F42126,342
1128 Lisa Gesinger Genesee Rowing Club F48126,131
1129 Alain Bourgogne Visaform Annecy Epagny M71126,000
1130 Alice White Row Pain, Row Gain F58125,913
1131 Charley Kanieski Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club M56125,836
1132 Susan Nichol St.Catharines Rowing Club F44125,683
1133 D. Rolland Free Spirits F72125,507
1134 peter verdirame LUNA-TICS M56125,500
1135 Fernando Mayrl Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M28125,472
1136 Peter Hawney UK Rowers M60125,284
1137 Dorna Hamer Amoskeag Rowing Club F47125,261
1138 Sarah Glidwell CrossFit Springfield F29125,000
1139 Michael La Porte Age Without Limits M41124,960
1140 Dean Atkin Atkin ErgoMounties M124,864
1141 Ryan Hartley Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M124,600
1142 Daniel Kohler YMCA Downtown Omaha M38124,552
1143 Tyler James Don Rowing Club M18124,341
1144 Celso Najera Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M40124,292
1145 Bob Hartley Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M124,060
1146 Alejandro Chavez Community Rowing, Inc M47124,058
1147 Sophia Jinks Final Results Fitness F124,000
1148 Andy Budden RowPro Online M40123,762
1149 drew o'neill Metuchen Edison YMCA M28123,755
1150 Philippe Arnez Age Without Limits M29123,646
1151 Bryan Thomas FitMix50 (Australia) M68123,596
1152 Don Visnack Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M123,527
1153 John Eberly Greenville Indoor Rowing M46123,282
1154 Martien Verschuuren Move Your Body M55123,154
1155 Andrew Glavin Greenville Indoor Rowing M32123,144
1156 David Dawson ANCIENTS M70123,144
1157 Scott Barger RowPro Online M61123,032
1158 Alex Southmayd GSBC M16122,715
1159 Sheryl Moody TIMBUK2 F45122,700
1160 Siobhan Rose-Innes Greenville Indoor Rowing F45122,616
1161 Thierry GOURSOLLE Age Without Limits M49122,507
1162 terri spirk Age Without Limits F57122,500
1163 David Fredrickson Keweenaw Fitness M122,500
1164 Steve Barratt British Army M48122,477
1165 Scott Hill Free Spirits M48122,329
1166 Catherine Sutherland RowPro Online F47122,280
1167 Jacob Herlitz CrossFit Oahu M29122,249
1168 Bob Davinson Free Spirits M57122,061
1169 Marc Carrette Rowing Club Mulhouse, France M38122,000
1170 Brandon Walt Lincoln Park Boat Club M33121,960
1171 Gerard Hartwick Warwick Crew M54121,733
1172 Paula Schaaf Argonauten F44121,681
1173 Eddie Susin Crew Omni Fitness M121,620
1174 Bill Sutton Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M121,538
1175 Sherron Lewis Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness F35120,640
1176 Kat Brown Stockton Rowing Club F46120,543
1177 Simon Hemsley Shosholoza M32120,399
1178 Derek Kyme Empty the tanks M48120,243
1179 Vikki Hoffman Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F120,145
1180 Joan Dwyer STLCC Rowers F120,121
1181 T. VISKI HANKA Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M120,000
1182 Joe Hinchliffe Empty the tanks M18120,000
1183 Ann Weinmann Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club F65120,000
1184 Jay Newton Tallahassee Rowing Club M55120,000
1185 Louise Mitinger PittsbErghs F43119,664
1186 Jose Zarate CHROME FIT M16119,610
1187 Keith Grimley Island Rowing Club M35119,500
1188 Justyna Surzyn Don Rowing Club F27119,298
1189 David Chambers Age Without Limits M50119,250
1190 Anne Mindler Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team F64119,106
1191 Karyn Gallagher LUNA-TICS F40118,976
1192 George Hall TIMBUK2 M74118,888
1193 Seth Trotz Power 11 M41118,759
1194 Lewis Franco Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M47118,600
1195 danny rezendes Bridgewaterless M46118,382
1196 John Warkala CrossFit Long Island City M55118,126
1197 Kelly Gordon A. E. Riesen Fitness First M118,080
1198 TERRY COLLINS Age Without Limits M59117,901
1199 Popko Nieboer RowPro Online M47117,864
1200 John Glasgow Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M37117,856
1201 Mary Jo Permuth Age Without Limits F68117,673
1202 Al Sears University of Mars M51117,616
1203 Susan McKnight STLCC Rowers F117,559
1204 Steph Brophy Final Results Fitness F117,500
1205 Mike Weaver Big Daddys Trailer Park Yacht Club Piranhas M56117,342
1206 Deborah O'Leary Age Without Limits F35117,294
1207 Cindy White Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F117,185
1208 Paul Ward Brazil Nuts M30117,183
1209 John Billings Rowing for Beer M57117,105
1210 Melanie Whitehair Age Without Limits F55116,852
1211 Randy Mullis SAS RFC M49116,800
1212 Helen Walker Cleveland, TN - YMCA F36116,716
1213 Jim Bernier First in Fitness M50116,647
1214 Tom Mohr Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M116,590
1215 Cathi Ramsden Free Spirits F50116,571
1216 Kirsten White Keweenaw Fitness F51116,476
1217 patricia konings Move Your Body F36116,043
1218 Rob Huxford UK Rowers M34116,010
1219 jeanne hoonings Move Your Body F61115,950
1220 Paul Edgar TIMBUK2 M41115,708
1221 Karyn Shanks Fit2Live F115,639
1222 Clark Hayes A. E. Riesen Fitness First M115,430
1223 Rodney Willis Greenville Indoor Rowing M39115,412
1224 Cathie Hodkiewicz Milwaukee Women's Sweep Program F53115,402
1225 Ryan  Falconer VCIRC M32115,383
1226 tait luste Massassauga Rattlers M41115,321
1227 Gary Daugherty RowPro Online M51115,238
1228 Bradie Wilson STLCC Rowers M115,171
1229 Kathy Caspary Keweenaw Fitness F115,023
1230 Bonny Bishop Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F115,012
1231 Steve Grim Final Results Fitness M115,000
1232 Alex Ripstein REMOMEXICO M41115,000
1233 Lynda Boose Keweenaw Fitness F114,970
1234 Mary Doan St.Catharines Rowing Club F52114,969
1235 Andre Dumais LUNA-TICS M36114,933
1236 David Wilson Age Without Limits M57114,915
1237 Will Rhodes Washington Canoe Club M46114,785
1238 Alan Aikens Cape Cod Rowing M44114,296
1239 Marty Puzon Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M114,276
1240 Robyn Jones Age Without Limits M49114,255
1241 Mark Evans Free Spirits M52114,100
1242 Bill Wakeley U.S. Navy M50114,063
1243 Bruce Ferguson Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness M37114,000
1244 David Filiberti Age Without Limits M55114,000
1245 Jane Wurster Rudy's Gym - McCall F113,784
1246 John Vestal ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M53113,729
1247 Steve Hart Ann Arbor Rowing Club M38113,442
1248 Debbie Curtiss Final Results Fitness F113,400
1249 Joe Lohman Free Spirits M43113,105
1250 Linda Christie-Horn Greenville Indoor Rowing F57112,843
1251 Rachel Rhodes Free Spirits F47112,694
1252 Paul Anderson Age Without Limits M57112,630
1253 Gregory Friedrich Age Without Limits M54112,294
1254 Rose Metalli Age Without Limits F50112,277
1255 Rebecca Addison Whitlock Recreation F24112,256
1256 Norman Kneeland Age Without Limits M65112,255
1257 Steve Ball BHFC Rowers M28112,219
1258 Mark Ramsey Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M112,177
1259 Lynn Robinson Greenville Indoor Rowing F48112,172
1260 Denise Cordero Ducks and Friends Together F61112,000
1261 Trudy Schelzi The Fitness Group F57112,000
1262 Karen Moore Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F112,000
1263 TAMARA PESTER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F111,305
1264 Larry Bason Gerrie's Fitness Center M65111,297
1265 Gary Druse Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M111,166
1266 Jane Daffern Free Spirits F45111,160
1267 Nancy  Orbell Island Rowing Club F44110,744
1268 Janet Tart Raleigh Rowing Center F49110,557
1269 Cheryl Childers Greenville Indoor Rowing F40110,529
1270 Charl Marais RowPro Online M36110,498
1271 Douglas Bender Free Spirits M47110,472
1272 Vicki Leary SAS RFC F54110,463
1273 Jean Erickson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F110,245
1274 Joseph Scanio Xiphias M42110,139
1275 Anne Trythall Final Results Fitness F110,061
1276 MOLLY ROLL Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F110,000
1277 Robert Houser A. E. Riesen Fitness First M110,000
1278 Kirk Scott Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M110,000
1279 Alejandro Perez-Febles Age Without Limits M32110,000
1280 Ellen Sauter Fit2Live F110,000
1281 Wil Alards Dutch Military Rowers M47110,000
1282 Thomas Purdy U.S. Navy M56109,645
1283 Fiona Bell UK Rowers F48109,613
1284 Andrew Prosowski Arizona Desert Rowers M62109,569
1285 jacqueline meulendijks Move Your Body F39109,527
1286 Brian Henson Greenville Indoor Rowing M29109,395
1287 Bill Dennis Greenville Indoor Rowing M53109,298
1288 Jeffrey Williams Bridgewaterless M47109,178
1289 David Forcucci Island Rowing Club M48109,000
1290 Rolf Reuther-Nielsen Age Without Limits M52108,964
1291 Roger Morrow Age Without Limits M55108,942
1292 Dan Fuhrmann Keweenaw Fitness M108,772
1293 liz laker Dehydrated Rowing F42108,731
1294 Ron Bettinger Whitlock Recreation M74108,353
1295 Don Legatt Pulse Generators M108,317
1296 Andrea Duempelmann Free Spirits F40108,180
1297 Rachel Gould Community Rowing, Inc F30108,065
1298 John Wojtkiewicz Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M36108,033
1299 David Reinert Final Results Fitness M107,946
1300 Joe Knight Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M107,770
1301 Julian Gren UK Rowers M46107,768
1302 Srinivas Sanagala SanDisk M107,693
1303 Tony Stefanski Island Rowing Club M49107,634
1304 Svend Aage Nielsen Fredensborg RC Denmark M64107,600
1305 Elaine Freeman Greenville Indoor Rowing F58107,557
1306 Soheila Zare Move Your Body F44107,551
1307 Cherie Knotts get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F27107,195
1308 Larry Wisler Greenville Indoor Rowing M74107,177
1309 Andy Teh Teh & Associates M37107,132
1310 Stephen Tam SanDisk M107,090
1311 Carolyn Munro Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F50107,000
1312 Linda Maroney East Berlin Fitness F52106,711
1313 Princess Mcguire Keweenaw Fitness F106,656
1314 Susan Wilson Ducks and Friends Together F51106,615
1315 Paul Young Adobe Fitness Center M106,534
1316 matt nicholls Free Spirits M30106,470
1317 Sandra Rice Island Rowing Club F47106,321
1318 Charlie Hughson TIMBUK2 M59106,164
1319 Mark Williams Row-Lo's M47106,125
1320 Adolph Ferber Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M106,100
1321 Ingrid Herte Boulder Crossfit F42106,000
1322 Pete Salsbury UK Rowers M36105,676
1323 paddy maloney Taff Attack Racing M46105,526
1324 Tim Williams Firefighter Row M39105,468
1325 Ricky Tilbury Age Without Limits M53105,407
1326 Carrie Grzybowski Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F105,257
1327 Pam Shime Don Rowing Club F44105,239
1328 Kris Dempsey Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F105,210
1329 Andrzej Kowalik KWW M50105,176
1330 George Bauserman Greenville Indoor Rowing M63105,098
1331 Edward Maros Age Without Limits M43105,000
1332 kevin steeves ERG CLUB M39104,998
1333 Wojciech  Urbanowski UKS Jedynka Znin POL M35104,946
1334 Jo Chickering First in Fitness F80104,743
1335 Gregor Andrews Free Spirits M39104,709
1336 Janine Keijsers Move Your Body F40104,693
1337 Sandy Drezek STLCC Rowers F104,626
1338 Eric Kent RowPro Online M44104,508
1339 Ginny Davis Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club F65104,405
1340 Vivian Denge Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F104,401
1341 Peter Aitcheson Free Spirits M53104,329
1342 Jeremy Stancombe Age Without Limits M44104,127
1343 Thea Krimpenfort Move Your Body F51104,125
1344 Linda Kowalski Final Results Fitness F104,000
1345 Leif Henecke TIMBUK2 M49103,991
1346 Susan Stewart Power 11 F45103,854
1347 Andrew Hewitt Empty the tanks M31103,764
1348 Linda Steeves ERG CLUB F41103,720
1349 D. Scott Kelley ANCIENTS M68103,490
1350 Lisa Snyder Stockton Rowing Club F52103,436
1351 Amy Cocanour MediFit - Utah F26103,434
1352 Yisroel Homnick TIMBUK2 M50103,147
1353 Craig Drabyk Island Rowing Club M35103,117
1354 Travis Wilson get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M32103,000
1355 Sara Robarge Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F32103,000
1356 Judy Blue Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F53102,909
1357 Duane McCauley Free Spirits M36102,850
1358 Marisa Stephenson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F102,820
1359 Colby Putvain Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M18102,800
1360 Bob Franke Keweenaw Fitness M102,747
1361 Pamela Lizanich Greenville Indoor Rowing F44102,685
1362 Mike Saksa Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M102,601
1363 Robert Walker Team NAS Pensacola M102,498
1364 Rick Bell SAS RFC M57102,199
1365 Ken Erikson Age Without Limits M54102,085
1366 Johnnie Fulton Greenville Indoor Rowing F54102,074
1367 Lindsey Major Fit2Live F102,001
1368 Juan Casas PUC Rowers M40101,998
1369 H. Steinfeldt Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F101,812
1370 Alexis Sarkisan Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F101,788
1371 MARJAN BAATEN Move Your Body F56101,716
1372 Mike Davis Greenville Indoor Rowing M58101,678
1373 Louis H. Liotti U.S. Navy M61101,650
1374 Jim Follmer Age Without Limits M53101,638
1375 Miles Orchard Empty the tanks M43101,633
1376 Aaron Wieting Wasabi Burn M42101,584
1377 Jeff Sadler Boulder Crossfit M40101,561
1378 Jennifer Goodman LUNA-TICS F34101,548
1379 Jim Cushwa RowPro Online M50101,539
1380 Mike Alley get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M37101,500
1381 Aaron Larmore Fit2Live M101,500
1382 Melissa Talbot LUNA-TICS F41101,500
1383 Ted Czepiel West Side YMCA M67101,438
1384 Marshall Wiseheart Tallahassee Rowing Club M39101,426
1385 Christine Arner Warwick Crew F49101,369
1386 Flemming  Bay Fredensborg RC Denmark M72101,367
1387 Iain Laird Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M43101,351
1388 Deborah Nyberg Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F38101,274
1389 M Tassaro Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M101,222
1390 Ross  Coltman Keweenaw Fitness M101,222
1391 Peter Hadley TIMBUK2 M55101,185
1392 kirk obrien Boulder Crossfit M40101,182
1393 Dorice Franczyk Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F101,103
1394 Melissa Tubbs Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F36101,070
1395 Graham Lay Forum Flyers M34101,069
1396 Keith San Felipe Adobe Fitness Center M101,000
1397 Barbara Szkutnik Ducks and Friends Together F61100,967
1398 Barry Solway Boulder Crossfit M41100,954
1399 Dianne McDevitt Island Rowing Club F48100,821
1400 Ray Sears Cape Cod Rowing M57100,816
1401 Jeffrey Whitehall South Niagara Rowing Club M47100,809
1402 David Padgett Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M33100,775
1403 Rhoni Jo Barnes Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F100,759
1404 Dave Goldberg Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M100,711
1405 Helen Crowe Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club F59100,619
1406 Yvetta Bartley Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F100,532
1407 Kay Hallingquest CrossFit Birmingham F39100,526
1408 Andy Banse Fit2Live M100,500
1409 bill rowe Keweenaw Fitness M72100,373
1410 Jacquelyn Treat Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F57100,357
1411 Heather Allen STLCC Rowers F100,353
1412 DeeAnn Dixon Stockton Rowing Club F56100,347
1413 David McOnie HealthPlex M55100,338
1414 Mario Marks Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M48100,330
1415 Christy Munoz Boulder Crossfit F37100,316
1416 Albert Wang SanDisk M100,269
1417 angela clayton CrossFit Birmingham F35100,246
1418 Annie M-Johnson Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F100,245
1419 Louanne Keenan Pulse Generators F100,234
1420 Heather Allen Boulder Crossfit F23100,219
1421 Greg Simpson Adobe Fitness Center M38100,206
1422 Kelly Dalton Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M100,188
1423 Kathie Gonzales Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F100,176
1424 Katelyn Corwith Core Dynamics Team F22100,156
1425 John Wahl Boulder Crossfit M32100,132
1426 Jeanette Gorman Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F100,100
1427 Sue Stacknik Keweenaw Fitness F100,096
1428 Warren Niemi Keweenaw Fitness M100,076
1429 Matthew Hallowell Boulder Crossfit M27100,057
1430 Diane Beckman Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F100,050
1431 Molly Ross get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F23100,025
1432 David Mejias Boulder Crossfit M35100,014
1433 Katrina Fomich get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F28100,008
1434 KarolAnne Madulka Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F48100,005
1435 Carly Stillman Boulder Crossfit F20100,000
1436 Perry Brooks Boulder Crossfit M40100,000
1437 Sarah Dekarske Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F100,000
1438 Alice Rueta Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F100,000
1439 JULANNA GILBERT Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F100,000
1440 Alex Dunne Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M38100,000
1441 DIANNE RIPLEY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F100,000
1442 Christopher Smith First in Fitness M37100,000
1443 ryan leclerc First in Fitness M37100,000
1444 Michael Rounsville Xtreme Fitness M41100,000
1445 Steve Yost Adobe Fitness Center M100,000
1446 Martyn Morge Green & Grey M28100,000
1447 Ioana Dogaru Rowing for Beer F39100,000
1448 Derek Unsworth UK Rowers M4699,974
1449 Blondie Hinton Age Without Limits F5299,865
1450 Doug Engstrom TIMBUK2 M4399,737
1451 Mark Morgan Age Without Limits M5899,631
1452 Deborah Losso Are We There Yet F3899,513
1453 Mark Dease Greenville Indoor Rowing M3799,326
1454 Ken Eggebrecht Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M98,970
1455 Kren Teren Nashville Rowing Club F5898,957
1456 Annette Sandberg ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly F4898,924
