Athletic Club Rowing (LE Phoenix - Arizona)

Athletic Club Rowing is a group of police officers, family and supporters from the Phoenix Police Department and surrounding agencies that use rowing as a way to stay fit for duty. Stay sharp. Stay fit. Be safe. Never Quit. Follow us at @athleticclubrowing on Facebook. Use ErgZone to log meters using the Bluetooth from your device and the Concept2 rowing machine. Row to Honor uses ErgZone to make free workouts to honor our fallen. If you are a Phoenix PD officer or an officer in Arizona and want to learn more, email Rob Sandoval at

Athlete Age Location Country
Adam Timm 44 USA
Adrian Andrade 43 USA
Adrian Barrios 43 AZ USA
AJ Casados 47 USA
Alexander Warner 27 USA
Amanda Gallegos 42 USA
Amber Eastin 43 USA
Andrea Alexander 42 USA
andrew williams 39 USA
Annie J 47 USA
Anthony Volpe 42 USA
Anthony Pankowski 49 USA
Antonio Rodriguez 39 USA
Ashley Kiper 35 USA
Ben Fernandez 43 USA
Blake Richey 41 USA
Blake Hammond 49 USA
Brandon Casillas 37 USA
Brandon Warner 45 Surprise , AZ USA
Brandy Smith 42 AZ USA
Brent Freyberger 39 USA
Brian Freudenthal 50 Phoenix, AZ USA
Brodie Chaffin 31 USA
Bryan K. 43 USA
Bryon Kuehn 42 USA
Bryon Bewley 43 USA
Caleb Gallagher 30 USA
Cameron Prior 29 USA
Carl Clovis 53 USA
Carrie Howard 48 Waddell, AZ USA
Charles Holton 43 USA
Chris Bennett 47 USA
Chris B - Phoenix, AZ USA
Chris Gill 43 USA
chris berrelleza 41 phoenix, AZ USA
Christina Chavez 47 USA
Christopher Fessler 39 USA
Christopher Sund 45 Phoenix, AZ USA
Christopher Granado 59 USA
Cliff Lewis 50 Phoenix , AZ USA
Cody Pont 29 USA
Cole Bennett 29 USA
Name withheld
Daniel Brademeyer 29 USA
Dave McCorkle 50 USA
Dave Murphy 44 USA
David Salas 46 USA
Dawnasie Martin 45 USA
Derik Neier 41 USA
Diego Nieves 30 USA
Doug Michaud 39 USA
Edgar Munalem 55 USA
Eric Newton 39 USA
Eric Bauman 33 USA
Everard Ibarola 49 USA
Garrett Sawtelle 29 USA
Hayden Cox 18 USA
Ian Jewett - USA
J Hovland 50 USA
Jack Bowman 54 Chandler, AZ USA
Jaclyn Anderson 44 USA
James Lukash II 46 USA
James Nuttall 38 GBR
jamie gonzalez 43 USA
Jared Smart 47 USA
Jason Davis 54 USA
Jay Johnson 53 Phoenix, AZ USA
Jeff Meyers 55 USA
Jeff Knaup 58 USA
Jeff Reeson 40 USA
Jeff Cichosz 48 USA
Jenilee Arnson 42 Phoenix, AZ USA
jennelle casillas 38 USA
Jennifer DiPonzio 44 USA
Joscelynn Bellah - Chandler , AZ USA
joseph gage 44 USA
Josh Slagle 35 USA
Joshua Baron 36 USA
Justin Ferrari 43 Peoria, AZ USA
Justin Wechsler 43 USA
Justin Brush 32 USA
Justin Caplan 48 AZ USA
Justin Walker 42 USA
Karen Smith - Tempe, AZ USA
karen anderson - USA
Kathleen Brennan 30 USA
Katie Rasset 41 USA
Kayla Conroy 29 USA
Kelly Varney 49 USA
Kristin Lear 36 USA
Name withheld
Lawrence Rosky 41 USA
Lisa Brockman 51 USA
Lisa Gutierrez 38 USA
Lorenzo M 5 USA
Luis Samudio 56 USA
Manuel Reyes 35 USA
Marchele Miller 52 USA
Marcos Renteria 35 USA
Marcos Rosales 39 USA
Marlee S 14 USA
Matt O'Malley 41 USA
Name withheld
Matthew Montani 29 USA
Michael Penn 45 Phoenix USA
Michael Lanning 57 Peoria, AZ USA
Michelle Ferrari 37 USA
Mike Ross 55 Phoenix, AZ USA
Milis Momcilov 42 USA
Nicholas Rubino 32 USA
Nicholas DiPonzio 52 USA
Nick Espinoza 27 USA
Nicole Mijajlovic 48 USA
Nieko P 14 USA
Parker Currie 32 USA
Pete Borquez - Phoenix, AZ USA
Raul Saenz 34 USA
Reuben Rodriguez 40 USA
Richard Hardy 39 USA
Rob Scotford - USA
Rob Sandoval 45 Phoenix, AZ USA
Robert Durka 59 USA
Robert Adrion 54 USA
Rosemary Wilson 53 USA
Ryan Hawkins 48 Chandler, AZ USA
Sara Fields 40 USA
scott womack 50 USA
Sean Connolly 55 USA
Sean Muniz 51 USA
Seth Fretheim 30 USA
Sherie Patterson - USA
Stacy Smith 37 Phoenix USA
steve meyer 58 Goodyear, AZ USA
Steve Ramirez 43 USA
steven Lohcner 59 Gilbert, AZ USA
T Beverly 36 USA
Tim Essick 45 USA
Timothy Lynch 42 Phoenix, AZ USA
Toby Crosser 44 USA
Todd Guilford 43 Phoenix, AZ USA
Todd Murphy 41 USA
Tristyn Ray 25 USA
Tu Phan 42 USA
Tu Phan 42 USA
Tyler Winget 46 USA
Tyler Luna 31 USA
Vincent Cole 38 USA
William Jou 47 USA
William Underwood 57 USA