Steven Lockhart

Age: 50
Country: Canada
Location: Kamloops, BC
Affiliation: Team Canada
Team: Dark Horse Rowing
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 150 lb
Logbook ID: 1304792
Member since: December 15, 2019

For some reason I can row on a leg that's too injured to run on (minor injury if you'd even call it an injury) so I'm rowing while my leg heals. I'm hooked on rowing though so I'll have to find time for rowing even when I go back to running. Been checking out the videos Dark Horse provides on youtube. Really starting to enjoy the idea of becoming technically proficient because I'm certainly not a big powerful guy.

Recent Workouts View log

Date Time Distance Pace Type
02/21/24 33:02.8 6,965m 2:05.2 RowErg
02/20/24 49:07.6 8,247m 2:04.2 RowErg
02/20/24 4:42.4 1,020m 2:18.4 RowErg
02/16/24 24:00.0 4,707m 2:03.8 RowErg
02/16/24 10:47.2 2,342m 2:18.1 RowErg