CrossFit Linchpin

Since 2014 we have been a CrossFit affiliate dedicated to providing you the most effective and fun workouts possible that can be done at home, in your garage gym or commercial gym. Our program will maximize your fitness while minimizing the time you need to spend training. We have you covered regardless of whether you have lots of equipment, just a pair of dumbbells or literally no gear at all. It does not matter if you are already a great athlete or a beginner. Our workouts can be scaled and modified to meet any level of fitness. Best of all, you will be joining a true community which will help keep you motivated. Click on the "Private Track" tab for a 30-day free trial. We are a global community of amazing, positive and supportive people dedicated to making themselves better everyday through functional movements, variance and relative intensity.

Athlete Age Location Country
Adam Wilson-Hwang 48 USA
Adam Framme 38 USA
Alan Bledsoe 47 USA
Andrew Flamm 39 USA
Andrew Arreza 36 Stouffville, ON CAN
Andrew Flamm 40 USA
Andy Banse 43 North Liberty, IA USA
Angela Welch 43 San Antonio, TX USA
Anthony Aponte 29 USA
Ash P 34 AUS
Ashley Schorsch 41 CO USA
Ben Ryan 34 AUS
Benjamin Harrell 29 USA
Bernhard Meder 38 Uffing am Staffelsee GER
Beth Genung 57 Syracuse, NY USA
Blake Permenter 42 USA
Bonnie Smith 52 Hudson , NY USA
Brett Freliche 53 Morgan Hill, CA USA
Brian Korte 42 USA
Bridget B 51 MD USA
Buck Elliott 39 USA
Carl Fitzpatrick 58 GBR
Cat Holman 50 Fort Myers, FL USA
Caylee Sprague 28 USA
Chad Meeks 42 USA
Charles Dutton 66 Chantilly, VA USA
Chris Athey 33 USA
Chris G 50 USA
Chris Robinson 41 USA
Chris Bell 41 Albany, WA AUS
Christine Searle 55 SUI
Christopher Letko 41 USA
Ciaran McHugh 40 Donegal IRL
Claudene Mars 42 USA
Clint Erickson 37 Georgetown, KY USA
Conner Fugler 44 USA
Corey Steele 44 USA
Craig Baker 48 AUS
D C 38 St Louis USA
Danick Jalbert 30 CAN
Danny McVey 36 Redlands, CA USA
David Davies 38 GBR
Deandre Garner 54 USA
Denny Hernandez 43 NC USA
Drew Reinders 47 Ashburn, VA USA
Emma Murphy 35 GBR
Eric Feller 41 Oldenburg, IN USA
Eric Meyerowitz 53 Short Hills, NJ USA
Gary Moody 63 Columbus, IN USA
Hana Stephenson 42 CAN
Heather Wilson 48 USA
Holly White 38 USA
Jana Michaud 36 Cambridge , ON CAN
Jarmo Lahtinen 56 FIN
Jay Dalton 40 CAN
Jen Smith 46 Duluth, MN USA
Jen Wirag 45 CAN
Jennifer Cotter 40 St.John's, NL CAN
John Sauer 37 Longmont, CO USA
John Barrett 39 USA
John Miller 43 Owenton, KY USA
John Gerads 46 MN USA
John Neiman 46 NJ USA
Jonathan Brothers 35 Austin, TX USA
Josh Gilfillan 39 AUS
Josh Brant 43 USA
Justin Carter 44 Florence, AL USA
Justin Annear 42 Melbourne, VIC AUS
Karen Yackiel 60 WHITE HAVEN , PA USA
Kayte Watmough 46 Woodstock, ON CAN
ken brown 52 USA
Keston John 39 USA
Kevin DeLuna 37 Cashion, OK USA
Kevin Bowman 48 OH USA
kim jaques 44 GBR
Kim Cho 33 USA
Laura Doherty 40 IRL
Lauren Keenan 33 USA
Laurie Schwartz 52 USA
Logan Dedmon 33 Knoxville, TN USA
Marc-Antoine Porcin 36 FRA
Mark Sellner 31 Tempe, AZ USA
Mark Williams 48 USA
Martin Jaspers 38 GER
Melanie Johnson 32 USA
Melissa L 51 USA
Melissa Bridges 45 USA
Michael Gysin 46 SUI
Michael Whitton 39 Durham, NC USA
Michael Williams 34 Birmingham GBR
Mitch Webster 40 USA
Paul Marquis 56 USA
paul overlien 52 USA
Paul Schevenhoven 49 NED
Paul Dukes 44 CAN
Rachel Hoad 30 QLD AUS
Rebecca Lovie 43 GBR
Renée Trueman 43 USA
Rogan Wienert 32 USA
Ross Lambert 41 LA USA
Rudy Muzquiz 54 USA
Ruth Burrows-Kerr 45 GBR
Ryan Stafford 42 Pelham, AL USA
Sam Jones 29 USA
Sarah Lount 45 NZL
Scott Francis 47 Belville, NC USA
Scott Zigman 55 Seattle, WA USA
Seth Wallace 48 CA USA
Simon Scott 42 GBR
Steve Berg 50 Bend, OR USA
Steve Corno 39 CAN
Steven Trueman 41 USA
Tess Jacquez 34 Portland, ME USA
Thomas Rigby 35 GBR
Tom evans 37 GBR
Tom Murphy 37 USA
Name withheld
Wade Roth 56 Pittsburgh, PA USA
Weston Flamm 47 USA
Zach Thompson 38 USA