Stephen Hopkins

Age: 63
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Birmingham
Affiliation: RowAlong
Team: RowAlong
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 162 lb
Wingspan: 3 ft 6 in
Logbook ID: 1427325
Member since: December 15, 2020

I am a runner with nearly 40 years experience.
Decided after my latest time out due to injury back in April 2020 to try rowing to supplement the running. Have found it to be a great way of keeping all round fitness and now I have took the plunge and bought a C2. Looking forward to new challenges though I will never give up on running so long as the legs will carry me!

Recent Workouts View log

Date Time Distance Pace Type
05/24/24 6:03.3 1,227m 2:28.0 RowErg
05/23/24 3:04.3 588m 2:36.7 RowErg
05/23/24 20:53.4 5,000m 2:05.3 RowErg
05/23/24 10:00.0 2,105m 2:22.5 RowErg
05/23/24 6:05.6 1,263m 2:24.7 RowErg