Long Beach Rowing Association (LBRA)

Hello Teammates! If you want to challenge yourself or just count the meters you are already doing towards a competition this is the place to do it. Representing in Long Beach, California. http://www.longbeachrowing.org/

Virtual Team Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
4 Cynthia Hayes 60 La Canada, CA USA 528,243m
7 Kevin Vasquez 30 Burbank , CA USA 239,347m
6 Shari Ross 66 Wake Forest , NC USA 180,266m
9 Kimberly Fletcher 65 CA USA 162,078m
8 Martin T. O'Donnell 57 Long Beach, CA USA 160,731m
5 rebecca ballough 53 long beach, CA USA 151,645m
15 Mario Alvarez 37 USA 140,415m
1 Tim Anderson 68 Fall Creek, OR USA 103,556m
12 Marc Kashinsky 75 Long Beach, CA USA 92,509m
3 Andrea Arriola 46 Long Beach, CA USA 44,894m
13 Tatyana Bickford 55 CA USA 42,487m
11 val miller 64 long beach, CA USA 28,811m
17 Nathan Damas 23 USA 20,056m
10 Celeste Phelps 57 USA 19,436m
2 Sabrina Aris 51 Orange, CA USA 15,166m
14 Sherri Sussman 66 Long Beach USA 11,217m
18 Thomas Curwen 68 USA 7,817m
16 Alex Hsi 41 Rossmoor, CA USA 518m