Northcliff Concept Cardio

Northcliff concept cardio team, join us in achieving the challenges throughout the year.

Athlete Age Location Country
Anita Hendriks 37 RSA
Barry Stuart 43 RSA
Cameron Kiloh 39 Johannesburg RSA
Jacques Leipoldt 44 RSA
Name withheld
Joao de Figueiredo 39 RSA
Mario Fourie 48 Johannesburg RSA
Maruschka Cameron 34 RSA
Natasha Kiloh 38 RSA
Paula Vermeulen 48 RSA
Shannel Hutchins 29 RSA
Sheena De Figueiredo 32 RSA
Tayla-Kate de Boer 24 RSA
Taylor Swanepoel 23 RSA
Warren Naested 31 RSA