Michael Burling

Age: 66
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Milton Keynes
Affiliation: The Diamonds (Over Sixties Erging Group)
Team: The Diamonds (Over Sixties Erging Group)
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 165 lb
Adaptive Rowing Category: PR3 (PD)
Adaptive Skiing Category: STAN
Logbook ID: 1185762
Member since: February 17, 2018

I have been a regular user of the Concept2 rower since 2001, originally as able bodied.
I had a cycling accident in July 2016 resulting in spinal cord injury. I am a tetraplegic; therefore I am an adaptive Concept2 rower.
For the 30+ years prior to this accident I was a competitive athlete (track/field/cross country) who used cycling and rowing as a support for athletics. Post accident I have returned to athletics (throws only) where I am classified by British Athletics as F35.
My life time best perfomances as an able bodied Concept2 rower were all achieved on the 'Model D' in 2004 (when I was 47). These are:
My best performances as an able bodied Concept2 rower on the 'Model E' were all achieved when over 50 and these are:
1k-3.25.0 (2007),
2k-7.00.2 (at the BIRC 2008),
5k-18.38.4 (2007),
10k-38.10.8 (2007),
60 minutes-14925metres (2008).

In December 2021 I purchased and had installed in my gym a SkiErg. Never to old for a new experience. Results; we shall have to wait and see!

Note: All the above is documented for a reason; so I can easily review to keep my memory.

Ranked Workouts for Current Season

Date Event Result Pace Type
08/30/23 4:00.0 923m 2:10.0 RowErg
06/03/23 1,000m 4:20.9 2:10.4 RowErg
10/07/23 2,000m 9:04.6 2:16.1 RowErg
08/10/23 5,000m 23:47.4 2:22.7 RowErg
05/15/23 6,000m 28:38.7 2:23.2 RowErg
08/03/23 30:00.0 6,298m 2:22.9 RowErg
11/01/23 10,000m 49:44.7 2:29.2 RowErg
03/30/24 500m 2:49.6 2:49.6 SkiErg
11/12/23 1,000m 5:34.8 2:47.4 SkiErg
04/10/24 2,000m 11:33.4 2:53.3 SkiErg