1457 Charles White Keweenaw Fitness M5098,136
1458 Dale Kent Age Without Limits M5798,061
1459 Ed Dykstra Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M97,943
1460 AJ Tudury LUNA-TICS M6297,922
1461 Cynthia Espeseth Sammamish Rowing Association F5097,627
1462 Lauren Hunt Greenville Indoor Rowing F5097,331
1463 Fred Koene Free Spirits M4997,327
1464 Rebecca Boeve Keweenaw Fitness F2097,000
1465 Mark Anderson ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M4796,750
1466 Tim Porter LUNA-TICS M5196,475
1467 Tessa Mandrapilias Don Rowing Club F2096,362
1468 Tiffany Coffman Team VF F4096,348
1469 carol selter Spa Fitness Center F6596,166
1470 Peter Potharn CrossFit Long Island City M3595,735
1471 Mike Biancaniello Girotti Machine M95,580
1472 Vanessa Beland Don Rowing Club F1895,508
1473 dom mcminn Green & Grey M3195,456
1474 Anita Tyler Team VF F5395,239
1475 Linda Lowe Greenville Indoor Rowing F6195,233
1476 Ken Beebe Tallahassee Rowing Club M4495,069
1477 Darren Hall Free Spirits M4695,000
1478 Lee Oliver Age Without Limits M6295,000
1479 Robert Pellerin Age Without Limits M5495,000
1480 Enrique Sterling Age Without Limits M5094,989
1481 Mike Wilkinson Taff Attack Racing M4394,973
1482 Louise Moon Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F5894,853
1483 Lynda Dundas Don Rowing Club F6494,694
1484 Max Lindemann GSBC M1894,569
1485 Roger Burrell Free Spirits M7894,077
1486 Alison Reidy Genesee Rowing Club F5593,965
1487 Dory Lippert LUNA-TICS F5093,539
1488 Blake Cantrell CrossFit Springfield M2393,500
1489 Peter Frederiksen Fredensborg RC Denmark M4893,500
1490 Tim Decker Free Spirits M4993,486
1491 James Elliot-Square Free Spirits M2693,481
1492 David Howells Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M6693,442
1493 Martin Basta Lazy Team M2993,318
1494 Chris Louzader CrossFit Springfield F4093,255
1495 Betsy Maynard The Wellness Center F93,149
1496 Jörg Hons Age Without Limits M5393,111
1497 Ruud Feijen Move Your Body M4192,978
1498 Andrew Mudge Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M2992,924
1499 Steve Ockerby Forum Flyers M4892,600
1500 Ken Garner Age Without Limits M6292,434
1501 Rick Barton The Killer Bees M5492,375
1502 Mitch Petty FIT@SUN-BUR M92,295
1503 Sara Clarke C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F92,233
1504 Mindy Cox Rudern, Veslovani, Remo & More Rowing F5691,910
1505 Kate Leonard Free Spirits F6591,858
1506 Sallyann Fisher Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F4091,750
1507 William Chimeri Age Without Limits M5391,500
1508 Leon K. Griffis Team NAS Pensacola M91,308
1509 Donald Marshall D&M Fitness M3891,229
1510 Heather Ramsay TIMBUK2 F5291,000
1511 Ian Blatchford UK Rowers M4390,895
1512 Chris Henry 1000 Islands Rowing Club M5890,808
1513 Saskia Houterman Move Your Body F3690,766
1514 Jørgen Bloch Free Spirits M5090,728
1515 Louise Hastings St.Catharines Rowing Club F7290,678
1516 Bettina Cervin Fredensborg RC Denmark F4590,587
1517 David Allen Age Without Limits M6790,554
1518 Steve  Hanson SAS RFC M5690,521
1519 Samuel Winikor Free Spirits M5790,447
1520 Wendall Lowe Team NAS Pensacola M90,440
1521 Karin de Gouw Move Your Body F3490,406
1522 MARKIE BRYANT Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F90,400
1523 Michael McElroy Free Spirits M3290,184
1524 Ronald Worthington Free Spirits M5890,183
1525 Adam Kreek ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M2990,161
1526 Greg Spooner ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M3090,000
1527 Mike McKiernan SAS RFC M3690,000
1528 Chris Henderson Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M5090,000
1529 Margaret Kirby Keweenaw Fitness F6390,000
1530 Michele Kim Age Without Limits F4589,777
1531 Josette Smits Move Your Body F4389,770
1532 KIRK MACDONALD Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M89,600
1533 Dirk Janßen Free Spirits M4589,500
1534 Barb Hanson Fit2Live F89,400
1535 Tom Ball BHFC Rowers M5789,388
1536 John Bunce NZ Oldies M5789,330
1537 Robert Mitchell Free Spirits M4889,250
1538 Michael Cole Eastside Fire and Rescue M4388,991
1539 Tom Denk Crew Omni Fitness M5388,433
1540 Gerd Hauck Don Rowing Club M6188,287
1541 Don Burke Greenville Indoor Rowing M6288,142
1542 Jordan Hanssen ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M2788,046
1543 Richard Tarbill ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M2888,002
1544 nick toulmin Don Rowing Club M5188,000
1545 Bill Millar Island Rowing Club M5487,947
1546 Carol McGurk Stockton Rowing Club F5987,808
1547 Libby Hohmann Community Rowing, Inc F5187,753
1548 David Dolinger Community Rowing, Inc M5487,741
1549 ROBERT MATZ Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M87,590
1550 Ann Crosby Team NAS Pensacola F87,571
1551 Daryll Krivanos Crew Omni Fitness M5687,537
1552 Anna-Liisa Breit Whitlock Recreation F2487,441
1553 Donna Manous Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F87,406
1554 M Gore Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F87,259
1555 Eric-Jan Van Eerde Age Without Limits M4987,051
1556 Raoul Wiart Forum Flyers M5387,020
1557 Daiva Satas TIMBUK2 F4587,000
1558 Jay Dziwlik National Institute for Fitness and Sports M4486,947
1559 Ian SHEFFIELD-PARKER RowPro Online M4786,804
1560 Philip Morris Free Spirits M5286,716
1561 Luke Simon CrossFit Springfield M3286,584
1562 Wanda Street ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly F5886,513
1563 Ellen Polglaze CrossFit Oahu F2486,500
1564 Shelly West Keweenaw Fitness F86,331
1565 graham fisher Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M3986,100
1566 Jamie Heller Stockton Rowing Club F5986,000
1567 Teri Pena Greenville Indoor Rowing F4886,000
1568 Ian Myers SanDisk M85,983
1569 Gary Graham UK Rowers M4585,969
1570 Judith Wilkinson Age Without Limits F6385,903
1571 Charles Pester TIMBUK2 M5185,610
1572 Walter Schuyler TIMBUK2 M6185,514
1573 Joe Longtin A. E. Riesen Fitness First M85,365
1574 Rick Sanders Age Without Limits M5185,364
1575 Jamie Brewer Black Warrior Rowing Club M5885,250
1576 Tom Stewart Power 11 M4485,235
1577 Len Weinsteiger Final Results Fitness M85,221
1578 Sonia Garcia CrossFit Oahu F3385,195
1579 David Kramer Call911 M4385,156
1580 LaDonna Sullivan CrossFit SoMo F4485,042
1581 Ondra Stroner Lazy Team M2585,028
1582 Joseph Gescek Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team M7985,000
1583 Amy Trissler Greenville Indoor Rowing F4084,826
1584 Phil James Free Spirits M4084,513
1585 Erik Pedersen Free Spirits M4384,367
1586 Carol Cooke RowPro Online F4884,335
1587 jeff cohen Guilderland YMCA M4884,264
1588 Christopher Boire FIT@SUN-BUR M83,735
1589 Janet Lancaster St.Catharines Rowing Club F5183,653
1590 Gary Marusesak Crew Omni Fitness M83,415
1591 Laura Hess Keweenaw Fitness F2083,373
1592 Pamela Wayne Community Rowing, Inc F6283,283
1593 Ben Sorcic MediFit - Utah M83,137
1594 Else Hiemstra PRAIRIELAND STROKERS F4383,000
1595 George Bingham Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M4982,970
1596 Pierre Drouin ErgoMounties M82,800
1597 Joanne Goodwin ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly F4482,703
1598 Will Scruggs CrossFit Springfield M4082,600
1599 Ramona Jeannette Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F3982,567
1600 Gabriella Koloszyc Team Argentina F4182,351
1601 Bob Wright Fitness Plus M82,319
1602 Gene Williamson Forum Flyers M6682,271
1603 Brendan Downes Age Without Limits M4682,263
1604 Ron Moore Team NAS Pensacola M82,213
1605 Dan Burpee Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M3482,197
1606 David Heistand TIMBUK2 M5682,172
1607 Robert  Woods Age Without Limits M5982,000
1608 JIM TRACY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M82,000
1609 Phyllis Arsenault-Berry First in Fitness F5382,000
1610 Karon Baucum LUNA-TICS F5881,978
1611 Gil Broussard Ragin Cajun Rowing Club M4981,813
1612 Hein Peters Move Your Body M4081,740
1613 Mike Matsumoto Adobe Fitness Center M81,729
1614 Phil Morris The Fitness Group M81,714
1615 Carla Stein Taff Attack Racing F4981,254
1616 Richard Adams Island Rowing Club M6081,094
1617 T.R. Hernacki Island Rowing Club M4881,046
1618 Nienke van de Moosdijk Move Your Body F3781,000
1619 STEVE BASCH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M80,800
1620 Joe Jackson Wenatchee Valley YMCA M80,633
1621 chantal freeman RowPro Online F4180,480
1622 Marc Weston 50 STATES ROWING CLUB M3780,364
1623 Cindy Hance Hances Are GO! F5880,239
1624 Jason Wood Final Results Fitness M80,080
1625 William Docter Free Spirits M4080,075
1626 gillian burrell Free Spirits F7580,018
1627 John Bishop Team Kein Concept M4380,018
1628 Michelle Deveau Ottawa Rowing Club wRECkers F2980,000
1629 Mark Flicker Final Results Fitness M4380,000
1630 Anthony Parendo LUNA-TICS M6679,992
1631 Dorothy Starrett Greenville Indoor Rowing F6479,922
1632 Shaw Goodwin Taff Attack Racing M4279,383
1633 erik van den boomen Move Your Body M4579,331
1634 Kelly Berry LUNA-TICS F3579,244
1635 Sarah Jackson Free Spirits F3879,221
1636 Marc Thompson RowPro Online M4079,207
1637 Shawna Schoon Omni41 F79,127
1638 Kathryn Hewitt Free Spirits F3679,000
1639 Dan Chard No Good Bad and Ugly M2979,000
1640 Jeffrey Chiu SanDisk M78,742
1641 Bas Kolpa Move Your Body M4378,736
1642 Eva-Kristin Schuster LUNA-TICS F4278,694
1643 Rod Chinn Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M5278,611
1644 Beverly Sweigart QPRC wellness center F78,603
1645 Erica A. Hirschfield Omni41 F78,543
1646 Diane Eberhart The Wellness Center F78,457
1647 Stephanie A Brooks St.Catharines Rowing Club F5678,362
1648 Ron Powers Spa Fitness Center M5078,296
1649 Alan Strang Free Spirits M3578,277
1650 Jeff Harris RowPro Online M4278,250
1651 Paul Casimir M4078,191
1652 Debra Bernier Greenville Indoor Rowing F5478,052
1653 Janet Scarf Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F5178,047
1654 Adam Tyner Tyner & Hernandez M2578,000
1655 Sheila McCullough Greenville Indoor Rowing F4677,953
1656 Tim Filadelfi Empty the tanks M2877,793
1657 Lani Wise Greenville Indoor Rowing F5377,653
1658 Kathryn Hay CrossFit Springfield F2977,633
1659 paul van gastel Move Your Body M4877,558
1660 Dorothy Cook A. E. Riesen Fitness First F77,520
1661 Janet Dabney Milwaukee Women's Sweep Program F5477,379
1662 William Hughes Island Rowing Club M5077,337
1663 Kimberly Krahn wRECking Crew F3977,315
1664 Spencer Veit A. E. Riesen Fitness First M77,260
1665 David Buschmann TIMBUK2 M4777,173
1666 James Balsamo Warwick Crew M1777,165
1667 Rhonda Price Fit2Live F77,071
1668 Nandita Pakrasi BAH Rowers F3877,047
1669 Tracey Turner Brazil Nuts F4576,948
1670 Tim Jenvey PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M5876,832
1671 Carey Dufton ROWBICS -Long Beach F5476,809
1672 Lisa Baldez Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F4676,749
1673 Diana Verdonk Move Your Body F3276,637
1674 Ramiro Escobedo Age Without Limits M4576,625
1675 Curt Smith U.S. Navy M3776,608
1676 Jerry Reller A. E. Riesen Fitness First M76,490
1677 Sally Maggard Age Without Limits F5876,187
1678 Nancy McDevitt Island Rowing Club F4876,035
1679 Jackie Chandler Civil Nuclear Constabulary (UK) F3776,030
1680 Richard Hennessey First in Fitness M3376,000
1681 Grace Dumenil Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club F6876,000
1682 ERIC AUBIN Ottawa Rowing Club wRECkers M4376,000
1683 Garret Hirchak Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M4075,982
1684 Allison Biggar TIMBUK2 F2675,703
1685 Stacie Cotton Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F75,498
1686 WARREN BOIZOT Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M75,411
1687 Ginny Mueli Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F75,320
1688 Jack Trott Age Without Limits M4975,169
1689 Garnett Wallace Age Without Limits M6675,000
1690 Don Cummings PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M5375,000
1691 GERRY WENNBERG Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M75,000
1692 Pete Koepp Free Spirits M4375,000
1693 Roger Ochse Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team M6475,000
1694 Jeremy Larva Cincinnati Rowing - Alumni et al M3175,000
1695 Jim Beamon SAS RFC M5175,000
1696 Esther Verberne Move Your Body F3874,969
1697 Monica Hunter Greenville Indoor Rowing F5774,822
1698 Logan Haskins Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M3174,638
1699 Karen Ringel TIMBUK2 F4074,581
1700 Merete Boldt Fredensborg RC Denmark F6274,390
1701 Gerdie de Jong Move Your Body F4274,304
1702 Julie Took STLCC Rowers F74,263
1703 Anna Kate Hipp Greenville Indoor Rowing F6874,131
1704 Margaret Perrett Ann Arbor Rowing Club F4574,074
1705 Chris Hanson A. E. Riesen Fitness First M74,058
1706 Joe Gerbrick RowPro Online M5674,000
1707 Ken Stabler Guilderland YMCA M2574,000
1708 Jim McLoughlin Age Without Limits M5373,983
1709 Fred Velsor Fitness Plus M73,883
1710 Dave Carter Greenville Indoor Rowing M5973,870
1711 Michiko Nielsen Keweenaw Fitness F5673,865
1712 cal mac robbies rotten rowers M3773,681
1713 Christine Marttila Keweenaw Fitness F4073,599
1714 Lorna Wilson Final Results Fitness F73,573
1715 Will Burke CrossFit Oahu M4773,500
1716 Stephanie Yates ROWBICS -Long Beach F4173,498
1717 Chris Steele The Killer Bees M3873,446
1718 Cate LaBarre Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F5873,385
1719 Amy McMurray STLCC Rowers F73,065
1720 Tim Garlick LUNA-TICS M5173,000
1721 Stacey Ornitz Team Nereid F2772,747
1722 Andrea Lozano Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico F1572,738
1723 Chelsea Brown Greenville Indoor Rowing F2172,684
1724 Julie Parker Island Rowing Club F4772,673
1725 Marty Zanotti Crew Omni Fitness M72,656
1726 Rona Yohalem Spa Fitness Center F6672,560
1727 Diana Almazan Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness F3472,530
1728 Dennis Hultay West Side YMCA M5172,500
1729 Jon Moore Age Without Limits M6372,000
1730 David Schurig Raleigh Rowing Center M4472,000
1731 Steven Buglass RowPro Online M4471,987
1732 Ronda Eberly Greenville Indoor Rowing F4771,764
1733 Michael McGregor Greenville Indoor Rowing M5871,534
1734 Cathy Bridge Keweenaw Fitness F71,462
1735 Vaclav Brazda Age Without Limits M3971,296
1736 Tom Ferguson Civil Nuclear Constabulary (UK) M2671,091
1737 Wieny Smits Move Your Body F4371,061
1738 Louise Connell FitMix50 (Australia) F3771,050
1739 LIZA STONE Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F71,000
1740 Don Hartford Final Results Fitness M71,000
1741 Stef Knight SAKnBlack M3070,780
1742 Joost Bolten Age Without Limits F5670,618
1743 Eugene Pons Age Without Limits M5970,406
1744 Marina Guajardo Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico F2470,368
1745 R Scott Webb Keweenaw Fitness M70,291
1746 Alvine Gbur Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M70,291
1747 Kimberly Rathbun Augusta Rowing Club F2870,248
1748 brenda sirovich Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F4670,215
1749 William James RowPro Online M4670,214
1750 Dianne Roberts Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club F6170,000
1751 Scott Daniel Adobe Fitness Center M70,000
1752 Els Vermeulen yacf F4570,000
1753 Vincent Wallace Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness M3470,000
1754 Philip Hourquebie SA Rowers Unlimited M5670,000
1755 Gary Beck A. E. Riesen Fitness First M70,000
1756 Mike Mulvihill LUNA-TICS M4970,000
1757 Alison Hughes TIMBUK2 F4669,947
1758 Sylvia Speechley UK Rowers F5869,914
1759 David Lowe Greenville Indoor Rowing M6269,839
1760 Betti Weiss Manhattan Masters Rowing Club F5569,561
1761 Uschi Ganzeboom Move Your Body F5269,516
1762 Robert  Redmond Taff Attack Racing M4869,453
1763 Keller Matthews FitMix50 (Australia) M5369,106
1764 Sherry Schreck Wenatchee Valley YMCA F68,898
1765 Chris Ladewig WellZone M2668,797
1766 Courtney Forrester Community Rowing, Inc F3268,793
1767 John Redshaw VCIRC M5568,678
1768 Monty Jacobs Greenville Indoor Rowing M5568,620
1769 bert weil Age Without Limits M5968,511
1770 Maria van Oosterhout Move Your Body F5868,484
1771 Charlie Picard Age Without Limits M6368,314
1772 Janice Albion C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F68,013
1773 Heli Kuru LUNA-TICS F4468,007
1774 Richard LaFace ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M5168,000
1775 Nick Grisewood Free Spirits M5068,000
1776 Daniel Coz TIMBUK2 M5267,900
1777 Lori Radcliffe Island Rowing Club F3667,647
1778 Terry Agbo Warwick Crew M1767,615
1779 Karen Rumisek Keweenaw Fitness F4967,598
1780 Tory Gunsolley Age Without Limits M3867,560
1781 T. Preston Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F67,517
1782 Jodi Ellias Row-Lo's F4367,509
1783 Richard Wall UK Rowers M5567,407
1784 Andy Smith Brazil Nuts M2967,344
1785 John Randle Community Rowing, Inc M5267,308
1786 John Stahl Age Without Limits M7867,277
1787 Andrew Edmonds UK Rowers M5367,200
1788 Gabriel Corbellini RowPro Online M4066,996
1789 Jan Mukavetz Keweenaw Fitness F66,739
1790 Ryan Worth Big Blue International M2266,668
1791 Lena Nicolai Xiphias F4366,606
1792 Stephanie Franke Keweenaw Fitness F66,543
1793 jan gearhart Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F5766,500
1794 Susan Kunny VCIRC F5166,274
1795 Bonnie Brow Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F66,184
1796 Dorethe van Eijk Move Your Body F4166,048
1797 Aaron  the modest UK Rowers M1766,000
1798 John Hallas Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M5365,937
1799 Jill VanDerhoff Fit2Live F65,843
1800 Lisa Henderson Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F4865,841
1801 Adam Heydon Stephenson College Durham M2065,772
1802 Randy Locke Age Without Limits M6565,712
1803 Kyle Criley SanDisk M65,515
1804 Bob Seaver ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M5265,483
