Jonathan Cohen

Age: 55
Country: United States
Location: San Antonio, TX
Affiliation: U.S. Army Veterans
Team: Team Blue Wave
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 200 lb
Ranking ID: 1224874
Member since: November 07, 2018

I started "erging" about 2 years ago when my knee issues became so bad that I could not bike, elliptical, or walk ( I did a lot of limping) without pain. The C2 was the only exercise I found that I could do without pain. I had my knee replaced in December 2017 and I am doing much better. The doctor said I can row as much as I want and I have come to enjoy it. I started logging my mileage and being part of Team Blue Wave this past November and I truly enjoy the comradery and the technical details of what we do. Here is to a great 2019 and many, many meters of rowing!

Ranked Workouts for Current Season

Date Event Result Pace Type
05/16/19 1:00.0 311m 1:36.4 Indoor Rower
05/07/19 1,000m 3:29.0 1:44.5 Indoor Rower
05/14/19 4:00.0 1,125m 1:46.6 Indoor Rower
05/02/19 2,000m 7:19.6 1:49.9 Indoor Rower
05/03/19 5,000m 19:44.0 1:58.4 Indoor Rower
05/29/19 6,000m 23:49.3 1:59.1 Indoor Rower
05/27/19 10,000m 40:28.9 2:01.4 Indoor Rower
06/21/19 1:00:00.0 14,086m 2:07.7 Indoor Rower
05/25/19 21,097m 1:33:04.8 2:12.3 Indoor Rower
06/15/19 42,195m 3:16:10.9 2:19.4 Indoor Rower