Community Rowing, Inc

We are a real rowing club on the Charles River in Brighton, MA. Come down to the boat house and take a look around, sign up for some classes. We support adaptive and youth rowing as well as adults.

World Erg Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
10 Aaron Arnold 42 Newton, MA USA 242,189m
8 Paul Corcoran 27 Boston, MA USA 228,595m
4 Bart Shea 61 Boston, MA USA 184,602m
12 Christopher Campbell 46 Watertown, MA USA 152,093m
1 Matthew Meduna 38 Waltham, MA USA 107,183m
5 Emily Greven 23 USA 105,252m
2 Jennifer Pieszak 67 Brookline, MA USA 89,796m
6 Jay Luker 53 Lexington , MA USA 79,613m
9 John McDevitt 18 USA 57,475m
3 Bart Epker 61 Boston, MA USA 55,979m
13 Nico L 13 USA 49,999m
15 Sean OBrien 33 MA USA 48,033m
14 Michael Richardson-Bach 63 MA USA 21,480m
7 Thomas Pacinda 18 USA 0m
11 Anthony Saulez 17 USA 0m