1805 Joel Boton Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M65,445
1806 Katlin R Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F65,413
1807 Noelene Bradley Shosholoza F3965,300
1808 Adrienne Brian ZLAC Rowing, LTD F5765,162
1809 Sam Pratt TIMBUK2 M5465,151
1810 volkert wagenaar Team Philips M4265,099
1811 Ashfaq  Ahmed The Killer Bees M4165,000
1812 Bruce Hall UK Rowers M4965,000
1813 Britt Ringel TIMBUK2 M3965,000
1814 John Latko Omni41 M65,000
1815 Marieke Malschaert Move Your Body F3464,833
1816 John Verspeek Move Your Body M4464,816
1817 Sylvia Farris Free Spirits F4164,619
1818 Steven Ha SanDisk M64,586
1819 Vasily Zakorin Age Without Limits M5164,192
1820 Dan Harrell SAS RFC M5464,000
1821 Linda Vescio Manhattan Masters Rowing Club F5863,916
1822 Ed Blank Greenville Indoor Rowing M5563,817
1823 Rob (Dextro Energy) Fritsen Move Your Body M5563,648
1824 jane leitner Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F4663,619
1825 Deb Olson Keweenaw Fitness F63,475
1826 Bruce Sharp Age Without Limits M5563,346
1827 Laura Middleton Don Rowing Club F3263,320
1828 Sharon Wege The Wellness Center F63,065
1829 Christina Williams Community Rowing, Inc F5462,952
1830 Don Krauss Team NAS Pensacola M62,788
1831 Fabrizio Giovannini Filho GSBC M1762,567
1832 Michel Graycar Age Without Limits M7162,500
1833 James Fritsch U.S. Navy M4062,461
1834 Helen Bryan First in Fitness F5462,408
1835 June Parapini Fraser Valley Rowing Club F5262,369
1836 Mary Harper LUNA-TICS F6562,351
1837 Christiane Racette-White Empty the tanks F4462,260
1838 Ann Bracken Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F4962,150
1839 Geoffrey Briggs Cambridge University Alumnae/i M4862,038
1840 Jacob Schroeder TIMBUK2 M2862,030
1841 ROBERT COOMBE Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M62,000
1842 LINDA CREAGAN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F62,000
1843 John Cotellessa Cape Cod Rowing M4761,500
1844 Jackie Garfield Milwaukee Women's Sweep Program F3061,485
1845 Barbara Heck Carnegie Lake Rowing Assoc F5061,410
1846 Marion Walker Age Without Limits F5561,400
1847 Teresa Stone Greenville Indoor Rowing F5061,369
1848 Ray Page Final Results Fitness M61,364
1849 Rosabella Orozco Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico F4161,175
1850 Karen Shusterman Community Rowing, Inc F4861,173
1851 Paul Sharp UK Rowers M4861,029
1852 Diane Schnopp ShinerBockx2 F5660,780
1853 EDIT VISKI HANKA Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F60,750
1854 Bill Rodgers USMC - Semper Row! M4760,729
1855 Karen Morgan Genesee Rowing Club F4760,643
1856 Daniel Zakzewski Warwick Crew M1660,500
1857 Niles Arner Warwick Crew M1460,500
1858 Nigel Stevenson UK Rowers M6460,475
1859 Daniel Caron Keweenaw Fitness M60,149
1860 Ted Paxton Arizona Outlaws M4360,145
1861 Tim Conlon-McCombe Bridgewaterless M3260,101
1862 Yen Chu Don Rowing Club F4260,058
1863 Nancy Krulikowski St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F60,013
1864 Doug Stewart Age Without Limits M6060,000
1865 Deborah Post YMCA Downtown Omaha F4260,000
1866 Kris Murner First in Fitness F3659,756
1867 Maura Casey Spring Smoothies F5259,748
1868 Allison Eisele Guilderland YMCA F2259,700
1869 Pamela Mitchell Amoskeag Rowing Club F5059,694
1870 Karen Martin Nashville Rowing Club F4959,676
1871 Ermina James TotalFitness4U F5059,500
1872 Mike Forder UK Rowers M5659,289
1873 Frank de Vocht Move Your Body M4959,226
1874 Robyn Churchill Community Rowing, Inc F4459,222
1875 Mark Lambert Keweenaw Fitness M59,032
1876 lori arbeitman CrossFit Springfield F3958,932
1877 jean frank moors Move Your Body M3558,879
1878 Mary Kane Milwaukee Women's Sweep Program F5458,580
1879 Kurt VanDerhoff Fit2Live M58,545
1880 Tom  Brown C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M58,543
1881 Paul Victory Free Spirits M5758,496
1882 TED STOLBERG Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M58,400
1883 Mark Baskin The Killer Bees M4958,363
1884 Hanneke Rakestraw Move Your Body F6458,253
1885 Ania Halliop Don Rowing Club F3358,210
1886 Eric Caldwell Augusta Rowing Club M4158,000
1887 Kishor Shah Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M58,000
1888 Martin Spinnler Age Without Limits M4958,000
1889 Deanna Bralten Don Rowing Club F1957,800
1890 Dawn Carey Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F4557,634
1891 Andrew Wheatley yacf M5957,416
1892 Nicola Barraclough Pikelet IRC F3657,118
1893 Kevin Bresky Keweenaw Fitness M2057,108
1894 Dan Thole LUNA-TICS M4556,945
1895 Jeffrey MacLaren SanDisk M3856,803
1896 Roger Gilmore Team NAS Pensacola M5556,750
1897 David Hawkins Stephenson College Durham M1956,655
1898 John Sedwick USMC - Semper Row! M4856,610
1899 Christine Hurni Age Without Limits F5456,494
1900 Alan Hale FitMix50 (Australia) M7256,358
1901 John Sisson Greenville Indoor Rowing M6656,248
1902 Mikkel Ellesøe Hansen Free Spirits M4556,201
1903 Mary Beth Collins Greenville Indoor Rowing F5056,192
1904 Kathleen  Dragovich ROWBICS -Long Beach F5656,192
1905 Julie Dillon TIMBUK2 F3756,191
1906 Ivan Snyder Final Results Fitness M56,000
1907 SHERRY BENSON Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F56,000
1908 Paul Keskimaki Keweenaw Fitness M56,000
1909 Ben Albright Cincinnati Rowing - Alumni et al M3456,000
1910 Luke Smith Row-Lo's M1555,979
1911 Thomas Tullia LUNA-TICS M5655,828
1912 Kevin Vachon Pulse Generators M3355,770
1913 Rhonda Jones Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F55,755
1914 ryan mellinger Island Rowing Club M1955,671
1915 Tammy Bissette Manhattan Masters Rowing Club F3355,627
1916 Linda Markin Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F5455,597
1917 Tom Jarvis Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M3455,563
1918 Suzanne Kesti Keweenaw Fitness F55,548
1919 ALICE BOSWORTH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F55,500
1920 BOB BOSWORTH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M55,500
1921 Jared Nesi Age Without Limits M5755,500
1922 massimo clagnaz Age Without Limits M3455,469
1923 Phil West Final Results Fitness M55,400
1924 Mike Smith Greenville Indoor Rowing M4755,354
1925 Dennis Thomas Spa Fitness Center M7155,339
1926 Paul Hanerfeld Age Without Limits M7155,303
1927 Maggie Wakeling Ducks and Friends Together F5555,198
1928 Alan Johnson Keweenaw Fitness M2455,189
1929 Rock Rockster C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M55,012
1930 SUSAN WITT Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F55,000
1931 Gerry Glombicki Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M55,000
1932 Krista Condell Saving Sinkers F4655,000
1933 Mike Strippy Crew Omni Fitness M55,000
1934 Rich Tasane St.Catharines Rowing Club M5355,000
1935 Peter Schneider Greenville Indoor Rowing M6754,829
1936 Tom Zadar Crew Omni Fitness M4554,817
1937 Kathy Nawrocki Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F54,810
1938 Johnny Gomez YMCA Downtown Omaha M54,693
1939 Tyrone Post MediFit - Utah M54,642
1940 Joel Simpson RowPro Online M3454,608
1941 Martha Hanusin Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F5054,510
1942 Bianca Valks - van Helmond Move Your Body F4054,368
1943 John Schmidt Tallahassee Rowing Club M5454,258
1944 Kim Blankenship Empty the tanks F4754,159
1945 Margie Davis Ducks and Friends Together F5554,136
1946 James Carrawell STLCC Rowers M54,079
1947 dennis lee New Squall Association M4654,000
1948 Rodney Hamby CrossFit SoMo M3253,929
1949 Paula Berman Arizona Outlaws F4353,854
1950 Gary Patmore Free Spirits M2453,852
1951 michael wolchko Gerrie's Fitness Center M7453,699
1952 Brad StGermain Keweenaw Fitness M5253,663
1953 Margaret Wannemacher Fitness Plus F53,569
1954 Lisa Edeker Fit2Live F53,546
1955 Kari Furey wRECking Crew F2853,435
1956 Damian Żuchowski UKS Jedynka Znin POL M1853,320
1957 Pep Nilumol CHIPS Fitness Center F53,276
1958 Rod Pollock 1000 Islands Rowing Club M5153,274
1959 Dean Asadoorian Girotti Machine M4553,245
1960 Simon Coleman Empty the tanks M4353,241
1961 Tatyana Spiers UK Rowers F4753,219
1962 Clarice Gray WellZone F5653,205
1963 Michelle Houghton Free Spirits F4453,177
1964 Adrian Ferry Free Spirits M4353,000
1965 Jack Smith Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M53,000
1966 Kathy Sutherland QPRC wellness center F52,880
1967 Brian Scott Ann Arbor Rowing Club M3452,850
1968 Bernard GUILHAUME Aviron Guyanais 973 M5152,800
1969 Mike Hauck ANCIENTS M6452,624
1970 Walt Czerwoska Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M52,583
1971 Casey O'Keefe Mendota Rowing Club M5452,543
1972 Heather Hamilton WellZone F2952,513
1973 SANDI STRUMP Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F52,500
1974 Kay Allen Tallahassee Rowing Club F6252,485
1975 Gloria Miller LUNA-TICS F5052,408
1976 Sharon Knight Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F52,284
1977 Dave Hillman Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M52,222
1978 Don Verdiani 4chewn8 en2siasm M6252,132
1979 Bob  Sharkey Keweenaw Fitness M52,101
1980 Phyllis Kwok Fernwood Sunnybank F4952,089
1981 Tim Blazer Rowing for Beer M4552,000
1982 Dick Sanders East Berlin Fitness M52,000
1983 George Roetzer PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M6152,000
1984 Kerstin Doell Age Without Limits F5551,939
1985 Mark Ragland Nashville Rowing Club M5651,852
1986 Alan Boyd UK Rowers M6351,699
1987 Demetrio Velasco Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M5251,684
1988 Alison Myall UK Rowers F3951,566
1989 Nick Verity RowPro Online M3951,561
1990 Terersa DeYoung Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F51,557
1991 Louisa Sullivan Saving Sinkers F4551,556
1992 Charles Padgett Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M51,507
1993 Gayle Sticher FitMix50 (Australia) F4551,460
1994 Ken Reardon Free Spirits M5751,430
1995 Camille Batarekh Adobe Fitness Center M51,400
1996 Peter Leis Community Rowing, Inc M4051,363
1997 Jessica Moors Move Your Body F3551,124
1998 Ralph Bakens Move Your Body M4551,053
1999 Nick Hale MaD Crossfit Wellington, NZ M2951,000
2000 ronie van den hoogenhoff Move Your Body F3950,992
2001 Esther Spiertz Move Your Body F3950,866
2002 Martin Trautschold Halifax Rowing Association M4550,837
2003 Chris Czech LUNA-TICS M2650,793
2004 Thomas Wozniak Gerrie's Fitness Center M6950,708
2005 Ulla Poulsen Fredensborg RC Denmark F5150,656
2006 Monte Dodge Wenatchee Valley YMCA M50,653
2007 Lou Helman Keweenaw Fitness F50,590
2008 Gerda Rovers Move Your Body F5650,572
2009 Lilly Jamison Crew Omni Fitness F50,380
2010 shelley todd ShinerBockx2 F5250,278
2011 Hank Ashworth Spa Fitness Center M5450,256
2012 Sandra Frayne South Niagara Rowing Club F5250,250
2013 Janet Shaw US Air Force F4750,232
2014 Ashley Jarman Free Spirits M3950,210
2015 Sally Poortenga Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F50,147
2016 Liesbeth Brandt Team Philips F4550,144
2017 Lorrie Herwaldt-Abbott Fit2Live F50,117
2018 Bharti Shah Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F50,063
2019 MIKE SHAW Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M50,000
2020 GARY BENSON Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M50,000
2021 Earl Bruder Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M4150,000
2022 Toby Goddard Spa Fitness Center M5350,000
2023 James Manazer Age Without Limits M3750,000
2024 Ed Connor Halifax Rowing Association M6850,000
2025 Michael Williams USMC - Semper Row! M4450,000
2026 Drew Lambert Free Spirits M3850,000
2027 Ansley Kellermann get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F2750,000
2028 Andy Hughes Island Rowing Club M4650,000
2029 Anne Tullar Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F6649,973
2030 Gisriel Martha The Wellness Center F49,846
2031 Sarah Rhodes Keweenaw Fitness F5249,841
2032 John Davidson Free Spirits M5549,644
2033 Darrell Loverin Adobe Fitness Center M49,542
2034 Geoff Hadgraft UK Rowers M4349,500
2035 Don Louwsma Ann Arbor Rowing Club M5749,500
2036 Kitty Rops Move Your Body F4849,493
2037 Cobie Bastiaans Move Your Body F4349,339
2038 Sam Mirabile FitMix50 (Australia) M4349,243
2039 Mia Phillips CrossFit Springfield F4449,241
2040 Alexandria Bratcher STLCC Rowers F49,052
2041 Scott Allen wRECking Crew M4449,000
2042 Terry Forte Greenville Indoor Rowing F5448,869
2043 Lauren Isbister SFU Rowing F2348,850
2044 Adele Sciessle Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F48,814
2045 Chris Gray Team Kein Concept M3948,811
2046 Angela Hinojosa WellZone F4248,809
2047 Sarah Wannemacher Fitness Plus F48,720
2048 Ann Bradford Age Without Limits F5748,687
2049 Doug Goodin Manhattan Masters Rowing Club M5048,549
2050 Marte Timmermans Move Your Body F3648,466
2051 DEBBIE LAGERBORG Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F48,453
2052 Frank Heselton Crew Omni Fitness M48,423
2053 Patrick Lacey ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M1748,226
2054 Joe Labonte Empty the tanks M5548,137
2055 David Forrestall CrossFit Birmingham M4048,086
2056 Edie Gallagher Island Rowing Club F4648,010
2057 Janet Saint Germain Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F2948,010
2058 Carol "Alice Aardvark" Lyall Cape Cod Rowing F6248,000
2059 Katherina Long ZLAC Rowing, LTD F4147,868
2060 Linda Stocker ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly F5847,825
2061 Patsy Cope Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team F6647,800
2062 Rick Lagueux FIT@SUN-BUR M47,700
2063 Tom Zalmstra RowPro Online M5147,669
2064 Kathleen Casey Spring Smoothies F5547,300
2065 Harriett Mueller 4chewn8 en2siasm F6247,300
2066 PAULA HERZMARK Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F47,300
2067 DJ Bridenbaugh Eastside Fire and Rescue M5247,211
2068 Krissy Neddo Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F3847,014
2069 Steve Ferra Free Spirits M4647,000
2070 Lisa Mitchinson Free Spirits F4046,992
2071 Joyce  Tenney Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F6246,870
2072 Kelvin Wood UK Rowers M2546,827
2073 Charles Usry Greenville Indoor Rowing M4646,691
2074 Richard Miller LUNA-TICS M6046,674
2075 Robin Schultz-Purves Ann Arbor Rowing Club F4746,614
2076 Carter Ruml Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M3246,603
2077 Wendy Kanters - Verschuuren Move Your Body F3146,529
2078 DEANNE MINNER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F46,515
2079 Emily Sarat Free Spirits F3946,447
2080 Lily de Jong Move Your Body F5546,360
2081 Dau'n Powers Spa Fitness Center F5546,348
2082 Donna Smart Ducks and Friends Together F3846,344
2083 Mo Anton Keweenaw Fitness F5246,325
2084 Hans Trautlein Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M1746,219
2085 Pat Jacobsen Old Colony YMCA F6646,100
2086 José van Brussel Move Your Body F4646,015
2087 Garrett A Handrigan Age Without Limits M5746,000
2088 Bob Potter Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M46,000
2089 Rob Johnson Grand Rapids Rowing M2745,879
2090 Lisa Russell Applejacks F5445,821
2091 David Bentsen Wenatchee Valley YMCA M45,785
2092 Sue McBride Age Without Limits F5745,754
2093 Todd Kleinfelter Final Results Fitness M45,556
2094 Michael Smith UK Rowers M4745,500
2095 Andy Mihalik Age Without Limits M5345,459
2096 Lee Powers Greenville Indoor Rowing M5845,379
2097 Rick Beyer Community Rowing, Inc M5345,378
2098 Cathy Turner Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F45,328
2099 Stacey Mandel Boulder Crossfit F3845,319
2100 John Lo RowPro Online M4345,297
2101 Tony Riddington North Staffs Rowing Club M5845,158
2102 Delwin Jacobs Greenville Indoor Rowing M2345,135
2103 Sebastian Miller Free Spirits M2645,097
2104 Brian Stiepan Keweenaw Fitness M5245,087
2105 KEITH MALETTA Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M45,000
2106 CHRISTY HORVAT Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F45,000
2107 Larry Candell Power 11 M4445,000
2108 Jim Rutherford ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M4344,865
2109 frank d petrucci Warwick Crew M4944,814
2110 Laura Dolan Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F4544,720
2111 MYRNA HAYUTIN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F44,670
2112 Susan Kowalski Keweenaw Fitness F44,632
2113 Paul Padrnos YMCA Downtown Omaha M44,614
2114 Craig Sucich HB Rowing Club M3744,539
2115 S Halma Fitness Plus F44,500
2116 Steven Weaver Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M3944,453
2117 Logovii Young Yen MediFit - Utah F44,449
2118 Ashley Wagel Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F44,400
2119 James Stewart HB Rowing Club M3744,382
2120 Eric Trottier ILSM Rowers M44,307
2121 Nan Van Fleet Final Results Fitness F44,227
2122 Marjorie Roome Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F5844,192
2123 Quinton Clemons Keweenaw Fitness M5244,062
2124 CAROL LIPPER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F44,000
2125 Lee Gartside Civil Nuclear Constabulary (UK) M3844,000
2126 Steve Burrows UK Rowers M5144,000
2127 Diane Janowiak South Bend Medical Foundation F4444,000
2128 Andrew Troyanowski Keweenaw Fitness M1843,978
2129 James Waller Keweenaw Fitness M5243,967
2130 Chris Trapp Cape Cod Rowing M2543,817
2131 Ken Ruffing Final Results Fitness M43,620
2132 William Jurgens Island Rowing Club M6443,500
2133 Jim Cobbe Tallahassee Rowing Club M6343,484
2134 Laura Caylor Greenville Indoor Rowing F5143,426
2135 Lisa Hakesley TIMBUK2 F4843,409
2136 Lindsay Ward Brazil Nuts F3043,377
2137 Andreas Boegsted-Moeller RowPro Online M3443,371
2138 Genesis Steele STLCC Rowers F43,272
2139 Greg Wood MediFit - Utah M43,263
2140 Alexandria(Sandy) Boudreau Cape Cod Rowing F5343,175
2141 Raymond Wright TIMBUK2 M4743,087
2142 Rose Ford Carnegie Lake Rowing Assoc F4443,053
