Holofit Rowing Team

Helped by virtual reality, we love to row in Antarctica among whales and seagulls, on mountain lakes with cows and chamois, in mines with trapped turtles, in the desert, under the sea with dolphins and jellyfish or in space, between meteors and black holes! We love rowing, we love challenges, we love Holofit app from Holodia and we love our Concept2 ergometers !

Athlete Age Location Country
Aaron Anton 47 USA
Allan Phillips 62 Short Hills, NJ USA
Andrew Mullican 55 Columbia, MD USA
Bill Lees 63 San Diego, CA USA
Bob Arons 49 Boulder, CO USA
Bojana Knezevic 43 SUI
Brian Moulton 50 Somerville, MA USA
Danny Moore 41 Chichester GBR
Dave Baker 58 Newark, NJ USA
Deborah Phillips - Short Hills, NJ USA
Elisha Baker 40 WV USA
Eric McCance - Toronto, ON CAN
James Steel 40 Manchester GBR
Jamie Emanuel 47 Geneva SUI
John Bonacorda 52 USA
Kevin Brook 46 Devon GBR
Kristy Sketeris 43 Monrovia, CA USA
Lloyd Jason Phillips 51 Winter Garden, FL USA
Majbritt Andersen 57 Frederiksberg DEN
Marc Schelcher 35 Perth, WA AUS
mark qii 56 Weehawken, NJ USA
marsha dixon 57 USA
Melinda Kiss 37 Amsterdam NED
Michael Simko 48 Fishers, IN USA
Michel Arnould 64 Villiers-St-Georges FRA
Najee Williams 62 Panorama City, CA USA
Neil Mager 61 Westford, MA USA
Nick Wickens 56 Tonbridge GBR
Paige Waters 50 Olympia, WA USA
Patricia Bueckert 62 CAN
Peter Koenigs 67 Bangkok THA
Rajabhorn Onlamai 45 Bangkok THA
Raman Arora 50 USA
Ray Lawrence 51 GBR
Richard Painter 45 Chesterfield GBR
Scott Wheeler 56 Woodland Hills, CA USA
Sylvain DAVRIL 47 Mennecy FRA
Tonya Anton 46 Olathe, KS USA