simon barnes

Age: 59
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Worthing
Team: Age Without Limits
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 161 lb
Wingspan: 6 ft 2 in
Logbook ID: 1356584
Member since: April 27, 2020

Been indoor rowing for over 30 years. Bought a Model B in the late 1980's having used one in the university gym. Must have done 70-80m lifetime meters, my log is for my current machine only and excludes the gym. Went to CRASH-B in 2000 placed 4th (:-() done many BIRCs (but no BRICS), got a bronze medal most times, and a couple of EIRCs. Stopped for 2-3 years a dozen years or so ago, after a nasty relationship breakdown, picked it up again and struggled having I think lost a lot of strength. Frustrated with physical decline in my 50's, not least what seemed to be severe arthritis a couple of years ago which made my shoulders and hips hurt, my fingers hurt and my knees swell up. Lots of ibuprofen ('the athletes breakfast') then naproxen. I kept rowing but at a reduced pace. Then that cleared up partially, no medical explanations offered. Feel like I'm paddling a bit now. Never row without music, I have some mixing software and make trance music playlists reduced in tempo to 120bpm hence most of my sessions are done at 30spm, bit naughty probably but it suits me...

Recent Workouts View log

Date Time Distance Pace Type
02/05/23 48:37.6 9,465m 2:04.5 RowErg
01/28/23 53:17.6 10,504m 2:02.3 RowErg
01/26/23 53:08.9 10,677m 2:01.9 RowErg
01/24/23 42:58.5 8,486m 2:03.6 RowErg
01/23/23 26:31.1 5,297m 2:01.6 RowErg