Tribe Oaring

Our ancestors and relatives hail from the Banat Region near the Danube river which is the foundation for many water based rowing clubs. In memory of our ancestors and relatives, Tribe Oaring will strive for improved health through rowing. Tribe Oaring are two words derived from the phrase Banat Region.

Athlete Age Location Country
Amy Burkhardt 58 Elkridge, MD USA
Bridgette Robertson 35 Senoia, GA USA
Bridgette Robertson 35 Sharpsburg, GA USA
Chris Robertson 35 USA
Christopher Robertson 35 Sharpsburg, GA USA
Donna Burkhardt 63 Indian Land, SC USA
Emma Grassmick 118 n/a USA
Gabby Lynch 35 Williamsburg, VA USA
John Burkhardt 62 Indian Land, SC USA
Johnny Grassmick 118 n/a USA
Jonathan Grassmick 41 San Jose, NM USA
Ken Lynch 38 Williamsburg, VA USA
Melissa Grassmick 40 San Jose, NM USA
Suzanne Burkhardt 60 Mount Airy, MD USA
Ted Burkhardt 60 Mt Airy, MD USA
Thomas Burkhardt 59 Elkridge, MD USA