BikeErgs don't float

A team for the new kids on the block - the BikeErg-ers! Whether you have a BikeErg or use one or just dream about them - join up and erg away! NOTE: Rowing and skiing meters welcome also.

Athlete Age Location Country
Beverly Frans 53 Almonte, ON CAN
Dave Preston 42 Fall City, WA USA
Jeff Flood 70 Brighton, MI USA
Jeff Longley 52 Roxborough, CO USA
Jim Merry 75 Cantonment, FL USA
Joseph Wyatt 66 Hermitage , PA USA
Keif Samulski 44 Modesto, CA USA
Lloyd Hart 34 Exeter GBR
Luc Poirier 58 Ottawa, ON CAN
Mark Methven 68 Brookline, MA USA
Mark Levy 64 Redondo Beach, CA USA
Mark Lyons 60 Charlotte, VT USA
Michael Rutherford 60 Prairie Village, KS USA
Patrick Lee 43 Loveland, OH USA
Paul Villeneuve 41 Edmonton, AB CAN
nancy wyatt 59 clarion, PA USA