Bill Bennett

Age: 69
Country: United States
Location: Tucson, AZ
Affiliation: RowPro Rowers
Team: RowPro Team
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 160 lb
Logbook ID: 851327
Member since: July 03, 2009

(updated November 2019) I've been rowing C2 on and off for about 30 years. Admittedly more off than on most of those years, but I'm back in an "on" phase. Lifetime rowing is something over 2 million meters but this season I've rowed about 400,000 so far. I row a lot on RowPro, the online rowing software that allows rowing in a connected group. I row around 2:15/500m for long distance (5k+). If you're interested in getting together in a RowPro session send me email and we'll set it up.

Recent Workouts View log

Date Time Distance Pace Type
06/22/22 36:00.0 6,169m 2:55.0 RowErg
06/15/22 36:00.0 6,204m 2:54.0 RowErg
06/08/22 36:00.0 6,168m 2:55.0 RowErg
06/01/22 36:00.0 6,201m 2:54.1 RowErg
05/25/22 36:00.0 6,201m 2:54.1 RowErg