April Fools' Challenge

April 1–15

Join us in April for a streak challenge with a difference. To take part, you need to row, ski or ride every day for 15 days from April 1. Each day, however, the distance you need to do rises. On April 1 you need to do at least 1000m. On April 2, you need to do at least 2000m, all the way up to 15,000m on April 15.

The Details

  • Row, ski or ride at least the correct amount each day from April 1 through to April 15.
    April 1: at least 1000 meters
    April 2: at least 2000 meters
    April 3: at least 3000 meters
    and so on up to at least 15,000 meters on April 15
  • Note: BikeErg meters are counted as half when applied to the challenge. So on April 1 you have to ride at least 2000m. On April 2 at least 4000m and so on.
  • You can combine meters from different machines, so for example on April 8, you could do 4000m on a RowErg and 4000m on a SkiErg.
  • This is an individual challenge. There is no sign up. You do not need to belong to a team to participate.
  • Meters must be entered online.
  • Kid's April Fools Challenge allows kids (aged 16 and under) to participate by adding 500m per day instead of 1000m.
    April 1: at least 500 meters
    April 2: at least 1000 meters
    April 3: at least 1500 meters
  • Adaptive athletes can choose to participate at the 500m or 1000m levels.
  • Note: RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg meters only.

Who Can Participate

Anyone with an online logbook at concept2.com can participate in this challenge.

Incentives and Rewards

Participants who meet the challenge can enjoy:

  • Name inclusion on the April Fools' Challenge Honor Boards.
  • A specially designed downloadable certificate.
  • The option to purchase April Fools' goodies at our third-party fulfillment vendor (availability varies by country).