The Delivery Room

An Indoor Rowing team focused on working hard and making gains, there is no such thing as a recovery row, junk meters are just that, there is no flawed 2k + planning in this room

Athlete Age Location Country
Alex Wright 38 GBR
Antonio Facciponti 46 Stoke On Trent GBR
Bryan Bunch 52 Arab, AL USA
Didier Lamarque 44 Rose hill MRI
Dmitry Razumov 36 Tel Aviv ISR
Freddy Banales 32 Flemington, NJ USA
Ian Gallagher 41 Baulkham Hills, NSW AUS
James Horsfall 39 AUS
James Wild 49 GBR
Jamie Russell 36 London GBR
Karl Hoods 50 Beckenham GBR
Lars Arnbak 42 Malling DEN
Mark Tremblay 54 Atlanta, GA USA
Name withheld
Matt Fuller 33 Manchester GBR
Nathaniel Wright 39 Deep River, ON CAN
Peter Kragh 43 DEN
Richard Wood 39 RSA
Rob Birmingham 40 AUS
Ryan McCormack 50 Bournemouth GBR
Samuel Fuller 38 GBR
Simon Frost 35 Devon GBR
Sven Wittchen 48 AUS
Tom Millard 43 GBR
Tony Maddocks 50 Leigh on Sea GBR
Troy Frerichs 47 Bloomington, IL USA