2143 Susan Knezovich New Squall Association F5443,000
2144 Mark Everett Free Spirits M4943,000
2145 Ruthann Adams South Bend Medical Foundation F5442,997
2146 R Havran Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M42,953
2147 Sue Schoenfeld Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F5942,936
2148 Rowena Thibodeaux Greenville Indoor Rowing F5742,829
2149 Jessica Peters Fernwood Sunnybank F42,804
2150 Sylvia Smith Tallahassee Rowing Club F4642,670
2151 Mark Gass SAS RFC M4942,624
2152 Carl June U.S. Navy M5642,443
2153 Stephen Smith Age Without Limits M6242,425
2154 Jeanne Oldford St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F42,301
2155 LISA SCHWINGHAMMER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F42,300
2156 Alan Stanier Age Without Limits M5942,299
2157 Jeff roy e matt Wood stanfield dozen healey Crew Omni Fitness M42,225
2158 Jan Hughes Greenville Indoor Rowing F5042,211
2159 Bernadette Ritzel Island Rowing Club F3742,210
2160 Suzanne Hudson Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F4642,100
2161 Scott Benzie RowPro Online M3442,022
2162 Ernest Bureau Age Without Limits M6442,000
2163 April Pennington The Wellness Center F41,775
2164 Pat Hatfield Whitlock Recreation F6741,735
2165 Elyse Wilson CrossFit Springfield F2941,612
2166 Ron Brow Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M41,574
2167 Yvonne van Dorp Move Your Body F5741,504
2168 Tracy Promersberger Team NAS Pensacola F41,488
2169 JohnPatrick De Leeuw Move Your Body M4141,455
2170 Ralph R Tyner Tyner & Hernandez M5441,419
2171 Shawn Eisenzimmer MediFit - Utah M41,367
2172 Irene Lecki Final Results Fitness F41,164
2173 Esther van den Brandt Move Your Body F4341,147
2174 Melissa Long Team NAS Pensacola F41,142
2175 bert keel Age Without Limits M8041,000
2176 DALE CAMPBELL Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F41,000
2177 Kelsey Roytio Keweenaw Fitness F2340,959
2178 Jaroslav Sladek Lazy Team M3240,918
2179 Irene Leeson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F40,725
2180 Joan Travis 1000 Islands Rowing Club F5340,721
2181 Emma Keown Age Without Limits F4940,700
2182 Victor Zavada Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team M6640,700
2183 Tim Brook Adobe Fitness Center M40,700
2184 Diana Orquiola University of Georgia F2040,683
2185 Peggy Knight Fit2Live F40,668
2186 Maria Moreno Omni41 F40,603
2187 Brenda Petri Final Results Fitness F40,581
2188 FRITZ RUNGE Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M40,570
2189 Robin Bradley SAS RFC F5240,500
2190 Jennifer Abbott Age Without Limits F5540,370
2191 Judy Markert Final Results Fitness F40,315
2192 Dennexx McClendon Team NAS Pensacola F40,287
2193 Jason Hvizdak USMC - Semper Row! M2840,236
2194 Amy Loukus Keweenaw Fitness F40,188
2195 Hans Hogan Manhattan Masters Rowing Club M3440,145
2196 Kenton Fong Age Without Limits M4940,122
2197 Nancy Morton wRECking Crew F5040,092
2198 Gurpreet Singh Dhillon Don Rowing Club M3040,033
2199 Gail  Whitelaw LUNA-TICS F5140,000
2200 Pete Puotinen Keweenaw Fitness M40,000
2201 JONATHAN KELBY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M40,000
2202 Paul Halonen Keweenaw Fitness M40,000
2203 Mark Marshall UK Rowers M4239,932
2204 Lars Sjoberg Postrodden Rote 87 Rowing Club M5839,894
2205 Marieke van lierop Move Your Body F2739,892
2206 Susan Johnson Greenville Indoor Rowing F3939,842
2207 Duncan Cameron Don Rowing Club M4939,842
2208 Karen Bearor Tallahassee Rowing Club F5939,602
2209 Ken  Hoffert C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M39,453
2210 raimondo de groot Move Your Body M39,369
2211 Jim Rindos Age Without Limits M5139,350
2212 Robert Kamper UK Rowers M5239,321
2213 Megan Powers Metuchen Edison YMCA F4439,310
2214 Terry Mahoney Free Spirits M5039,296
2215 Tom Weatherby Sammamish Rowing Association M6639,141
2216 Richard Smyers Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M39,140
2217 Robert Mancuso Greenville Indoor Rowing M5439,116
2218 Alison Parker Free Spirits F4639,097
2219 Amanda Jacobs Greenville Indoor Rowing F5039,038
2220 Dianne Jiao FIT@SUN-BUR F39,000
2221 jack davis Tallahassee Rowing Club M5838,990
2222 Steve Woodward Age Without Limits M4438,870
2223 Judy Sambrailo Spa Fitness Center F5138,842
2224 Elizabeth Bernal Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F2138,797
2225 Dan Gorrell Age Without Limits M5838,686
2226 Toby Smith UK Rowers M4538,660
2227 Frederick Hall The Wellness Center M38,585
2228 Victor Gilbert Age Without Limits M7238,530
2229 Sharon Eagleburger CrossFit Springfield F3538,332
2230 Jim Messmer Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M38,317
2231 John Gardner BHFC Rowers M5038,199
2232 Mike White Rowed to nowhere M3438,195
2233 Donna Hurley Crew Omni Fitness F7738,178
2234 Vadim Noskov CrossFit Long Island City M3838,122
2235 Wyatt Frauenholtz Fit2Live F38,093
2236 Fred Gaff Keweenaw Fitness M38,045
2237 Gloria Gesimondo Greenville Indoor Rowing F5938,029
2238 Adam morris CrossFit Springfield M3338,000
2239 John Koepl Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M37,905
2240 Barry Parrott Age Without Limits M6737,902
2241 Christi Hess CrossFit Long Island City F2637,878
2242 Rachael Morris The Fitness Group F3837,800
2243 Jeanette Kangas Keweenaw Fitness F37,721
2244 John Morris Caldwell Fitness Plus M37,439
2245 Karen Gee Age Without Limits F5837,383
2246 Carol Usher wRECking Crew F6337,381
2247 Lindsey Spaude Keweenaw Fitness F5237,312
2248 Wayne Bradley Shosholoza M4237,300
2249 Dave Anderson MediFit - Utah M37,275
2250 Michael Bove PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M5637,196
2251 Leila Guelzo QPRC wellness center F37,126
2252 Tim Greaves Forum Flyers M2937,056
2253 Nancy O'Donoghue Greenville Indoor Rowing F5837,045
2254 Francesca Hempstead Free Spirits F5037,000
2255 Jeff Seifert East Berlin Fitness M37,000
2256 Bill Finch Age Without Limits M6337,000
2257 Nick Vlasich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M36,949
2258 Dianne Buschmann TIMBUK2 F5536,908
2259 Dan  Frost The Fitness Group M5436,875
2260 Claudia Smeenk Move Your Body F5236,829
2261 Marilyn Marshall D&M Fitness F4936,808
2262 Kent Dietrich Wenatchee Valley YMCA M36,724
2263 Harry Schlange Girotti Machine M36,700
2264 Billy Fritzsche Crew Omni Fitness M36,482
2265 Frans Raijmakers Move Your Body M4936,446
2266 Bill Haverfield C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M36,393
2267 Steve Strains Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M36,340
2268 Mike Winegarden ILSM Rowers M4436,327
2269 Olivia Bosies Amoskeag Rowing Club F2036,269
2270 James Sietsma Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M36,243
2271 Paula Brophy Final Results Fitness F36,158
2272 Dick Geisler Final Results Fitness M36,095
2273 Mike Shur CrossFit Long Island City M2736,072
2274 Benson Fechter M836,067
2275 Kevin Scott Free Spirits M4836,038
2276 Jeff Domedion Genesee Rowing Club M2735,800
2277 Brand Ahn RowPro Online M3835,743
2278 Karen Walter Old Colony YMCA F3135,696
2279 Lara Cobia MediFit - Utah F35,675
2280 Ian Mew UK Rowers M3635,674
2281 Mike Lawrenson Free Spirits M4835,667
2282 Inger Eakin Pulse Generators F35,666
2283 joao monteiro Core Dynamics Team M4235,633
2284 Alexandra Tye Rowed to nowhere F3435,576
2285 Ann West Keweenaw Fitness F35,550
2286 Judy Flach Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F35,440
2287 John Cleland Stephenson College Durham M1935,404
2288 Pablo Elías Row & Fitness, Monterrey, Mexico M2235,348
2289 Caroline Selwood UK Rowers F2435,300
2290 Robert Vanderturk Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M35,275
2291 David Yates Age Without Limits M4335,133
2292 Chris Lane Greenville Indoor Rowing M7135,093
2293 John Pastore Keweenaw Fitness M35,065
2294 Andrea Cosmin LUNA-TICS F5235,049
2295 Ian Merrington Free Spirits M4035,048
2296 Steve Motzny Age Without Limits M5435,000
2297 JOAN BRENNAN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F35,000
2298 George Eakin Keweenaw Fitness M34,846
2299 Aivar Vaus Age Without Limits M4634,697
2300 Mary Lynn Wilson VCIRC F5934,603
2301 Kendyl Urgo Greenville Indoor Rowing F4334,551
2302 Deborah George First in Fitness F5734,519
2303 CATE LONGSWORTH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F34,500
2304 rachel nescio Island Rowing Club F4634,487
2305 DON SULLIVAN Nashville Rowing Club M5434,472
2306 Sebastian DiStefano St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M34,345
2307 Maureen Miller Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F34,331
2308 Eustace Garnier UK Rowers M5234,317
2309 John Leeson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M34,304
2310 Jenny Mhire CrossFit Springfield F2934,300
2311 libia chandler CrossFit Springfield F3234,277
2312 Anndy Dannenberg Community Rowing, Inc F5434,194
2313 Jenny oltmann Eastside Fire and Rescue F4534,110
2314 Vivian Hill C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F34,006
2315 Abby Mclennan Babe Rowing Club F2534,000
2316 John Cocca CrossFit Long Island City M2833,994
2317 John Reeves Free Spirits M6733,984
2318 Mark Ozanich Keweenaw Fitness M33,905
2319 Kyle Blazier Final Results Fitness M33,806
2320 Tristan B TIMBUK2 M1133,795
2321 Achala Kamath SAS RFC F3133,634
2322 Matt Martin Keweenaw Fitness M5233,615
2323 Graham G Matthews UK Rowers M4933,607
2324 Mike Tomasi Keweenaw Fitness M33,436
2325 David Teichholtz Community Rowing, Inc M5633,404
2326 William Reidy CrossFit Long Island City M3133,371
2327 Lou Torres Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M33,293
2328 Vicki Helms Team NAS Pensacola F33,145
2329 Graham Dover Free Spirits M3933,134
2330 Yvonne Daniels Move Your Body F3933,062
2331 Chris Stewart SFU Rowing M2133,000
2332 Nancy Hague Final Results Fitness F33,000
2333 Gerry Haazen Move Your Body M4732,967
2334 David Lane Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M3832,897
2335 Marijke v.d.Heijden Move Your Body F5632,709
2336 Joe Hainey Jr RowPro Online M4932,669
2337 Gerry Kanters Move Your Body F4232,632
2338 Noelle Boyle LUNA-TICS F4332,605
2339 Phillip Gold Greenville Indoor Rowing M4332,546
2340 VICTOR DOMINQUEZ Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M32,500
2341 Hanneke Eijsbouts Move Your Body F4632,467
2342 Ross Karnbach Final Results Fitness M32,442
2343 Tony Joern Manhattan Masters Rowing Club M6132,409
2344 Patricia Wright D&M Fitness F4832,396
2345 Keith Sayles STLCC Rowers M32,299
2346 Kate McPhillips Empty the tanks F3032,081
2347 Sarah Z Empty the tanks F3332,037
2348 Steve Baker Age Without Limits M4632,012
2349 Robert Hess LUNA-TICS M4832,000
2350 Gustavo Grodnitzky Age Without Limits M4232,000
2351 Michael Murray National Institute for Fitness and Sports M6232,000
2352 Patrick Kelly Island Rowing Club M1932,000
2353 Neil Turner Free Spirits M3931,924
2354 Tom Begley Free Spirits M5031,796
2355 Pete Hernandez Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M31,759
2356 LES SPARKS Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M31,500
2357 Tim Jannik Augusta Rowing Club M5431,500
2358 Amy Mackenzie MaD Crossfit Wellington, NZ F2631,500
2359 Michael Pinder Empty the tanks M3931,498
2360 Luca Monteriso Age Without Limits M3531,498
2361 Zach Clarkson Team NAS Pensacola M2431,490
2362 Douglas Doza Crew Omni Fitness M5431,454
2363 Doug Meiser Firefighter Row M4531,447
2364 Sandra Saunders Free Spirits F4331,373
2365 Connie Rasberry Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F31,334
2366 Michael Turn C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M31,317
2367 Elles Santegoeds Move Your Body F3531,253
2368 Daniel Zachareas Whitlock Recreation M2731,203
2369 Emma Pettitt Free Spirits F3731,166
2370 Linda Monroe Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F31,156
2371 PEGGY WARNER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F31,128
2372 Eulila Moore Team VF F4431,124
2373 Hein Mennen Move Your Body M4131,083
2374 Nancy Jo Russell C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F31,062
2375 Drew Barnes Island Rowing Club M3331,047
2376 Jacqueline Wunderly BHFC Rowers F5331,018
2377 Victoria Travisano Rudern, Veslovani, Remo & More Rowing F5331,000
2378 Shiwang Agarwal Keweenaw Fitness F5230,987
2379 George Bucher C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M30,984
2380 Tania Cunningham Ducks and Friends Together F4330,968
2381 Michele Hartigan Free Spirits F5330,965
2382 Jim Cardosa SanDisk M30,927
2383 Genevieve Vigil ROWBICS -Long Beach F5830,780
2384 Mabel Lee SanDisk F30,685
2385 Carlo Bernards Move Your Body M3630,641
2386 Jody Karppinen Keweenaw Fitness F30,634
2387 Ken Koval Carpe Remex M5330,594
2388 Sharon Sterling Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F30,555
2389 Kristopher Matson STLCC Rowers M30,541
2390 Teresa Robertson LUNA-TICS F5330,540
2391 Kim Janney Omni41 F30,530
2392 David Lobron Community Rowing, Inc M3730,508
2393 Emily Rousseau SFU Rowing F2130,500
2394 Tom  Warren Old Colony YMCA M4930,500
2395 Andrea Carr-Evans The Fitness Group F4930,500
2396 Ted Lawson Team NAS Pensacola M6530,398
2397 K. E. Gooch Age Without Limits M5830,387
2398 Steve Rowe Keweenaw Fitness M30,361
2399 Alison Schriver East Berlin Fitness F3430,329
2400 Gary Kemppainen Keweenaw Fitness M30,328
2401 Dana DeJarnett The Wellness Center F30,271
2402 Dave Hall TIMBUK2 M4730,211
2403 Heidi Vitso Keweenaw Fitness F30,139
2404 Laura Civiletti Genesee Rowing Club F4630,100
2405 Jason Bellipanni Amoskeag Rowing Club M3830,000
2406 sara pigott RowPro Online F4430,000
2407 John Towers Pulse Generators M30,000
2408 Sebastian Martinez ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M3630,000
2409 Jeff Davis MediFit - Utah M30,000
2410 David Squires MediFit - Utah M30,000
2411 CHUCK FROELICHER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M30,000
2412 Ott Phister Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F30,000
2413 Nick Ritter Forum Flyers M1730,000
2414 Jolanda Verberne Move Your Body F4129,895
2415 Joni Porthouse St.Catharines Rowing Club F5329,868
2416 brian carisch get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M3329,763
2417 Clive Gobbett Greenville Indoor Rowing M7429,735
2418 Stewart Bags Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M29,633
2419 Bill Lamon LUNA-TICS M5729,617
2420 Edward Principe Island Rowing Club M4429,583
2421 Jane Morse Community Rowing, Inc F6729,562
2422 MICHELE THOMPSON Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F29,500
2423 LINDEN SILVER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M29,500
2424 DANA WELCH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F29,500
2425 Currency Kerndt VCIRC F7029,440
2426 Gary D Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) M29,434
2427 Jennifer Shulman Genesee Rowing Club F3629,422
2428 Terry Feustel Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M29,393
2429 James Shibley CHIPS Fitness Center M29,247
2430 BETH STRONG Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F29,139
2431 LOUIS LAZO Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M29,000
2432 Mimi Bailey Greenville Indoor Rowing F4628,887
2433 Jill Warner Applejacks F5628,698
2434 Jerry Hoffman Ann Arbor Rowing Club M5928,680
2435 Nicole Fess CrossFit Springfield F3728,537
2436 Ron Czapla Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M28,509
2437 Amelia Vogler SAS RFC F2928,500
2438 Ray Notarian Crew Omni Fitness M28,445
2439 Chris Leece FIT@SUN-BUR M28,400
2440 Herb Tarbous Age Without Limits M5228,361
2441 Paul "TRY AND BEAT ME!" Mellinger Island Rowing Club M4428,300
2442 LYLE WOOD Age Without Limits M6228,255
2443 Tara Schoepske Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F28,148
2444 Ron Wienke The Wellness Center M28,075
2445 Andrew Bortnyk CrossFit Long Island City M3028,035
2446 Brian Hirt PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M3828,023
2447 Brian White The Wellness Center M28,000
2448 Dolly Chin The Killer Bees F6027,983
2449 Kim Vogels Move Your Body F3727,969
2450 Charles Hill C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M27,843
2451 Angie Pyle Ann Arbor Rowing Club F4227,778
2452 Craig Franco CrossFit Long Island City M3427,715
2453 Sandy Martinez WellZone F4827,683
2454 Sue Brown Manhattan Masters Rowing Club F5327,679
2455 Clare Dillon-Palma Greenville Indoor Rowing F5327,588
2456 Carol Hoogland STLCC Rowers F6227,567
2457 Albert Leavengood get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M3427,563
2458 Mike Capo West Side YMCA M4127,530
2459 Jude Jackson Empty the tanks M2927,509
2460 Ed Monnerat St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M27,484
2461 Micheal Conboy Empty the tanks M4427,473
2462 Alexandra Harris Harris Family F4027,435
2463 Beth Ann Barto Crew Omni Fitness F5027,400
2464 Tom Sturos Keweenaw Fitness M27,300
2465 Scott Silva USMC - Semper Row! M3127,257
2466 Katie Sponzilli PUC Rowers F3127,232
2467 Donna Martin Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F5127,212
2468 Geoffrey Sonntag Free Spirits M3627,209
2469 Gloria Rudzinski Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F27,065
2470 Tim Symington Free Spirits M3227,025
2471 Malou van Tilburg Move Your Body F4127,024
2472 Jorge Pena Greenville Indoor Rowing M5127,003
2473 Mark Rice Island Rowing Club M5127,000
2474 Duncan Murray Empty the tanks M4227,000
2475 Brenda Woo SanDisk F26,947
2476 Diane Deverey Milwaukee Women's Sweep Program F4026,822
2477 Emmett Neary C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M26,732
2478 Thomas Mikolajewski St.Catharines Rowing Club M1526,724
2479 Lyndsay Wixom MediFit - Utah F26,687
2480 Nicole van de Valk Move Your Body F4626,604
2481 Bob Jadgchew Crew Omni Fitness M26,573
2482 Dalton B TIMBUK2 M726,557
