DiGCo Rowing Team

DiGCo Rowing Team hails from Independence, Ohio. We are a group of rowing enthusiasts who work hard in the office and row even harder. We know how to "dig deep" on the construction site and on the erg.

Athlete Age Location Country
Dan Liptak 54 Independence, OH USA
Darren Krolikowski 28 USA
heidi cimperman 53 USA
James Henrikson 60 USA
Ken Haber 67 Cleveland Heights, OH USA
Matt Marcum 50 Independence, OH USA
Rick Brzeczkowski 60 Cleveland, OH USA
rick dolejs 59 USA
Rocco Iascone 48 USA
Samantha Husted 33 USA
Stacey Kirth 49 USA
Susan Cashdollar 39 USA
Sydney Liptak 24 USA
Warren Carter 73 Akron, OH USA