This hard-core indoor rowing team formed in 2007 when the Reichart Family hoped to keep CAPT Bob sane during his year in Baghdad. The team name, Ariel Toy, orginates from their Mom and Dad's sailboat, and in that spirit we translate our indoor rowing meters into nautical miles. Our collective efforts power Ariel Toy across the Seven Seas, one January at a time! Over 11 January Virtual Challenges, Ariel Toy has traveled over 136 million meters!

Athlete Age Location Country
Alexander Stanovoy 46 Rochester Hills, MI USA
Andrei B. 64 Reston, VA USA
Andrew Reed 26 Wayland, MA USA
Anne Diggs 62 Vienna, VA USA
Beth Reichart 42 Annapolis, MD USA
Bob Reichart 55 Vienna, VA USA
Brison Ellinghaus 59 San Diego USA
Brittany Doyle 25 USA
Chris Wick 73 Mystic, CT USA
Dan Hagen 60 Harrison Twp., MI USA
Daniel Hass 56 Detroit, MI USA
Daniel LeBlanc 49 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI USA
Deb Adams 63 Rochester, NY USA
Dennis Brescoll 66 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI USA
Dennis J. Sitek 65 Grosse Ile, MI USA
Dixon Kirkland 60 Detroit, MI USA
Eric Pedersen 43 Poulsbo, WA USA
Harry Graves 29 Cincinnati, OH USA
Jack Davis 49 Millington, MD USA
James Childs 52 Poulsbo, WA USA
Jane Guertin 31 Cambridge, MA USA
Jay Manson 54 Wellesley, MA USA
Jennifer Gray 39 Aiea, HI USA
Jim Weitzmann 57 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI USA
Joan de Regt 62 Rowayton, CT USA
John de Regt 68 Rowayton, CT USA
John Graves 30 Cincinnati, OH USA
Keith Waddell 59 USA
Kristin Kaye 29 USA
Kyle Peabody 24 USA
Kyle Lafferty 30 Winston Salem, NC USA
Lynne Graves 61 Grand Isle, VT USA
Mary Tarr 40 GUM
Mary Ann Rusch 60 Grosse Pointe Shores, MI USA
Meghan Brundage 47 USA
Michael Lacina 24 USA
Michael Wattai 57 Troy, MI USA
Michael Thibault 63 Grosse Pointe Farms, MI USA
Owen Hughes 67 USA
Patrick Arsenault 62 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI USA
Peter Graves 33 Newport Beach, CA USA
Raymond Jones Jr. 75 Beverly Hills, MI USA
Richard Klein 31 Greenwich, CT USA
Richard Dak Malabre 57 South Boston, MA USA
Rob Sattler 62 Grosse Pointe Shores, MI USA
Rob Seski 59 LaSalle CAN
Thomas Graves 35 Newport Beach, CA USA
William Prioleau 29 Newport Beach USA
marcel stiffey 31 USA