2483 Max Goldschmidt Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M26,530
2484 Mary van Beuren Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F5226,511
2485 Bert Bogers Team Philips M4726,500
2486 Ann Helminen Keweenaw Fitness F26,445
2487 Adinda de Boer Free Spirits F5026,441
2488 Bianca van Bommel Move Your Body F4226,371
2489 Ann Davis Team NAS Pensacola F26,228
2490 martin linskens Move Your Body M5326,194
2491 eva campbell Island Rowing Club F1826,186
2492 Ted Kunda Final Results Fitness M26,140
2493 Denise Clark St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F26,131
2494 Michelle Curtis Ducks and Friends Together F3426,129
2495 Pauline Wong SanDisk F26,093
2496 Chelsea Sheets QPRC wellness center F26,056
2497 David Ruml Upper Valley Rowing Foundation M6026,045
2498 Zac Johnson Keweenaw Fitness M26,029
2500 GRANT MARES Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M26,000
2501 Clare Mitchell Dawgs Out of Water F5226,000
2502 James Cafferkey Free Spirits M2926,000
2503 Richard Gatward Empty the tanks M4426,000
2504 Michael Mendes Don Rowing Club M5726,000
2505 Patricia Eichenlaub Keweenaw Fitness F7025,859
2506 Ky Melhado The Fitness Group F6225,800
2507 Kyle Fisher Pulse Generators M25,800
2508 Herman Richard Final Results Fitness M25,795
2509 Raymond Firth Community Rowing, Inc M5925,783
2510 Dena Hirchak Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F4125,751
2511 Dick Schneider C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M25,719
2512 Liz Hrdlicka Pulse Generators F25,687
2513 John McCauley QPRC wellness center M25,663
2514 Karen Schneider Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F25,555
2515 Vannette Major Crew Omni Fitness F5025,524
2516 Jon Caldwell Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness M2625,500
2517 TED LICHTMAMM Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M25,500
2518 Robert Besta YMCA Downtown Omaha M25,438
2519 Cecile Snijders Move Your Body F3425,403
2520 Christine Glover Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F5125,332
2521 Christian Poppeliers Augusta Rowing Club M4125,300
2522 Tom Scarf Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M5425,237
2523 Mark Elias Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M25,201
2524 Kate Cody Warwick Crew F4725,166
2525 Dolly Jones Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F25,165
2526 Nigel Woodward UK Rowers M5125,134
2527 Peter Rowe Keweenaw Fitness M25,100
2528 Willeke Bennenbroek Move Your Body F3725,078
2529 Chuck Keslin Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M25,055
2530 Dave Bender St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M25,032
2531 Juan Carlos Mora Babe Rowing Club M2825,015
2532 Chris Smith yacf M5025,000
2533 Elvia Fuentes PUC Rowers F11025,000
2534 Richard Surcouf UK Rowers M3725,000
2535 Wayne Blaine Empty the tanks M5925,000
2536 Michael Frosh CrossFit St. Louis M2325,000
2537 Rebecca Grayck First in Fitness F4625,000
2538 Tamara Hils Age Without Limits F4525,000
2539 MICKEY GART Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M25,000
2540 JULI LAPIN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F25,000
2541 folkert gehem Move Your Body M5924,928
2542 Ton Leenknegt RowPro Online M4824,910
2543 Julian Santegoeds Move Your Body M4024,903
2544 Erin Anderson CrossFit SoMo F3224,896
2545 Stephanie Rowe Keweenaw Fitness F24,612
2546 Henry Seniura Massassauga Rattlers M5924,593
2547 Linda Doza Crew Omni Fitness F5024,485
2548 Eric Postel Mendota Rowing Club M5424,410
2549 Jodi Allardice Core Dynamics Team F24,378
2550 Jeff Jachim Grand Rapids Rowing M4924,250
2551 Carl Wolak Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M24,230
2552 Betty Abalman Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F24,121
2553 Jude Krowley Spa Fitness Center F5724,106
2554 Susan Brown C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F24,036
2555 Ed Handzel Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M24,033
2556 Stephen Monnerat St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M24,014
2557 Daniel Bledsoe MediFit - Utah M24,003
2558 Jennifer Michaud-Finch Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) F3424,000
2559 Bram Jagt Age Without Limits M5124,000
2560 BOBBY BALL Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M24,000
2561 Jane Sicilia Final Results Fitness F24,000
2562 Mike Krofcheck ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M2923,884
2563 jet linskens Move Your Body F4923,821
2564 Jay Nagaraja RowPro Online M3823,732
2565 Kristin Moodie Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F2923,675
2566 Charles Hansen Team NAS Pensacola M23,673
2567 Walter Langer Team NAS Pensacola M23,650
2568 Hans Mueller 4chewn8 en2siasm M7123,620
2569 Scott Corriere Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M23,610
2570 Ralph Cugowski Team NAS Pensacola M23,543
2571 Judy Heine-Schreiber Team Kein Concept F4023,505
2572 Neil Pendleton FIT@SUN-BUR M23,493
2573 Nancy Stone Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F23,485
2574 Laura Thomas STLCC Rowers F23,326
2575 TP Plimpton Halifax Rowing Association M8223,312
2576 Laura Gamble The Killer Bees F4723,275
2577 Herm Blancaflor M3523,150
2578 Daniel  Dryden Free Spirits M4023,072
2579 Franklin Townsend DREAM Team M4023,029
2580 David Borowski Crew Omni Fitness M2723,014
2581 Donna Navarro Greenville Indoor Rowing F4622,975
2582 Theresa Pleshe Keweenaw Fitness F22,926
2583 Logan Thompson MediFit - Utah M22,883
2584 Kristen Lepage Community Rowing, Inc F3722,810
2585 Pete Tocci Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M22,810
2586 lewis balest WellZone M22,796
2587 Keith Meltzer Warwick Crew M5022,750
2588 John Pacurar Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M22,651
2589 Courtland Driggs Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M22,608
2590 Clarence VanWolde Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M22,570
2591 Chuck Lavoie Team NAS Pensacola M22,549
2592 Rolf Linder Cincinnati Rowing - Alumni et al M3122,500
2593 Andrew Beet Free Spirits M3622,420
2594 A.O. Freddie Azarcon Team NAS Pensacola M22,367
2595 Julia Miller CrossFit Springfield F2822,365
2596 JoAnn Prasauckas St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F22,354
2597 Lottie Schuster Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F22,310
2598 Milt Stringer C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M6122,246
2599 Henriette Pieters Move Your Body F5122,220
2600 Agne Pakalniskyte The Killer Bees F1822,198
2601 Sandy Reppan Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F22,124
2602 Michael Psarouthakis Ann Arbor Rowing Club M4922,124
2603 Janet Dodge Final Results Fitness F22,100
2604 Brad Danielson Pulse Generators M22,100
2605 JoAnne Dissinger QPRC wellness center F22,089
2606 Bob Baronner The Wellness Center M22,000
2607 Jon A. Jensen Age Without Limits M5722,000
2608 Patricia Burton Keweenaw Fitness F21,952
2609 Mary Ann McDevitt Island Rowing Club F5321,942
2610 Gerda Vereyken Move Your Body F6621,874
2611 antoon joosten Move Your Body M6321,722
2612 Sue Keskimaki Keweenaw Fitness F21,621
2613 Paul Kelly St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M5221,468
2614 Mary Koenig Warwick Crew F4521,468
2615 Mike Grasson Crew Omni Fitness M3521,444
2616 Lisa lubrano Core Dynamics Team F21,444
2617 Arlene Neuman Keweenaw Fitness F21,417
2618 Holly Baker Raleigh Rowing Center F4121,350
2619 Steven Krause Age Without Limits M5421,329
2620 Mariama Ceesay Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F21,300
2621 Sjellie Swinkels Move Your Body F2921,177
2622 Mich Akamatsu SanDisk F21,159
2623 William Summers C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M21,134
2624 Steven Wlazlo Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M21,125
2625 Paul Satterwhite CrossFit Springfield M3521,100
2626 Patricia Patterson Adobe Fitness Center F21,100
2627 Julian Lacey SanDisk M21,055
2628 Anne Nelson LUNA-TICS F5621,000
2629 Sebastian Belfanti Warwick Crew M1621,000
2630 Simon Proven yacf M3821,000
2631 ian hawkins Team Nereid M4920,965
2632 Cindy Bolger Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F20,959
2633 Nora Gillooly Team VF F4020,915
2634 Rick Zhang Pulse Generators M20,910
2635 Judy Geller Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F20,902
2636 Eric Jamieson UK Rowers M5920,835
2637 Cari Roth Tallahassee Rowing Club F5220,818
2638 Doug Ornas Crew Omni Fitness M20,752
2639 Kwang-Ho Kim SanDisk M20,719
2640 Kaye Bertagnolli MediFit - Utah F20,677
2641 Phil Barber UK Rowers M4320,649
2642 Betty Toutant Keweenaw Fitness F20,634
2643 Nell Herndon SanDisk F20,620
2644 Jennifer Saner CrossFit Birmingham F3420,561
2645 Micha B RowPro Online M3820,542
2646 Jason Rios WellZone M3820,525
2647 Douglas Wunderly BHFC Rowers M5320,500
2648 Marcia Leonard Ann Arbor Rowing Club F5620,500
2649 Alfred Zorgdrager Age Without Limits M5020,500
2650 Karim Hwaidak RowPro Online M2520,498
2651 Ian Howse Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team M3220,488
2652 Richard Wesells Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M20,471
2653 Linda Yates Cameron Don Rowing Club F5120,404
2654 Emily Fountaine Keweenaw Fitness F20,390
2655 Carolyn Duffy Fernwood Sunnybank F20,347
2656 Dawn Lynch The Wellness Center F20,325
2657 Susan Sheeks Greenville Indoor Rowing F4220,280
2658 Sadie Peachey Final Results Fitness F20,259
2659 Patti Jeanne Barry Community Rowing, Inc F4420,243
2660 Wil van de Waarsenburg Move Your Body F4220,228
2661 Stephen Newman LUNA-TICS M5220,199
2662 Dave MacLean Diamond Dogs M4720,189
2663 Matt Walentuk 1000 Islands Rowing Club M2520,099
2664 Carol Milton TIMBUK2 F4020,091
2665 Elke Langer Team NAS Pensacola F20,069
2666 Emma F Keweenaw Fitness F1220,055
2667 Michael Harvey SAS RFC M5320,025
2668 Chet Wilk Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M20,018
2669 Katrina Burns Scoggins Keweenaw Fitness F3920,000
2670 RICK SCHRAEDER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M20,000
2671 David Hunter LUNA-TICS M5020,000
2672 John Dunlop LUNA-TICS M5120,000
2673 Amal Mitra Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center M4820,000
2674 Diane Harris Stockton Rowing Club F6220,000
2675 Sam de Kooker UK Rowers M2620,000
2676 David Bennett Free Spirits M4819,997
2677 Tom Weldon 1000 Islands Rowing Club M4619,959
2678 James McDonald Massassauga Rattlers M5719,925
2679 Linda Raycroft Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F19,918
2680 Ann Tiemans Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F19,870
2681 Chris Maimone University of Mars M4319,829
2682 Ron Moro East Berlin Fitness M3619,756
2683 Gail Brayden Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club F5919,628
2684 Gerry Keane Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M4019,627
2685 Debbie Sholofsky Final Results Fitness F19,600
2686 KELSEY KAY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F19,500
2687 Bob Hesek Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M19,498
2688 Jim Oman Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M19,491
2689 Greg Roberts Empty the tanks M2619,488
2690 LAUREN BUTCHER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F19,459
2691 Joe Portman Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M19,429
2692 Tom Griffis Team NAS Pensacola F19,372
2693 Helen Warner St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F19,345
2694 Andrea Caron St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F19,327
2695 Persephone Wynn UK Rowers F5419,302
2696 MARGARET ROATH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F19,285
2697 Hayne Hipp Greenville Indoor Rowing M7019,245
2698 Libby Jones Age Without Limits F4819,202
2699 samon nowparvar Row-Lo's M1919,144
2700 Karen Hawes Manhattan Masters Rowing Club F5019,134
2701 Ginny Swift Crew Omni Fitness F19,063
2702 Mansoor Ahmed SanDisk M19,045
2703 Tracy Boone Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness F3919,030
2704 Jack Taylor Final Results Fitness M19,025
2705 Erin McKenna Community Rowing, Inc F3519,014
2706 Andrew Crystal Forum Flyers M3119,002
2707 Stacey Christian SAS RFC F4319,000
2708 Mike Schaffinger Fit2Live M19,000
2709 Carris Esquivel Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F2818,997
2710 Marie-Sophie  Desaulniers Ottawa Rowing Club wRECkers F3118,994
2711 John Valk C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M18,860
2712 Mark Law Fit2Live M18,756
2713 Ankie Wijnen Move Your Body F4118,737
2714 Jennie Davidson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F18,718
2715 Jen McDevitt Island Rowing Club F2318,700
2716 Colin Jones Age Without Limits M6318,690
2717 Rhonda Stallman Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F18,650
2718 Sandy Batzel Final Results Fitness F18,624
2719 Adam Cook RowPro Online M3418,607
2720 John Boomhover Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M3918,606
2721 Joann Wolfe Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F18,600
2722 Emily Doehring Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F18,573
2723 Greg Childs LUNA-TICS M5518,532
2724 Jennie Johnson Greenville Indoor Rowing F6218,509
2725 ALEX NAPHEYS Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M18,500
2726 Drew Palmer Greenville Indoor Rowing M2118,485
2727 Dan Smith UK Rowers M3918,468
2728 Rob Mildish Island Rowing Club M4418,414
2729 J.R. ROMERO Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M18,300
2730 DuWayne Davidson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M18,269
2731 Brenda Milne MediFit - Utah F18,252
2732 matt quigley CrossFit Long Island City M4518,227
2733 Kathleen Adams C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F18,224
2734 susan van bussel Move Your Body F3218,219
2735 Phillip Mayr Final Results Fitness M18,209
2736 Michelle Miranto Final Results Fitness F18,190
2737 Alvaro Pena CrossFit Long Island City M4618,161
2738 Ingrid vd Werff Move Your Body F5118,152
2739 Jim Kelly Island Rowing Club M5218,152
2740 Martha Brooks Final Results Fitness F18,125
2741 Arnold Schweren Move Your Body M5118,096
2742 Terri Rodrigues Adobe Fitness Center F18,056
2743 Gerald Tiemens Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M18,049
2744 John Byrne Forum Flyers M3918,000
2745 Richard Elston Free Spirits M3618,000
2746 Ed Sopko Crew Omni Fitness M18,000
2747 Ashlee S TIMBUK2 F517,924
2748 Brian Norton ILSM Rowers M17,915
2749 Jason Boyer Adobe Fitness Center M17,825
2750 Christopher Baldwin BHFC Rowers M2717,815
2751 Pat Theisen Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F17,760
2752 Petra Renders Move Your Body F5017,700
2753 Bob Hilbert Final Results Fitness M17,668
2754 Lynne Grubble Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F17,639
2755 Susan Hudson Keweenaw Fitness F6017,591
2756 Janet Varanelli St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F17,582
2757 Milo Popp Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M17,552
2758 Lauren Wilson C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F17,527
2759 Jamie Robson Free Spirits M6017,520
2760 Sergio Vojvodic CrossFit Long Island City M2917,518
2761 Steve Aho Keweenaw Fitness M17,506
2762 JIM LAPIN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M17,500
2763 Ted Suchecki Age Without Limits M5217,500
2764 Kimberly McGillivray SFU Rowing F2117,500
2765 Patty Summers QPRC wellness center F17,360
2766 Dick Petit St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M17,302
2767 Chase Devey MediFit - Utah M17,298
2768 Darin Goke Keweenaw Fitness M17,275
2769 Jack Gilmour Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M17,246
2770 Carole Canavan Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F17,200
2771 Joan McVey STLCC Rowers F17,185
2772 Dick Prince Keweenaw Fitness M17,009
2773 CHRIS JOHNSON Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M17,000
2774 Carol Hanson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F17,000
2775 John Mogle Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M16,972
2776 Austin H Keweenaw Fitness M1216,971
2777 Kevin Kraft Final Results Fitness M16,957
2778 Shane Crew Fit2Live M16,900
2779 Jodie Petersen Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F16,892
2780 Jodi Theobald Fit2Live F16,868
2781 Julie Collins Tallahassee Rowing Club F4616,836
2782 Khoo Kah Beng University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Rowing Team M2216,806
2783 Sheila DeGuzman Team NAS Pensacola F16,787
2784 Gonny van Tussenbroek Move Your Body F4716,728
2785 Justin Roy Bobpitch Rowing Club M3316,700
2786 Mary Hardwick Forum Flyers F5016,691
2787 Bev Bresette Greenville Indoor Rowing F4816,675
2788 Richard Goff Age Without Limits M5216,665
2789 Jim Schrener Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M16,622
2790 Patty Ruiz F4316,556
2791 Gratia Pelliciotti Team Nereid F5116,532
2792 Sanjeev Kulkarni TIMBUK2 M4916,521
2793 Tom Fox Greenville Indoor Rowing M4616,514
2794 Laurie Miller CrossFit St. Louis F4616,439
2795 Margery Zucker Guilderland YMCA F6116,412
2796 Greg Hartman Boulder Crossfit M4716,385
2797 Amy McQuiston Crew Omni Fitness F2516,325
2798 Julie C Pulse Generators F16,324
2799 Ans Kunen Move Your Body F5616,300
2800 Scot Killen Island Rowing Club M4516,250
2801 Patti Barnes STLCC Rowers F16,213
2802 Linda Fiorini Final Results Fitness F16,200
2803 Mike Long Wenatchee Valley YMCA M16,200
2804 Carlo Arbitrio Age Without Limits M4416,168
2805 Cathy Diaz Spa Fitness Center F5716,167
2806 Bonnie Greenspoon Ann Arbor Rowing Club F4416,162
2807 Charles Gill MediFit - Utah M16,156
2808 Dieter Lüthi Alpenresort Tyrol Austria M4716,100
2809 Jarrod Dodson CrossFit Birmingham M3316,077
2810 Samuel Redwine USMC - Semper Row! M2716,017
