Let's meet at the old boathouse on that river we have come to know so well. Let's greet one another with good cheer and recall our fourteen years of rowing together in these affairs. Our results have been nothing but quiet excellence. Nary a plaque, nor a momento of any kind has come our way, not even a listing on the final standings most years. But, we know in our heart of hearts what we have done and what we can do. We dance with the chronology which is ours for the shaping and we somehow move forward ever so gracefully, We share a spirit which is Ancient and sometimes wild. It comes when we join together and row as one.

Virtual Team Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
21 Darlene Brennan 73 Chandler, AZ USA 2,544,105m
47 Eric Kelsey 66 Cambridge GBR 1,344,009m
35 Clarence Pfaff 78 Washington, NC USA 1,231,938m
36 Tony Cotton 71 Derbyshire GBR 1,111,111m
41 Alan MacMillan 72 Brantford, ON CAN 872,000m
28 Terry Coging 78 Stafford GBR 859,882m
19 Eunice Overhulser 68 Salem, OR USA 763,697m
13 Heinz RUTH 76 Vienna AUT 750,000m
24 David Goldsmith 77 South Burlington, VT USA 701,098m
1 Joseph Heery 72 Old Lyme, CT USA 672,540m
31 Bob Sherman 75 Reno-Tahoe, NV USA 660,000m
42 Dick Walters 75 East Syracuse, NY USA 655,257m
18 Rocky Jordan 78 Boise, ID USA 609,150m
11 Jim Smart 86 Libby, MT USA 606,175m
30 David Smith 55 Carsac Aillac GBR 515,031m
5 ALBERT CROPANESE 70 Plainsboro, NJ USA 475,000m
44 Martin Hatch 64 Colchester, VT USA 458,511m
4 Fred Jones 74 Victoria, BC CAN 451,135m
7 Michael Kirsch 69 Tallahassee, FL USA 438,803m
12 Bill Keating 77 Union Vale, NY USA 430,595m
33 Virginia Vinyard 80 Denver, CO USA 425,000m
16 Peter Daniels 78 Cheltenham GBR 423,864m
8 David Dawson 78 Carmichael, CA USA 405,000m
37 Eric Tucker 73 Bushey , Herts.. GBR 400,001m
20 Dick Henry 69 Concord, NH USA 349,434m
39 Jack East 80 Strongsville, OH USA 308,000m
23 Name withheld 279,790m
17 Michael Derry 74 Utica, NY USA 263,611m
32 Dan Drury 70 Hanson, MA USA 263,287m
25 Shirley Sell 80 Crooked River Ranch, OR USA 257,539m
22 Duane Leonard 73 Kensington, CA USA 251,831m
45 Stephen Clark 56 Gold Coast, QLD AUS 250,000m
38 John Slack 73 Clinton, UT USA 240,479m
49 Bruno Gora 65 Henrico, VA USA 215,500m
40 Gerry Rosenthal 83 Bradford, VT USA 214,951m
29 Christopher John Green 82 Stockport GBR 212,153m
27 David Whip 76 Bradenton, FL USA 207,773m
2 John Hendrie 81 Sacramento, CA USA 186,000m
10 Judith Wilkinson 70 NJ USA 172,443m
34 Walter Rosocha 75 Toronto, ON CAN 172,002m
26 Randy Waite 67 Fairlawn, OH USA 170,878m
46 j tom king 76 southport, FL USA 168,370m
6 James Gobbett 76 Rovereto ITA 153,327m
9 Steve Shomstein 70 South Salem, NY USA 131,335m
3 Dave O'Connor 72 Raleigh, NC USA 121,471m
43 Vince Home 92 Alexandra Hills AUS 120,213m
14 James Sundheim 72 Clarks Summit, PA USA 106,550m
15 Karl Rieth 83 Queenstown, MD USA 104,000m
48 Beryl Home 86 Brisbane AUS 39,639m
50 Margaret Mitchell 72 Graham, WA USA 22,270m