BDBC winter trainers

Bytown Dragon Boat Club paddlers who like to row indoors during the winter along with x-fit, skiing, snowshoeing and generally keeping each other accountable New at this challenge and hope more paddlers join in!

Athlete Age Location Country
Aaron Holtzman 49 CAN
Catherine Smyth 58 CAN
Denise Ludington 51 CAN
Gabe de Puyjalon 64 Ottawa, ON CAN
Jane Cheesman 64 Ottawa, ON CAN
Jocelyn MacKenzie 63 ON CAN
Liz Gilbert (Yukon GirlPower) 53 Manotick, ON CAN
Marie-Andree Jacques 50 CAN
Mark Brule 60 CAN
Megan Holtzman 47 CAN
Ron Smith 63 Ottawa, ON CAN