US Army

This is an open team, so whether you row one thousand meters per month or one million, come join the United States Army's team for the Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge 2014! Welcome to all currently serving Soldiers, veterans, dependents, and civilians who want to row with the greatest Army in the world!

World Erg Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
14 Keith Salzman 68 Keyport, WA USA 554,687m
2 Craig Newlin 67 Ocean Park, WA USA 369,000m
15 Nicholas Rolling 61 Vicenza ITA 294,702m
10 Chris Mitchell 41 USA 269,568m
6 James Pierce 64 PA USA 222,137m
20 Michael Ledoux 57 Watertown, NY USA 211,401m
13 Michael H 39 Colorado Springs, CO USA 208,326m
17 Michael J. Suk 53 CA USA 205,479m
12 Tobie Daigle 54 IN USA 175,159m
16 Matthew Wallis 53 FL USA 162,010m
5 J.D. Gagnon 52 Northport, AL USA 148,642m
1 David thompson 37 Stuttgart GER 134,352m
8 William Almon 68 Sandy Springs, GA USA 127,222m
4 Tom Crabtree 56 AL USA 104,500m
18 Paul Leavens 36 MA USA 58,003m
3 Brenden Anderson 54 Tampa, FL USA 56,210m
11 Mark Nieto 52 AK USA 41,045m
9 Dairus Barnes 37 Niceville, FL USA 36,042m
7 Robert Rapoza 61 Henderson, NV USA 0m
19 Robert Webster 41 USA 0m