Long Beach Rowing Association (LBRA)

Hello Teammates! If you want to challenge yourself or just count the meters you are already doing towards a competition this is the place to do it. Representing in Long Beach, California. http://www.longbeachrowing.org/

World Erg Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
4 Tara Wade 51 Moseley, VA USA 162,625m
6 Martin T. O'Donnell 56 Long Beach, CA USA 143,655m
2 Andrea Arriola 45 Long Beach, CA USA 101,786m
3 rebecca ballough 52 long beach, CA USA 75,988m
12 Sherri Sussman 65 Long Beach USA 65,207m
9 Tatyana Bickford 54 CA USA 53,124m
10 Katie Stapleton 37 Rolling Hills Estates, CA USA 23,948m
7 val miller 64 long beach, CA USA 22,064m
13 Tawny Correa 43 Long Beach, CA USA 19,503m
1 Sabrina Aris 51 Orange, CA USA 16,887m
5 Alyssa Neel 34 Long Beach , CA USA 2,000m
11 Jennifer Levy 62 USA 0m
8 Betty Chang 42 Cerritos, CA USA 0m