Lake Leelanau Rowing Club 2019

For those who intend to participate in the 2019 spring season, we have planned the best winter training program ever with the ultimate goal of not only having a lot of fun but also lowering your 2K PR by 20-30 seconds. Masters- a great way to keep fit and train for World rowing trips. For Juniors this work is essential for success at Midwest Junior Championships, and you all have the possibility of getting noticed by college recruiters. Our winter training erg and weight circuits will be adapted for high school by the head coach of Grand Valley Crew working together with our coaches and visiting occasionally throughout the winter. In addition, there will be two skate skiing sessions per week plus yoga and indoor soccer. With up to seven training sessions per week in total all winter, including three early morning, even athletes with other afternoon sports can still participate in much to keep themselves fit for rowing and enjoying our extraordinary team camaraderie. The winter modules are based on national Concept 2 indoor rowing challenges culminating in our spring training trip to Sarasota and the junior Clemson Sprints regatta; both indoor and on-water, every program in 2019 is geared to offering a new recruit a positive training experience culminating in a real team competitive goal.

Athlete Age Location Country
Andrew Hankins 56 Suttons Bay, MI USA
Caroline SchaeferHills 46 Suttons Bay, MI USA
Claudia Lounis 68 MAPLE CITY, MI USA
Elizabeth Roth 55 Cedar, MI USA
John Plough 39 MI USA
Joseph Carter 65 USA
Lauren Breederland 21 USA
Leslie Maclin 62 Evanston, IL USA
Lindy Kellogg 47 USA
Matthew Joppich 55 Lake Leelanau , MI USA
Melinda Hollands 57 USA
Mike Shaw 51 USA
mindy hawley 47 Lake Leelanau, MI USA
Shannon Scott 51 USA
Susan DeCamillis 62 Traverse City, MI USA
Susan O'Connor 47 Traverse City, MI USA