Tri-Cities Rowing Association

Tri-Cities Rowing Association (TCRA) is a service-oriented rowing community whose mission is to offer all people—regardless of their background—an opportunity to participate in a sport that connects individuals to themselves, their neighbors, and their environment. TCRA currently meets to launch at either Osprey Point in Pasco, WA, or Leslie Groves Park in Richland, WA. Rowing on the Columbia River is a magnificent experience and a unique way to connect to the natural world around us.

Athlete Age Location Country
Anthony Lovato Jr 45 WA USA
Brent Schafer 28 Kennewick USA
Danielle Craigen 41 Richland , WA USA
David Curran 59 Richland, WA USA
David Arnold 57 USA
Eric Van Mason 43 USA
Jeff Estes 72 USA
Joyce Major 76 USA
Kaila Mitchell 39 USA
Kim Desousa 35 USA
Lisa Bagley 52 USA
Louise Calibo 61 Richland, WA USA
Michael Mealer 43 Richland, WA USA
Monica McLain 37 USA
Patrick Williams 40 USA
Tamara Rowan 58 USA
Viktor Williamson 27 USA