Ailish Sheehan All Stars

Remarkably, it is 6 years since Ailish died, but what a joy to erg in her memory again for the next month! I'd love it if you would join me again on the Fall Team Challenge, and please do invite anyone along who would like to put in some miles to honour this fabulous woman. Welcome again to the Ailish Sheehan All Stars!

Fall Team Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
5 Daniel Kendall 65 Royal Oak, MI USA 252,000m
13 Tony Sousa - Johannesburg RSA 133,000m
3 Eamonn Joyce 40 Cork IRL 132,551m
2 Gareth Evans 59 Bristol GBR 115,422m
6 Austin Milne 52 Bristol GBR 82,694m
11 Ian Harding 52 GBR 45,974m
10 Katherine Windsor 30 GBR 35,392m
12 finbarr whelan 53 IRL 31,779m
8 Archie Milne 15 GBR 25,000m
4 Daphne Scott 62 Bellingham, WA USA 23,902m
9 Scott Padbury 40 Bristol GBR 12,000m
7 Anna Kottkamp 29 USA 11,300m