Sound Rowers

Sound Rowers Open Water Rowing and Paddling Club is a volunteer, non-profit organization whose sole function is to sponsor human-powered boat racing for weekend and world class athletes. Membership fees are low and provide a significant discount on race entry fees. Entry fees are detailed with each race description. We sponsor a number of races throughout the Puget Sound area. These races are generally low-key, but highly competitive, usually with 30-50 boats involved. Distances range from 6 to 26 miles, with most falling into the 6-10 mile range. Ribbons are awarded for the first three places in a wide range of classifications, by gender but not by age. Race participants include Olympians and octogenarians, men and women, and are roughly equal in numbers of kayakers and rowers, with a few canoeists and occasional exotic craft making regular appearances. Non-members are encouraged to participate, but are advised to be in suitable condition and of sufficient skill to complete the course at a steady, non-competitive pace. PFD’s and a whistle are required for each participant. The club functions relatively loosely, with a general membership meeting held once a year in December, and other business taken care of as necessary by communication among the officers of the club. This is not primarily a social club, though there are often post-race functions at which awards are presented, refreshments served and participants socialize.

Athlete Age Location Country
Ivan Storck 52 Seattle, WA USA
Jill Komoto 61 USA
Michael Lampi 66 Bellevue, WA USA
Paal Ryan 57 WA USA