Belmont Rowing Center

Belmont Rowing Center is a non-profit rowing center whose mission is to provide affordable and accessible rowing programs for youth and adults as a means to promote the sport, foster teamwork and encourage a healthy lifestyle

Athlete Age Location Country
Amber Rumple 37 USA
Barry Tomlinson 59 Charlotte, NC USA
Casey Boykin 16 USA
Celia Roche 18 USA
Chris Carlin 61 Huntersville, NC USA
Cindy White 64 Belmont, NC USA
Dan Hartley 66 USA
Diane Holl 59 NC USA
Donna Gora 62 USA
Jeanne Nugent 67 USA
Jennifer Bower 40 MOUNT HOLLY, NC USA
Jenny Hartley 64 USA
Jude Starrett 65 USA
Name withheld
Karen Bailey 63 USA
Name withheld
Kristin Sherman 67 USA
Name withheld
Matthew Isaacson 18 USA
Michael King 57 Belmont, NC USA
Ned Harris 84 Charlotte USA
Seth I 14 NC USA
Sharon Johnston 51 USA
Stacey Bhalla 56 USA
Tim Johnston 48 USA
Tom Bailey 69 USA
wade glaser 35 USA
Name withheld