2811 Rowan Carroll Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F3916,000
2812 BRUCE WILLIAMS Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M16,000
2813 Spencer West Grand Rapids Rowing M1615,985
2814 Jenny Rowe Forum Flyers F4415,967
2815 Melody Zanotti Crew Omni Fitness F15,946
2816 David Rowland Nashville Rowing Club M5115,942
2817 Tiffany A USMC - Semper Row! F1015,901
2818 Brian Griffin St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M15,862
2819 Mark Mayfield Manhattan Masters Rowing Club M4715,847
2820 Pamela Cook Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F15,812
2821 David Carlino FIT@SUN-BUR M15,800
2822 Raymond Galli St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M15,791
2823 Paula Sauceda Fit2Live F15,749
2824 Steve Vickery National Institute for Fitness and Sports M5815,679
2825 Rebecca Carper The Wellness Center F15,527
2826 Ryan Horsley The Wellness Center M15,515
2827 Nancy Canady Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F15,506
2828 CARRIE WERNECKE Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F15,500
2829 Abby M Island Rowing Club F1315,500
2830 Kathleen Nilles Community Rowing, Inc F4615,500
2831 Jennifer Hochschild Community Rowing, Inc F5915,500
2832 Debbie Harwood Omni41 F15,490
2833 Trisha Kuzmic Keweenaw Fitness F15,405
2834 John Cox Team NAS Pensacola M15,400
2835 Bob Rizzo The Wellness Center M15,396
2836 Jim Ashwill Crew Omni Fitness M15,386
2837 Annie Haller Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F5015,065
2838 J. Prediger Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M15,000
2839 Dave Van Hecke PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M4715,000
2840 Bud Nackers PRAIRIELAND STROKERS M4315,000
2841 Sean Chapman Age Without Limits M4115,000
2842 JIM BYTHER Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M15,000
2843 JOHN HORVAT Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M15,000
2844 Betty Mateja Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F15,000
2845 Sarah Bullock ERG CLUB F2615,000
2846 Luisa Pecorari 4chewn8 en2siasm F15,000
2847 Chris Covey Big Blue International M2415,000
2848 Ricky Beasley Xtreme Fitness M2315,000
2849 Lu Desteli Team NAS Pensacola F5114,883
2850 Garret Norris C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M14,840
2851 Margaret Dean Team NAS Pensacola F14,781
2852 Liza Thomas C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F14,704
2853 Megan Kane The Killer Bees F2414,693
2854 Andy Adaska Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M14,681
2855 Dobbie Herrion STLCC Rowers M14,655
2856 Kim Greene ILSM Rowers F14,551
2857 Jason Wakeham Keweenaw Fitness M2414,516
2858 Ryan Lewis WellZone M14,407
2859 Sam Barthelme CrossFit Long Island City M3014,400
2860 Chris Scott Amoskeag Rowing Club M6714,400
2861 Jacqueline Raijmakers Move Your Body F5014,304
2862 Tim Mickelson Brew Crew! M2414,300
2863 DeeDee Curcio CrossFit Long Island City F2514,263
2864 Connie Hill D&M Fitness F4014,196
2865 Cheryl Trzcinski Crew Omni Fitness F14,148
2866 Kevin Haley Pulse Generators M14,090
2867 Catherine Marks Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F14,040
2868 Tim McCoy C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M14,034
2869 Roger Vogie Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M14,030
2870 Rodger Arola Keweenaw Fitness M7214,028
2871 PERRY HANEY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M14,000
2872 Richard Vriend Pulse Generators M14,000
2873 Geovani Barraza Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness M3714,000
2874 michael Vecchia M3014,000
2875 Paul Mawson CHIPS Fitness Center M14,000
2876 Joseph D'Ambrosio Core Dynamics Team M5114,000
2877 Katie Simmons Greenville Indoor Rowing F3913,989
2878 Edward Montgomery Crossfit Ramstein M2513,935
2879 Linda Yau CrossFit Long Island City F3113,929
2880 Mike Liptack Sammamish Rowing Association M4213,917
2881 Sarah Lasbury Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F13,916
2882 George Kaplinski C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M13,906
2883 Cindy Rothenberger Final Results Fitness F13,875
2884 Lynn Devine Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F13,777
2885 Tess Baschy Spa Fitness Center F5113,753
2886 Jim DiNapoli Core Dynamics Team M5313,740
2887 Brandon Fechter M613,728
2888 Joe Marchetti Free Spirits M3613,698
2889 Ragan McNeely Community Rowing, Inc M4813,609
2890 Diane Shoffstall Final Results Fitness F13,572
2891 Jim Fortenbury Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M13,529
2892 Robin Trzcinski Crew Omni Fitness F2813,516
2893 Grace Knapp Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F13,514
2894 Deb Iborg STLCC Rowers F13,506
2895 Bob Stinger Free Spirits M3413,500
2896 samantha p get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F3813,500
2897 Tony Knight Fit2Live M13,500
2898 Matt McVey STLCC Rowers M13,461
2899 David Godley UK Rowers M5413,417
2900 Michael Kaplan CrossFit Long Island City M3213,396
2901 Chet Hoff St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M13,372
2902 Marcus Korhonen Keweenaw Fitness M2613,368
2903 David Hardinger Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M13,316
2904 Pat Williams YMCA Downtown Omaha F13,312
2905 MARCY THOMPSON Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F13,300
2906 Scott Linton Pulse Generators M13,282
2907 Lisa Daross Final Results Fitness F13,244
2908 Cathy Walker Final Results Fitness F13,195
2909 Yinh Hinh CrossFit Long Island City F2913,127
2910 Samantha Shune Fit2Live F13,119
2911 Teresa Martinez CHIPS Fitness Center F13,116
2912 RUTH PIDICK Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F13,100
2913 Gunner Carlsen Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M13,088
2914 Ken White Team NAS Pensacola M13,071
2915 Kylee Ostrout Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F2113,030
2916 Ted Sittner Eastside Fire and Rescue M3813,012
2917 Patricia McGrew D&M Fitness F3913,000
2918 Sharon Travis D&M Fitness F4213,000
2919 Carolyn Ellis D&M Fitness F4313,000
2920 Rick Veon CHIPS Fitness Center M13,000
2921 Jan Bailey Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F5613,000
2922 GALINA KASEL Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F13,000
2923 Jenelle Graber Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F13,000
2924 Joe Kasputys The Fitness Group M13,000
2925 Tim Campbell Bridgewaterless M4112,969
2926 Julie Pierce Frequent Fliers F5212,910
2927 Billie Forristall Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F12,818
2928 John Hilgers Keweenaw Fitness M12,800
2929 Marion Dancy Community Rowing, Inc F6012,770
2930 Dorothy Lalic ILSM Rowers F12,710
2931 Kimberly Love-Austin STLCC Rowers F12,709
2932 George Freimarck Team Nereid M5612,688
2933 Steve Ziemba Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M12,664
2934 John Sokit Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M12,629
2935 Diane Gaskill Team NAS Pensacola F12,615
2936 Karen Rothenberger Final Results Fitness F12,596
2937 Meg Tomaselli Final Results Fitness F12,584
2938 Liz Nunez MediFit - Utah F12,552
2939 Barb Larson Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F12,509
2940 Loras Schaul Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M12,500
2941 JOHN HUGGINS Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M12,500
2942 Christopher Purdy U.S. Navy M2412,488
2943 Marian Lanouette St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F12,473
2944 Jon Masters Keweenaw Fitness M2312,405
2945 Michele Webster St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F12,394
2946 Patrick Rademakers Move Your Body M3912,300
2947 Gena Burroughs STLCC Rowers F12,286
2948 Judith Hargreaves North Staffs Rowing Club F4412,278
2949 Kevin Johnson CrossFit Long Island City M3112,250
2950 Melissa Chidester QPRC wellness center F12,245
2951 Mary Kent C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F12,227
2952 Steve Meyer YMCA Downtown Omaha M12,222
2953 Bastiaan de Cock Move Your Body M1712,200
2954 GEORGE HAYWOOD Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO M12,134
2955 Maria Pinto St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F12,110
2956 Kay Bechtel Final Results Fitness F12,088
2957 Jenna Champion C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F12,084
2958 T Kosrienick Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M12,050
2959 JUNE INUZUKA Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F12,049
2960 Molly Murphy Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F12,048
2961 Dan Knox Team NAS Pensacola M12,048
2962 Charlene McCormick Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F12,021
2963 Sal  Salcido Wenatchee Valley YMCA M12,007
2964 Kristen Fountain Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F3512,000
2965 Michael Place Free Spirits M4612,000
2966 John Gause D&M Fitness M5412,000
2967 Ed Cydzik Carpe Remex M5212,000
2968 hope hessler get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F4312,000
2969 Steve McDaniel Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness M2112,000
2970 Alex Fleming Bobpitch Rowing Club M2412,000
2971 Nancy N. Team VF F4812,000
2972 ANNE GRIFFITH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F12,000
2973 Andrew Rames Keweenaw Fitness M12,000
2974 John Backenstose Final Results Fitness M12,000
2975 Jerry Burrell Cleveland, TN - YMCA M5212,000
2976 Jack McWatters RowPro Online M6711,889
2977 Gust Sirounis Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M11,887
2978 Rita W Island Rowing Club F911,869
2979 Anna H Keweenaw Fitness F1011,866
2980 Karen DeSena St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F11,828
2981 Mosetta Komperda Crew Omni Fitness F11,810
2982 Sandy Kovarik Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F11,802
2983 Erika Malone STLCC Rowers F11,775
2984 Bill Ziegmann YMCA Downtown Omaha M11,754
2985 Jo Huang Fernwood Sunnybank F11,737
2987 Paige Lerdahl MediFit - Utah F11,620
2988 Vera Boss Team NAS Pensacola F11,577
2989 Glenn Dwyer Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M4111,536
2990 Roy Bentley C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M11,507
2991 LINDSAY BEAUDREAU Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F11,500
2992 Krystal Sherrer Augusta Rowing Club F3011,500
2993 Allen Weber Fit2Live M11,500
2994 Rob Liebscher Adobe Fitness Center M11,500
2995 Nina Zabala Team NAS Pensacola F11,483
2996 Dan wyatt YMCA Downtown Omaha M11,451
2997 Jeff Sanders US Air Force M4511,446
2998 Rotsen Vazquez CrossFit Long Island City M2611,433
2999 Amy Jenniches SAS RFC F3611,416
3000 Tiffany Martin C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F11,383
3001 Susan Young Sub7, Oarsome & PaddyPower WRC Team F4511,376
3002 Tequilla Brown STLCC Rowers F11,371
3003 William Deevy Concept2 - Morrisville, VT M5811,354
3004 Pamela Anderson USMC - Semper Row! F4211,328
3005 Beth Salvas Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F4711,319
3006 Paul Buscemi Core Dynamics Team M11,307
3007 Ryan Berube get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M3811,295
3008 Louis DiCorpo St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M11,245
3009 Rich Forrest yacf M4111,200
3010 Carolyn Hexter C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F11,192
3011 Rick Pearson Team NAS Pensacola M11,173
3012 Mike Tjosvold Eastside Fire and Rescue M3311,125
3013 Gay Boehm TIMBUK2 F4511,086
3014 Patryk Pietryszyn UKS Jedynka Znin POL M1511,082
3015 Kathy Vidimos Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F11,064
3016 D Tapper Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F11,062
3017 Greg Simpson Adobe Fitness Center M11,060
3018 Gloria Donato ILSM Rowers F11,060
3019 Colin Dewey Team NAS Pensacola M11,042
3020 Grant S Row-Lo's M1411,040
3021 Margaret Scherer Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F11,039
3022 Jennifer Kaveney Team NAS Pensacola F11,018
3023 LEE ANNEBERG Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F11,000
3024 Andrea Houston D&M Fitness F4011,000
3025 Lorena Grajeda D&M Fitness F3411,000
3026 John Saad CrossFit Birmingham M2811,000
3027 George Ruch CrossFit Birmingham M2611,000
3028 Eva Velarde Team NAS Pensacola F10,989
3029 Mark Kolander Wenatchee Valley YMCA M10,920
3030 kris abdelmessih CrossFit Long Island City M3110,918
3031 Kerri Peterson Fernwood Sunnybank F10,803
3032 Richard Rigor CrossFit Birmingham M3610,750
3033 Keri Owen MediFit - Utah F10,746
3034 Arden Bly St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M10,742
3035 Tracy Oedzes Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F10,733
3036 Jennifer Friend Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F4310,706
3037 Greg Kerrebrock Age Without Limits M5310,689
3038 Devin DeNeve Knight Fit2Live M10,580
3039 Stephanie Torres CrossFit Long Island City F3110,564
3040 Denny Krysh Crew Omni Fitness M10,510
3041 Mary Pavlik Gerrie's Fitness Center F4110,510
3042 Ed Muehsam Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M10,506
3043 Celete Mackey D&M Fitness F3510,500
3044 Brian Stutzenburg Team NAS Pensacola M10,492
3045 Yvonne Dluzen Final Results Fitness F10,485
3046 Lisa Garrison Age Without Limits F4110,312
3047 Belle Wirtanen Keweenaw Fitness F10,282
3048 Lynne Stockfish C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F10,278
3049 Ethel Tamburilla Team NAS Pensacola F10,265
3050 katie dasch CrossFit Long Island City F3010,258
3051 Lucas Ritchie Team NAS Pensacola M10,256
3052 Don Murphy WellZone M10,252
3053 Martyn Smith Keweenaw Fitness M10,230
3054 Jill Pask Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center F4610,201
3055 Karen kopelman Core Dynamics Team F10,200
3056 Phebe Chung wRECking Crew F3110,199
3057 Carol Chambers Age Without Limits F4310,175
3058 Laura Beals Keweenaw Fitness F10,139
3059 David Mandel Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M10,133
3060 Eva Jacobs Age Without Limits F7010,118
3061 Chris Walker Final Results Fitness M10,111
3062 Mary Corboy Team NAS Pensacola F10,093
3063 Butch Carff Team NAS Pensacola M10,089
3064 Kathy Hughes Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F10,079
3065 Crystal Holzberger Keweenaw Fitness F2810,077
3066 MaryAnne Topor Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F10,059
3067 Antoine Bruneau Arizona Desert Rowers M3610,015
3068 Joke Leenders Move Your Body F5410,014
3069 Marion Fox Team NAS Pensacola M10,014
3070 George Suroviak Omni41 M10,011
3071 Carol Gentry Team NAS Pensacola F10,000
3072 Jim Pillarela Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M10,000
3073 Janice Hopp Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F10,000
3074 Susan Wolf Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F10,000
3075 Sue Swoyer Final Results Fitness F10,000
3076 Rebecca Clark Arizona Outlaws F2910,000
3077 Ken Lawlor Arizona Outlaws M5110,000
3078 Graeme Hunter Bobpitch Rowing Club M3810,000
3079 Eva Krivickas CrossFit Oahu F3110,000
3080 madeline ashwill Crew Omni Fitness F2010,000
3081 Jamie Hintlian Community Rowing, Inc M4910,000
3082 Roslyn Dehorney D&M Fitness F5210,000
3083 Theresa Allen D&M Fitness F4910,000
3084 Diana Choy D&M Fitness F2410,000
3085 Jessica Bregante Adobe Fitness Center F2510,000
3086 Phil Kaufman Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M9,990
3087 C Stewart YMCA Downtown Omaha F9,918
3088 Jan Gilmour Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F9,883
3089 Arkadiusz G UKS Jedynka Znin POL M139,853
3090 Barb Schmermund STLCC Rowers F9,840
3091 robin bush Core Dynamics Team F9,837
3092 Rick Lundmark CrossFit Oahu M359,808
3093 Eric Vervoordeldonk Move Your Body M289,800
3094 Gloria Bucher C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F9,797
3095 victoria zahopoulos Community Rowing, Inc F169,750
3096 Anita Calcraft Free Spirits F469,748
3097 Anthony Bungeroth CrossFit Long Island City M369,700
3098 Walter Scales Team NAS Pensacola M9,693
3099 Patricia Robles MediFit - Utah F9,667
3100 Pam Gierosky Crew Omni Fitness F9,610
3101 LuAnn Liberator Final Results Fitness F9,609
3102 Jes Morgan Team NAS Pensacola F9,604
3103 CAMILLE PALMERI Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F9,600
3104 KIMBERLY CREEDON Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F9,600
3105 Christina Harrison UK Rowers F529,592
3106 Kenneth Baker Team NAS Pensacola M9,552
3107 Matthew Van Norman Team NAS Pensacola M9,506
3108 Brandon Branch get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M259,500
3109 Taryn Swadling Shosholoza F299,500
3110 Terri Zendejas F439,500
3111 Robert Steadman Horseheads RS M359,500
3112 Miranda Curtiss Final Results Fitness F9,485
3113 Anil Channappa Adobe Fitness Center M9,458
3114 Kaley castantine Core Dynamics Team F9,450
3115 Sabra Parrott Age Without Limits F689,446
3116 Meredith Alcock ZLAC Rowing, LTD F499,435
3117 Adam Vlainic Crew Omni Fitness M209,413
3118 Anne McCullough C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F9,337
3119 Shana Wadsworth MediFit - Utah F9,296
3120 Cindy Hyrkas Keweenaw Fitness F9,268
3121 Frank van Eijk Move Your Body M429,263
3122 Lukas Beard Team NAS Pensacola M9,237
3123 Patryk Frasz UKS Jedynka Znin POL M139,219
3124 Bob Busk Wenatchee Valley YMCA M9,191
3125 timothy doody Free Spirits M589,168
3126 Katie Schueck Final Results Fitness F9,167
3127 Dorothea Daniels Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F9,148
3128 Jurn Wingelaar Rowing to Vision - Bausch & Lomb M439,114
3129 Addison  Keweenaw Fitness F9,093
3130 Sarah Wittnebel Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F9,076
3131 Derrick McBride CrossFit Long Island City M289,068
3132 daan kramer Argonauten M159,060
3133 Tricia Chambers St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F9,047
