Marko Lahnstein

Age: 61
Country: Australia
Location: Adelaide, SA
Affiliation: The Diamonds (Over Sixties Erging Group)
Team: The Diamonds (Over Sixties Erging Group)
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 187 lb
Wingspan: 6 ft 1 in
Logbook ID: 1161358
Member since: November 02, 2017

aka Joe Average.... previously long time swimmer inc open water swimming, then got into running about 13 years ago wanting to complete a local 12km fun run, progressing to half & full marathon running, then switched to triathlon in 2008, completing the Melbourne Ironman in 2013 during that time using crossfit endurance as cross training then progressing into crossfit as main form of training.. end of 2016 did a bit more rowing then latter half of this year managed to borrow a rower from a friend and now trying to improve technique & fitness, rowing 3-5 per week.
Meanwhile running my own small printing business in Adelaide South Australia.