VaughanCon2 Crew

The VaughanCon2 Crew is comprised of men and women who work for the City of Vaughan in Ontario Canada. Their main goal is to find challenging ways to improve their fitness.

Athlete Age Location Country
Alison Munro 56 Vaughan, ON CAN
Audrey Hopper 46 Vaughan, ON CAN
Barbara Callam 46 Cambridge, ON CAN
Barbara Callam 46 Cambridge, ON CAN
Bonnie Firth 48 Barrie, ON CAN
Bruno Talotta 34 Vaughan, ON CAN
Catherine Atkari 50 King City, ON CAN
Christina Frondella 31 Vaughan, ON CAN
Danny Di Carlo 36 Vaughan, ON CAN
David Madore 55 Vaughan, ON CAN
Ingrid Harris 44 Vaughan CAN
Katie Elias 29 Vaughan CAN
Kyla Sherrard 33 CAN
Laura Venditti 64 Vaughan, ON CAN
Laurie Pezzetta 54 Ontario CAN
Liana Kearney 46 Tottenham, ON CAN
Lina Ljumanovic 26 Richmond Hill, ON CAN
Lloyd Noronha 38 Ontario CAN
Lucy D'Acunto 52 Ontario CAN
Mark Chiovitti 32 Maple, ON CAN
Mary Caputo 33 Ontario CAN
Melodie Ford 39 CAN
Michael Toshakovski 32 Vaughan CAN
Rick Chandler 57 Maple, ON CAN
Sarah Chapman 35 Vaughan CAN
Stephanie Arias 27 CAN
Stephen Graham 63 Toronto, ON CAN
Tina Di Biase 50 Nobleton, ON CAN
Vicky Panzarella 60 Vaugahan , Ontario AUS
Victoria Amato 38 Caledon, ON CAN