2021 Challenge Calendar

We offer several challenges throughout the year to help keep you motivated. Learn more about them below and download the Challenge Calendar for posting on your wall.

Name Date
January Revolutions January 1–31
Virtual Team Challenge January 1–31
Tour de SkiErg February 1–28
Military Challenge February 1–28
Valentine Challenge February 9–14
Mud Season Madness March 1–31
World Erg Challenge March 15–April 15
Marathon and Century Challenge May 1–15
Juneteenth June 19
Summer Solstice June 20
Dog Days Of Summer August 1–28
Fall Team Challenge September 15–October 15
Skeleton Crew October 25–31
Holiday Challenge November 25–December 24

Other Events

World Rowing Indoor Sprints March 10-14
BikeErg Sprints July 7-11
SkiErg Sprints November 11-14

Current Challenges

Mud Season Madness

March 1–31

Row, ski or ride 5000 meters a day for 25 days in March to meet the basic Mud Season Challenge! Kick it up a notch and row, ski or ride 10,000 meters or more for 25 days in March to meet the advanced Mud Season Madness Challenge.

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Recent Challenges

Tour De SkiErg Challenge

February 1–28

In the Tour de SkiErg, your goal is to use the SkiErg to complete the specified events during the timeframes indicated. Good luck!

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Military Challenge

February 1–28

Open to all able-bodied and adaptive athletes who are or have been in the military, the Military Challenge invites you to row, ski or ride as many meters as you can from February 1 to 29.

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Valentine Challenge

February 9–14

Row, ski or ride 14,000 meters February 9–14 to earn Concept2-designed Valentine greetings for that special someone!

Note: BikeErg meters are counted as half when applied to the challenge.

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Upcoming Challenges

World Erg Challenge

March 15–April 15

Join a team (or create your own) to participate in the World Erg Challenge! Each team rows, skis or rides as many meters as they can collectively between March 15 and April 15. Note: This is a team challenge. You must belong to a team to participate. This is not the same as your club affiliation in your profile.

Full instructions can be found on the World Erg Challenge page.

To join or create a team, visit the Teams page.