Ole Kristian Karlsen

Age: 60
Country: Norway
Location: Skedsmo
Affiliation: SUB-7 IRC
Team: Team Thor
Weight: 271 lb
Logbook ID: 725221
Member since: April 22, 2008

I was a runner and skier until I was 21. Then I had health problems (ME) until I was nearly 40. I used rowing as a main part of my recovery combined with weights, running and skiing. I started with 500 meter and got some good results. I won 500 meters in Norwegian Championships 2009 an 4*500 meter relay with my friends in Avancia 2011 also Norwegian record (5:25:7). My strength is the combination of long distances and sprint. Half marathon time on my picture was a great day where I started at 1:53 average speed to be warm and ended up at 1:35 speed.

Ranked Workouts for Current Season

Date Event Result Pace Type
05/25/24 4:00.0 1,292m 1:32.8 RowErg