3134 Cindy Gilman C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F9,047
3135 Renae Wood MediFit - Utah F9,033
3136 Karen Dworniczek MediFit - Utah F9,027
3137 Jerry Sutko Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M9,027
3138 GEORGIA TRACY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F9,000
3139 Tom Thorn Arizona Outlaws M609,000
3140 Laura Miller YMCA Downtown Omaha F9,000
3141 Katherine Drop Fit2Live F9,000
3142 Nicole Ballard Wenatchee Valley YMCA F9,000
3143 Terry Ridgway Adobe Fitness Center M9,000
3144 Laura Gillespie Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F459,000
3145 Jackie Jessie D&M Fitness F439,000
3146 brad dotson get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M309,000
3147 Becky B. Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F8,977
3148 Lidy Vervoordeldonk Move Your Body F268,975
3149 MARIA GARCIA-BERRY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F8,959
3150 Cullen Irvine MediFit - Utah M8,948
3151 Patricia Mathes-Rich Keweenaw Fitness F8,942
3152 Helen Samek Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F8,871
3153 Carol Bailey Tallahassee Rowing Club F488,842
3154 Harvey Gelber C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M8,835
3155 Michele Tapia Team NAS Pensacola F8,791
3156 Carol Olsen Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F608,732
3157 Robin Ryan Final Results Fitness F8,656
3158 John Foy YMCA Downtown Omaha M8,632
3159 Peter Fontaine Adobe Fitness Center M8,631
3160 Richard Hessler get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M468,625
3161 Robert Lynyak Final Results Fitness M8,620
3162 Chia-Ling Chen Ho Fernwood Sunnybank F8,619
3163 Jesse Godsey Greenville Indoor Rowing M158,613
3164 Kirsten Mackenzie Pulse Generators F8,610
3165 Chad Hamilton Team NAS Pensacola M8,603
3166 Rosemary Lynch The Wellness Center F8,572
3167 Maggie Surges Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness F328,569
3168 Jordan Bartolomeo Final Results Fitness M8,554
3169 Gary Garner C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M8,530
3170 Timothy DeMars Team VF M458,523
3171 Michael Johnston Dewy Cheetem and Howe M608,521
3172 Breanne Martiniuk Pulse Generators F8,500
3173 Carlos Armas CrossFit Long Island City M248,500
3174 Elvira Moon Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F8,499
3175 Leslie Lewis Adobe Fitness Center F8,494
3176 Stephen Gower RowPro Online M528,493
3177 I Taverner Team NAS Pensacola M8,492
3178 Lori Eberhardt C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F8,482
3179 Lance Fisher U.S. Navy M428,428
3180 Walter Pavlik Gerrie's Fitness Center M408,375
3181 Shonda Fortin DREAM Team F388,359
3182 Darcy Griffin Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F8,348
3183 Molly Ver Mulm  Fit2Live F8,321
3184 Cindy Hoffman Alcatel-Lucent Fitness & Wellness Center F528,300
3185 Dave Saniter RowPro Online M548,275
3186 Kristin Larson YMCA Downtown Omaha F8,250
3187 Bill Gale Wenatchee Valley YMCA M8,222
3188 Sarah McGinness Age Without Limits F258,200
3189 Jessica Wallace Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F8,200
3190 Joey Topor Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M8,188
3191 Angie OConnor YMCA Downtown Omaha F8,175
3192 Fred Strasser Team NAS Pensacola M8,167
3193 J Hunter C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M8,115
3194 Jennifer Olsen MediFit - Utah F8,110
3195 Mary Lee Hansen Team NAS Pensacola F8,107
3196 Derek Javarone CrossFit Long Island City M268,086
3197 Mel Held MediFit - Utah M8,085
3198 Raymond Ackermann Oklahoma State University-Tulsa M278,074
3199 Rachel Ledesma CHIPS Fitness Center F8,053
3200 Gordon Fetter Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M8,053
3201 Surendra Shah Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M8,020
3202 Bob Trawick Team NAS Pensacola M8,014
3203 Abby Epton WellZone F268,011
3204 Felicia Davis YMCA Downtown Omaha F8,000
3205 Andrew McAvoy First in Fitness M268,000
3206 Chris Hall CrossFit Birmingham M328,000
3207 Chris Robert get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M378,000
3208 Amardeep Riyat UK Rowers M308,000
3209 Karla Thornburg D&M Fitness F248,000
3210 Tonya Gause D&M Fitness F478,000
3211 DENISE ABDOO Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F8,000
3212 Martha Karanovich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F7,935
3213 Maneesh Sahay Adobe Fitness Center M7,900
3214 Pat Cavanaugh St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers F7,879
3215 Roman Justino Team NAS Pensacola M7,853
3216 Foster Christine The Wellness Center F7,850
3217 Haley J Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F107,785
3218 Julie Jones CrossFit St. Louis F407,750
3219 A Ballard Team NAS Pensacola M7,729
3220 robster w robbies rotten rowers M67,654
3221 Richard Beechey RowPro Online M407,614
3222 NANCY LONGSWORTH Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F7,612
3223 Kathy Zylstra Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F7,543
3224 Cecelia Legaspi Team NAS Pensacola F7,532
3225 Shauna Stuart Team NAS Pensacola F7,515
3226 Grace Snowden Team NAS Pensacola F7,500
3227 Jerome Kaiy C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M7,500
3228 Heidi Smythe Keweenaw Fitness F7,500
3229 Alan Brokaw Keweenaw Fitness M7,500
3230 Stephanie Unsworth UK Rowers F477,500
3231 Kristin Bell get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F357,500
3232 Bob Roszko Final Results Fitness M7,482
3233 Grace R Island Rowing Club F77,458
3234 Patricia W Island Rowing Club F77,436
3235 Michelle Wall Fernwood Sunnybank F7,401
3236 Raegan Francis D&M Fitness F317,400
3237 Erin Desteli Team NAS Pensacola F7,400
3238 Gillian Prout Final Results Fitness F7,381
3239 Nichole Rowe MediFit - Utah F7,344
3240 Stella Torres Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F7,343
3241 Michelle Johnson STLCC Rowers F7,331
3242 Zubin Tiku CrossFit Long Island City M317,328
3243 Debbie Shell Team NAS Pensacola F7,311
3244 Dan DeGidio Eastside Fire and Rescue M477,300
3245 Kat H Tallahassee Rowing Club F447,265
3246 Andrew Johnson MediFit - Utah M7,263
3247 Tineke van Dijk Move Your Body F347,263
3248 Laney Gernenz CrossFit Birmingham F307,225
3249 Tom Graver Final Results Fitness M7,208
3250 Janet Kolaski WellZone F7,200
3251 carter p Keweenaw Fitness M117,159
3252 Rachel Lankton Keweenaw Fitness F7,152
3253 Ryan Audet Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M227,100
3254 Jessica du Maine STLCC Rowers F477,096
3255 Rick Sims UK Rowers M317,076
3256 c waitkun Team Stent M467,049
3257 Matt Cydzik Carpe Remex M7,045
3258 Ann Holub WellZone F287,033
3259 Alastair Billson UK Rowers M337,025
3260 Nathan Mapes Raleigh Rowing Center M287,006
3261 Borislav Deianov BAH Rowers M347,000
3262 Debrah Dyck D&M Fitness F457,000
3263 Sheena Eichwald Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F7,000
3264 Christopher Stevenson US Air Force M487,000
3265 Glenn Yaniero TIMBUK2 M487,000
3266 TATE SWANSEN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F7,000
3267 ASHLEY EMBREY Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F7,000
3268 DONNA EVANS Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F7,000
3269 Taylor Van Munster Keweenaw Fitness F207,000
3270 Denise Walczak Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F7,000
3271 Bob Klein Team NAS Pensacola M6,990
3272 Tynesha Henry Team NAS Pensacola F6,980
3273 Joy Silva Crossfit Ramstein F316,975
3274 Milan Panayotovich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M6,845
3275 Warren Smithy Team NAS Pensacola M6,800
3276 D Walker Team NAS Pensacola F6,768
3277 Bradley Sagurs Team NAS Pensacola M6,766
3278 Bonnie Urban Team NAS Pensacola F6,762
3279 Ingrid Vollgruber Alpenresort Tyrol Austria F406,725
3280 Adrianna Tuohino Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F6,707
3281 Mike Irish Keweenaw Fitness M6,705
3282 Michelle Miller Keweenaw Fitness F6,694
3283 John J. Thomas Crew Omni Fitness M6,676
3284 Kimberly Guzewicz Core Dynamics Team F396,672
3285 Paulette Heikkinen Keweenaw Fitness F6,672
3286 Monica McCoy C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F6,652
3287 Griffin H Keweenaw Fitness M126,650
3288 Tom Allen Team NAS Pensacola M6,649
3289 Emiline Nugent Fernwood Sunnybank F6,614
3290 David Frazeur Rat Island Rowing & Sculling Club M876,603
3291 Steve Dimilla FIT@SUN-BUR M6,600
3292 Cheryl Bruce ILSM Rowers F6,594
3293 Marc Mayes get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M336,569
3294 Chris Amores The Wellness Center M6,559
3295 Caren Haiken C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F6,508
3296 Mike Spangle Team NAS Pensacola M6,500
3297 Didi Frizell Core Dynamics Team F506,500
3298 jac maj robbies rotten rowers F406,500
3299 Kamin Loney Fit2Live F6,380
3300 Michael Matkin TIMBUK2 M576,367
3301 Jim Angeline QPRC wellness center M6,357
3302 Bill Yeary C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M6,343
3303 Calvin Adams Final Results Fitness M6,332
3304 Norman Langston Wenatchee Valley YMCA M6,269
3305 Juan Moreno Omni41 M6,266
3306 Karen Keith TIMBUK2 F496,265
3307 Kevin Neaverson Water Bouys M356,258
3308 Jo Snodgrass Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F6,257
3309 Michael Theobald Fit2Live M6,256
3310 Bryan Padilla SanDisk M326,233
3311 Cassie Jordan Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F6,224
3312 Jane Newall LUNA-TICS F406,218
3313 Christian Ross Final Results Fitness M6,205
3314 Rich Barker FIT@SUN-BUR M6,200
3315 Cindy Berry Final Results Fitness F6,200
3316 Jim O'hagan Core Dynamics Team M356,200
3317 Lana Reynolds Team NAS Pensacola F6,130
3318 olga jourova CrossFit Long Island City F296,123
3319 Becky Luka Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F6,108
3320 KAREN MARQUEZ Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F6,100
3321 Ruthy Bower Final Results Fitness F6,085
3322 Shirley Zimmerman Keweenaw Fitness F6,083
3323 Connie Halonen Keweenaw Fitness F6,080
3324 Trina Benson Greenville Indoor Rowing F386,078
3325 O.T. Smiley Team NAS Pensacola F6,059
3326 Adam BigMedicine Team NAS Pensacola M6,036
3327 Kitty Yorek Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F6,010
3328 Keith Williams Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M6,000
3329 Steve Overland LUNA-TICS M576,000
3330 Lynn Eason D&M Fitness F436,000
3331 Francis Radnoti get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M296,000
3332 Allis Forrestall CrossFit Birmingham F396,000
3333 Mary Ballard Wenatchee Valley YMCA F6,000
3334 Harry Anderson Free Spirits M626,000
3335 Angela Dwanicki YMCA Downtown Omaha F6,000
3336 jim griffin Crew Omni Fitness M506,000
3337 Paul Harris Harris Family M405,999
3338 Doug Meeker Age Without Limits M515,963
3339 Jeremias Solari MediFit - Utah M5,925
3340 Amanda Binoniemi Keweenaw Fitness F5,897
3341 Greg Pittam Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M5,879
3342 Julian Hexter C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M5,832
3343 Ed Deveney Bridgewaterless M465,832
3344 Dekesha Neal Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness F305,818
3345 Megan Zartman Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness F305,811
3346 Lorrie Laraway Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F475,772
3347 Teresa * Pulse Generators F5,756
3348 James Fuln Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M5,671
3349 Nina Celick Fit2Live F5,620
3350 Aaron Bruderer MediFit - Utah M5,592
3351 Craig Grinde Wenatchee Valley YMCA M5,562
3352 Willie Melton Keweenaw Fitness M5,548
3353 Ashley Brown Team NAS Pensacola F5,520
3354 Andrew Cracknell UK Rowers M455,519
3355 Leslie Bendlage Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F5,503
3356 Jennifer Conklin Core Dynamics Team F5,500
3357 Jason Ambrisco Fit2Live M5,500
3358 Ryan Fliss Community Rowing, Inc M175,500
3359 Willie Banks STLCC Rowers M5,498
3360 Eliana Samboni C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F5,496
3361 Mike R Island Rowing Club M85,476
3362 Rachel Headings Fit2Live F5,450
3363 Kathleen Storm Keweenaw Fitness F5,442
3364 Olga Baughn WellZone F345,417
3365 Vicki Beran Crew Omni Fitness F5,400
3366 Erica Thornburg D&M Fitness F275,400
3367 Alex Brant Keweenaw Fitness M215,385
3368 Sophie Wong Fernwood Sunnybank F5,371
3369 Becky Scudder ERG CLUB F445,350
3370 Anna Urban Team NAS Pensacola F5,350
3371 Joan Stein Final Results Fitness F5,311
3372 Diane Dyer Team NAS Pensacola F5,282
3373 Garrett Johnson MediFit - Utah M5,255
3374 Jamie Langford Team NAS Pensacola F5,250
3375 Brenda Ross Final Results Fitness F5,217
3376 Jeremy Kimber UK Rowers M475,195
3377 Richard Capenerhurst RowPro Online M365,190
3378 Lucas K Keweenaw Fitness M125,190
3379 Chandell Bilsborrow Pulse Generators F5,180
3380 Jodi Santeford Keweenaw Fitness F525,144
3381 Jeimy Mejia MediFit - Utah F5,134
3382 Markos Terpore St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M5,110
3383 Anna Thompson Keweenaw Fitness F5,109
3384 nora petrucci Warwick Crew F145,108
3385 Jim Mattson Keweenaw Fitness M5,102
3386 Meshael Alsywaidan Fernwood Sunnybank F5,101
3387 Alan Meeker Island Rowing Club M495,100
3388 Tanner Emerson Team NAS Pensacola M5,078
3389 Erika Majewski Adobe Fitness Center F5,050
3390 Kyle Duck Team NAS Pensacola M5,026
3391 JoAnne Heflin Final Results Fitness F5,022
3392 Ryan Mead Team NAS Pensacola M5,018
3393 Devin Knight Fit2Live M5,017
3394 Johnny Robillard Keweenaw Fitness M225,013
3395 Richard Oborn Team NAS Pensacola M5,012
3396 Mike Wolf MediFit - Utah M5,009
3397 Michael B Island Rowing Club M55,007
3398 Tami Milloy Island Rowing Club F405,000
3399 Nigel Smith UK Rowers M385,000
3400 Janet Nguyen D&M Fitness F345,000
3401 Claudia Bank D&M Fitness F325,000
3402 sean blyth Core Dynamics Team M455,000
3403 Joe Larson Core Dynamics Team M5,000
3404 Julia Valdez Wenatchee Valley YMCA F5,000
3405 Lindsey Massier Adobe Fitness Center F5,000
3406 Joshua M Free Spirits M135,000
3407 Ted Sirota Are We There Yet M175,000
3408 Charles Denune Bridgewaterless M345,000
3409 Sue Jones Tallahassee Rowing Club F575,000
3410 Rich Straughan Stephenson College Durham M5,000
3411 Tom Hogue ACR - NYC to Isles of Scilly M425,000
3412 Walter Sparks Fit2Live M5,000
3413 Pat Shelby Team NAS Pensacola M5,000
3414 P Sheehy Team NAS Pensacola M5,000
3415 Fred King Team NAS Pensacola M5,000
3416 Bernie Julian TIMBUK2 M595,000
3417 Trish SK SparkPeople Indoor Rowers F435,000
3418 Meghan Bast Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F5,000
3419 Paula Teubel Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F5,000
3420 Donna Taylor Age Without Limits F465,000
3421 Alan Levy Age Without Limits M655,000
3422 Pete Larsen Age Without Limits M405,000
3423 NATALIE BISHOP Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F5,000
3424 NEA BROWN Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F5,000
3425 Jennifer Dobrowolski Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F5,000
3426 Jeff Semko Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M5,000
3427 Joan Dorman Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F5,000
3428 Mitchell Bumgarner Fitness Plus M5,000
3429 Justin Cott Horseheads RS M275,000
3430 Christopher T Teh & Associates M54,999
3431 Krista Laskay Final Results Fitness F4,988
3432 Michael Jermer RowPro Online M454,957
3433 Derek Werner Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M354,902
3434 Milana Grujich Fernwood Sunnybank F4,828
3435 Aarti Arora Fernwood Sunnybank F4,804
3436 Charles Forehand Team NAS Pensacola M4,740
3437 Beth Brooks YMCA Downtown Omaha F4,700
3438 Matt Staats Fit2Live M4,700
3439 Robin Cain FIT@SUN-BUR F4,669
3440 Joyce Tatum Final Results Fitness F4,660
3441 Kris Jones Free Spirits F464,659
3442 Mike Homrich Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M4,638
3443 wendy stuart Age Without Limits F354,608
3444 Chris Kelly Final Results Fitness M4,584
3445 Nathan DeMars Team VF M134,577
3446 Andrea Stamps WellZone F344,572
3447 Geogene Lynch Fit2Live F4,569
3448 Tasha Cottoon Team NAS Pensacola F4,531
3449 Daryl Davis Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club M694,522
3450 I B Newton Team NAS Pensacola M4,517
3451 Champion Jones Team NAS Pensacola M4,510
3452 Sheila Brand Team NAS Pensacola F4,500
3453 Beau Estrada Team NAS Pensacola M4,500
3454 Rupa Raman CrossFit Long Island City F314,500
3455 Sofia Keokosky CrossFit Long Island City F224,500
3456 Peter Watson Adobe Fitness Center M4,500
3457 Cheryl Longsworth D&M Fitness F304,500
3458 Yvette Crawford WellZone F4,483
3459 Roy Wakeham Keweenaw Fitness M4,430
3460 Chuck Purnick Omni41 M4,400
3461 Matt Bodner RowPro Online M544,343
3462 Amy Mueggenberg Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F4,334
3463 Joyce Antine Old Colony YMCA F454,321
3464 Bill Jennings Team NAS Pensacola M4,317
3465 Diann Pascal Final Results Fitness F4,312
3466 Joyce Kirkpatrick Keweenaw Fitness F534,289
3467 Mark Smith FitMix50 (Australia) M484,224
3468 Dana Hawken Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F4,222
3469 Halverson G Keweenaw Fitness M114,218
3470 Bob Thomas Team NAS Pensacola M4,210
3471 Oralia Torrez Team NAS Pensacola F4,200
3472 Dan Crouch Final Results Fitness M4,200
3473 R Muller Team NAS Pensacola M4,197
3474 Robyn Frattali ZLAC Rowing, LTD F474,192
3475 jim Mcnally Core Dynamics Team M4,163
3476 Jana Ransom Saratoga Springs YMCA (upstate New York) F284,162
3477 Deb Kinzi Keweenaw Fitness F4,136
3478 Sandy Henkel Keweenaw Fitness F4,123
3479 Samantha B Island Rowing Club F84,121
3480 Sarah Walker Core Dynamics Team F4,119
3481 Diane Green WellZone F4,115
3482 Bill Herzog Crew Omni Fitness M4,100
3483 Bill Scott Bethlehem YMCA Rowing Team M534,086
3484 Stephanie Tepkasetkul Keweenaw Fitness F4,053
3485 Nicholas Sansone Team NAS Pensacola M4,048
3486 Amanda Wassegijig ILSM Rowers F4,046
3487 Stacy Franz Team NAS Pensacola F4,044
3488 Grażyna Matuszczyk Rybnik Rowing Club F304,029
3489 paul kelter VCIRC M554,018
3490 Stephanie Pantuso MediFit - Utah F4,017
3491 Nakia Miller YMCA Downtown Omaha F4,014
3492 Dominick Tomaselli Final Results Fitness M4,014
3493 Eillen Zagar Core Dynamics Team F4,012
3494 keith fine CrossFit Long Island City M314,001
3495 Darryl Scott Boeing Chicago Corporate Fitness M574,000
3496 Angelina Bruno Fernwood Sunnybank F4,000
3497 Tim Mckendry Crew Omni Fitness M4,000
3498 Nancy Buscemi Core Dynamics Team F4,000
3499 Rachel Verno Core Dynamics Team F4,000
3500 Gail Ondo Final Results Fitness F4,000
3501 Scott Stulken Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M4,000
3502 Gaël SAGON Age Without Limits M144,000
3503 Anders Martin Age Without Limits M414,000
3504 BJ King Horseheads RS M304,000
3505 Karen Feagle Team NAS Pensacola F3,992
3506 Frank Pastore St. Mary's Rhythmic Rowers M3,986
3507 O Everett YMCA Downtown Omaha M3,939
3508 Blake Fechter M33,920
3509 Philip Sotelo WellZone M3,919
3510 Val Bauer Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F3,891
3511 Neisha Kitzman Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F3,866
3512 Joni Faust Crew Omni Fitness F3,798
3513 Breann Daly Team NAS Pensacola F3,796
3514 Beverley Benford WellZone F3,757
3515 Pam Kunda Final Results Fitness F3,756
3516 Mary Zaehring Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F3,752
3517 Michelle vernon Team NAS Pensacola F3,750
3518 Rachel Sibley FIT@SUN-BUR F3,732
3519 Faye Morgan Fitness Plus F3,716
3520 Scott Francis get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M333,700
3521 Lauren Guibert Crossfit Ramstein F273,674
3522 Theresa Bare Team NAS Pensacola M3,650
3523 Anne Wilson Keweenaw Fitness F3,631
3524 Dallin Bird MediFit - Utah M3,619
3525 David Yann get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit M3,617
3526 Grayson B Keweenaw Fitness M123,617
3527 Connie Tregaegle MediFit - Utah F3,601
3528 Carol Oranswck Fernwood Sunnybank F3,551
3529 George  Williams Wenatchee Valley YMCA M3,545
3530 Becky Heimbach Final Results Fitness F3,528
3531 kim spolarich Core Dynamics Team M3,527
3532 Miriam Jennings Team NAS Pensacola F3,526
3533 Andrew Ruisi Team NAS Pensacola M3,500
3534 Tamaz Bamboat Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M3,500
3535 Mike Slayday Adobe Fitness Center M3,500
3536 Jennifer Novoselsky D&M Fitness F323,500
3537 paige wichman get BUILT Chattanooga CrossFit F383,500
3538 Habtamu W Keweenaw Fitness M123,487
3539 Jane Poulsen C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F3,476
3540 Kevin  Owen Taff Attack Racing M403,462
3541 Becky Chen Fernwood Sunnybank F3,457
3542 Paula Shaner Final Results Fitness F3,446
3543 Jan Wright Fitness Plus F3,438
3544 H Portz C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M3,398
3545 Nancy Whan Tong 4chewn8 en2siasm F463,398
3546 Ben baker ILSM Rowers M3,390
3547 Hillary Conner Wenatchee Valley YMCA F3,387
3548 Rhiannon Yanochko WellZone F3,376
3549 Tom Roe Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M3,370
3550 Karen Phillips Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F3,361
3551 Jeff Lund MediFit - Utah M3,328
3552 Shawn Matz D&M Fitness M443,317
3553 Robert Naylor Final Results Fitness M3,315
3554 Sarah Newton Hances Are GO! F293,265
3555 Taryn K Keweenaw Fitness F123,256
3556 Linda Kruszynski Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F3,200
3557 Danie Sandoval MediFit - Utah M3,196
3558 Tricia Waters Team NAS Pensacola F3,185
3559 Eileen Bowen Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F3,178
3560 Leighton Halisky Pulse Generators M3,165
3561 Rob DiMeglio ILSM Rowers M3,156
3562 Gerry Manzo Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M3,131
3563 Lori Gabel Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F3,103
3564 Louie Ervin Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M3,103
3565 Trevor Dyck D&M Fitness M423,102
3566 Cathy Ayersmam Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F3,100
3567 Barb Fisher Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F3,048
3568 G Huntor C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M3,039
3569 Andrea Barlow Final Results Fitness F3,022
3570 Simon Butterworth Free Spirits M493,019
3571 Rance C Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT M103,008
3572 Kyle James Keweenaw Fitness M193,003
3573 Tom Scanlon Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M3,000
3574 Jim Jochum The Wellness Center M3,000
3575 Guy Nesbitt Free Spirits M403,000
3576 Eden Maynard Adobe Fitness Center F143,000
3577 Betty Ellis D&M Fitness F653,000
3578 John Mosley D&M Fitness M513,000
3579 Pat Mooney Ducks and Friends Together F743,000
3580 Frank Smoot CHIPS Fitness Center M3,000
3581 Zoe Reese-Smith Warwick Crew F143,000
3582 Emma Corcoran Community Rowing, Inc F153,000
3583 Rebecca Mcdonald Fernwood Sunnybank F2,900
3584 Gabby T Keweenaw Fitness F122,887
3585 Jessica Walker YMCA Downtown Omaha F2,843
3586 Jacob B Keweenaw Fitness M122,839
3587 Isabella M Keweenaw Fitness F122,819
3588 Deb Greenwald Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F2,812
3589 Angela Nichols YMCA Downtown Omaha F2,804
3590 Judy Caddick Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F2,802
3591 Erico Weatherley Fernwood Sunnybank F2,797
3592 Peter Deane CHIPS Fitness Center M2,784
3593 Trent L Keweenaw Fitness M122,770
3594 Janet Thompson MediFit - Utah F2,767
3595 Nolen Velasco, Jr. SanDisk M2,716
3596 Brian Griffiths Free Spirits M552,691
3597 Patty Crihfield C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F2,682
3598 ruben k Argonauten M142,678
3599 Anthony Bolz Team NAS Pensacola M2,667
3600 Haille A Keweenaw Fitness F122,646
3601 Mike Jones Team NAS Pensacola M2,627
3602 Mina Wakeham Keweenaw Fitness F2,608
3603 Marc Sibilia Carnegie Lake Rowing Assoc M472,600
3604 John Terkun Crew Omni Fitness M332,593
3605 Emma B Keweenaw Fitness F122,592
3606 Nicole Connot Team NAS Pensacola F2,564
3607 Finntan S Keweenaw Fitness M122,557
3608 Pam Hatt Team NAS Pensacola F2,556
3609 Lauren Serafin Final Results Fitness F2,547
3610 Kain M Keweenaw Fitness M112,533
3611 Eric Sanderson MediFit - Utah M2,524
3612 Michael Taft TIMBUK2 M402,523
3613 Beverly Romero MediFit - Utah F2,514
3614 Sean Joyce Empty the tanks M372,514
3615 Steven Hayashida Adobe Fitness Center M2,500
3616 Beth Ambrisco Fit2Live F2,500
3617 P Sanchez Team NAS Pensacola M2,500
3618 Gary McGraw Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M2,500
3619 Daniel Rouhana Sammamish Rowing Association M152,500
3620 MOLLY HULTZAPPLE Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F2,500
3621 Jennifer Wilson Concept2 - Morrisville, VT F332,500
3622 Siobhan Mayr Final Results Fitness F2,500
3623 Scott Isaksen MediFit - Utah M2,495
3624 Adam Sherman Team NAS Pensacola M2,494
3625 Joshua Shierk Team NAS Pensacola M2,441
3626 Deb Hoch Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F2,439
3627 Allen Rourke Team NAS Pensacola M2,433
3628 Caleb Sandoval Team NAS Pensacola M2,400
3629 Mark Miller Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M2,400
3630 Harold Neal Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M2,400
3631 Reba De Bari Team NAS Pensacola F2,391
3632 Susan Wiles Keweenaw Fitness F2,388
3633 Pei Ying Khoo Fernwood Sunnybank F2,352
3634 Dawid Pietryszyn UKS Jedynka Znin POL M192,330
3635 Jake Smith MediFit - Utah M2,310
3636 John Swisher Team NAS Pensacola M2,291
3637 Michelle Ross MediFit - Utah F2,285
3638 Phoebe H Keweenaw Fitness F112,270
3639 Zachary K Keweenaw Fitness M112,270
3640 Ruben Voluntad CHIPS Fitness Center M2,250
3641 Alison Ellsworth Upper Valley Rowing Foundation F272,250
3642 Karla Doty Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F2,247
3643 Michael Bank D&M Fitness M372,241
3644 J C Magsig C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M2,230
3645 Ashley Williams ILSM Rowers F2,221
3646 Ngamira Hodges-Warren  Fernwood Sunnybank F2,200
3647 David Lambros Crew Omni Fitness M552,200
3648 Tri Tran CHIPS Fitness Center F2,192
3649 Bryce Falvey Team NAS Pensacola M2,190
3650 Jaime Ammons MediFit - Utah F2,172
3651 Michele Serafin Keweenaw Fitness F2,158
3652 Chris Gardner MediFit - Utah M2,154
3653 Tom Kelley Final Results Fitness M2,134
3654 Jeffery Miller Team NAS Pensacola M2,130
3655 Mitchell Miller Team NAS Pensacola M2,124
3656 Simone Lazaras Fernwood Sunnybank F2,114
3657 Karen Kesler Team NAS Pensacola F2,103
3658 Warren Mercer Team NAS Pensacola M2,100
3659 Susan Palmer MediFit - Utah F2,098
3660 Abbey Dalgleish Fernwood Sunnybank F2,093
3661 Brenda Neumann Team NAS Pensacola F2,082
3662 Steve Gray MediFit - Utah M2,081
3663 Dennis  Harbour Keweenaw Fitness M2,077
3664 Cindy Blose Final Results Fitness F2,064
3665 Kenneth Van Norman Team NAS Pensacola M2,063
3666 Lisa S Pulse Generators F2,045
3667 NC Foster C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M2,040
3668 Ray Domalewski Final Results Fitness M2,037
3669 Bonnie Revelt WellZone F2,031
3670 Lillian Miller Team NAS Pensacola F2,022
3671 Amy Hamilton Final Results Fitness F2,021
3672 Moyuko F Fernwood Sunnybank F2,021
3673 Penny Schaeffer Final Results Fitness F2,018
3674 Ashley Serafin Final Results Fitness F2,016
3675 Sean Gallagher Team NAS Pensacola M2,015
3676 Brandon Davis STLCC Rowers M2,015
3677 Sam Kellogg Team NAS Pensacola M2,014
3678 Chris Simonds Final Results Fitness F2,013
3679 Devin North MediFit - Utah M2,013
3680 Dave Wells MediFit - Utah M2,012
3681 Marina Bruno Fernwood Sunnybank F2,000
3682 Sarah SaintLaurent YMCA Downtown Omaha F2,000
3683 dan narducci Crew Omni Fitness M2,000
3684 Andrew Terajewicz Community Rowing, Inc M172,000
3685 Aaron Ladd Community Rowing, Inc M182,000
3686 Becky Boyette University of Georgia F192,000
3687 hulaguhan iyisan Free Spirits M302,000
3688 TRACY O'hagan Core Dynamics Team F2,000
3689 Shannan Smith D&M Fitness F282,000
3690 Julia Radtke D&M Fitness F232,000
3691 Russell Griffin CrossFit Birmingham M282,000
3692 Billy Cosner Final Results Fitness M2,000
3693 Serena Cowing SanDisk F2,000
3694 BRITTA MILES Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F2,000
3695 Kris Karvakko Keweenaw Fitness M2,000
3696 Shirley Belej Keweenaw Fitness F2,000
3697 Steve Dobrowolski Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. M2,000
3698 Timothy Linu Team NAS Pensacola M2,000
3699 I. Damelio Team NAS Pensacola M2,000
3700 Kirk Hunter Wide Load Athletic Club (WLAC) M412,000
3701 Mandy Sherdi C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F2,000
3702 Wilson Wheeler C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M2,000
3703 Paige MacManus LUNA-TICS F362,000
3704 Lucy Ray MediFit - Utah F1,967
3705 Jim Hoobler C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M1,962
3706 Joann hanty C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F1,954
3707 Lee Ann Hobler C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F1,950
3708 Elizabeth Aguuilea YMCA Downtown Omaha F1,944
3709 Winifred Smith C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M1,940
3710 Rose Costello STLCC Rowers F1,933
3711 Jan Cripps Fernwood Sunnybank F1,924
3712 Leah M. Santosuosso Crew Omni Fitness F1,923
3713 Michelle Chan Fernwood Sunnybank F1,919
3714 Melinda Smith YMCA Downtown Omaha F1,902
3715 Kelly O Island Rowing Club F81,886
3716 Dan Komarzec Keweenaw Fitness M1,877
3717 Rebecca Swierczek YMCA Downtown Omaha F1,863
3718 Kelli DeSieno Final Results Fitness F1,848
3719 Brenda Bartholomew Final Results Fitness F1,841
3720 Linda Near ILSM Rowers F1,821
3721 Bob Kontz Crew Omni Fitness M1,750
3722 Leonie Motuis Fernwood Sunnybank F1,665
3723 Bitsy Galaska Final Results Fitness F1,649
3724 Kate SchembKi Fernwood Sunnybank F1,648
3725 jennifer lane WellZone F1,648
3726 Kathy Toth Final Results Fitness F1,615
3727 Rocio Hernandez YMCA Downtown Omaha F1,614
3728 Jacob Frazier Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M1,600
3729 Kevin Smith Team NAS Pensacola M1,600
3730 Derek Cunningham Team NAS Pensacola M1,600
3731 Emily Stewart Fernwood Sunnybank F1,566
3732 Skyler K RowPro Online F81,547
3733 Sarah Wimer QPRC wellness center F1,544
3734 Trang Troung MediFit - Utah F1,511
3735 Carletta Kemp STLCC Rowers F1,510
3736 Joan Consul Final Results Fitness F1,500
3737 Sue W-Wellness Walkabout Wellness F1,500
3738 Coral W-Wellness Walkabout Wellness F1,500
3739 Monica Jorgensen Fit2Live F1,500
3740 Stephanie Coon Keweenaw Fitness F1,470
3741 Michelle Tidwell Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F1,464
3742 Brenda Franchina MediFit - Utah F1,436
3743 Iriana Herrera Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F1,432
3744 Vicki Bricker Final Results Fitness F1,400
3745 A Markoff Team NAS Pensacola M1,400
3746 Chelsea Brand Team NAS Pensacola F1,400
3747 J. Webb Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F1,385
3748 Ron Schirm Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M1,382
3749 Becky Brown MediFit - Utah F1,376
3750 Lenni Coombe Final Results Fitness F1,371
3751 Helen W-Wellness Walkabout Wellness F1,340
3752 Jennifer Barclay ILSM Rowers F1,338
3753 Lisa McGuinness Fernwood Sunnybank F1,334
3754 jay flagg Core Dynamics Team M1,300
3755 Alex Jordan Rockwell Collins Recreation Center M1,241
3756 Joanne Brindley Old Colony YMCA F331,221
3757 Sylvia Malake Rockwell Collins Recreation Center F1,216
3758 L Perez Argueta Team NAS Pensacola F1,200
3759 Ann Brock Team NAS Pensacola F1,200
3760 Jerry Shenkenfielder C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M1,161
3761 Renee Kusznier Crew Omni Fitness F1,150
3762 Jennifer Hong CHIPS Fitness Center F1,143
3763 Sarah Venturini Team NAS Pensacola F1,135
3764 John Olman C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M1,134
3765 stephen sullivan Warwick Crew M451,120
3766 Robin Carlascio Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F1,113
3767 KC Mulhall Wenatchee Valley YMCA M1,100
3768 Pam Holt Fernwood Sunnybank F1,091
3769 Nikita Bledsoe MediFit - Utah F1,050
3770 Samah Bader Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F1,050
3771 Sara Haskins Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.- Morrisville, VT F331,048
3772 Bonnie Tsai Fernwood Sunnybank F1,034
3773 Johnna Kinney STLCC Rowers F1,028
3774 Tim Knapp Final Results Fitness M1,021
3775 Nina Roue Fernwood Sunnybank F1,016
3776 Maree Quizon Fernwood Sunnybank F1,015
3777 Alex Balga Final Results Fitness M1,015
3778 Hannah Cugowski Team NAS Pensacola F1,012
3779 Nancy Fincham Fit2Live F1,000
3780 Karen Meyer Fit2Live F1,000
3781 Leeny Hoffmann CrossFit St. Louis F1,000
3782 Ross Conklin Core Dynamics Team M1,000
3783 Terrie Dixson D&M Fitness F501,000
3784 Grisel Acosta D&M Fitness F281,000
3785 Candace Walker D&M Fitness F261,000
3786 Andrew Hawkins MediFit - Utah M979
3787 Janine Lambros Crew Omni Fitness F948
3788 tom wilsen Core Dynamics Team M934
3789 Janessa Darr Just For The Run Of It F932
3790 Gregg Guffrey C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M930
3791 Ed Coombe Final Results Fitness M893
3792 Diana McGee Final Results Fitness F890
3793 Bruce Koppelman Core Dynamics Team M874
3794 Jay FLAGG Core Dynamics Team M869
3795 Joann beggs Fernwood Sunnybank F832
3796 Sinead D LUNA-TICS F9828
3797 Jessica F Island Rowing Club F6803
3798 N Tighe C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F783
3799 Mareek Bellarvia Final Results Fitness F765
3800 Lisa Kilufi Fernwood Sunnybank F765
3801 Jo winner C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M762
3802 L Ethridge Fitness Plus F713
3803 Adela Perez Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F684
3804 Samantha Troester MediFit - Utah F658
3805 Tim Davis Core Dynamics Team M630
3806 Steve Heiner MediFit - Utah M610
3807 Ben R Keweenaw Fitness M11606
3808 Joerg W. Hollerbach Alpenresort Tyrol Austria M44600
3809 Shannon Fowler ILSM Rowers F590
3810 Alin Esban C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M574
3811 Dianne Tofilau Fernwood Sunnybank F550
3812 Edie Shaw C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move F530
3813 Nancy Anne Duxbury Halifax Rowing Association F69525
3814 Amy Babb Final Results Fitness F525
3815 Jamie Woods FitMix50 (Australia) M20519
3816 Whitney Schmidt MediFit - Utah F516
3817 I M McCaan Team NAS Pensacola M516
3818 Diane Chiang Fernwood Sunnybank F513
3819 Dustin Hamilton Crossfit Salem M31500
3820 Marie Wilkinson D&M Fitness F33500
3821 KAREN KLICK Kinetic Fitness Studio Denver, CO F500
3822 Vivian Lorish Final Results Fitness F384
3823 Meg Ellis Community Fitness Pointe of Munster, In. F377
3824 Kristina Foster Fernwood Sunnybank F300
3825 Milt Okum C2 Gang @ Fitness on the Move M221
3826 Juiang Ling Zhou Fernwood Sunnybank F219
3827 Jenna Bowan Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3828 Maddone Ko Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3829 Malia Foncea Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3830 Louisa Mclnemey Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3831 Josie Kernaglar Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3832 Deddie Kennedy Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3833 Naomi Fitzpatrick Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3834 Jean Clifford Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3835 Mary Bowkett Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3836 Natascha Schutte Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3837 Kerrie Brewin Fernwood Sunnybank F200
3838 Rob Kazmarek Adobe Fitness Center M115
3839 Lauren Cortes MediFit - Utah F59