Triad Indoor Rowing

Triad Indoor Rowing offers small group fitness classes utilizing Concept 2 Indoor Rowers. Every class is led by an Instructor who will motivate you to perform at your best, regardless of your experience or fitness level.

Athlete Age Location Country
Abby Morton 59 USA
Abby Stubblefield 17 Kernersville, NC USA
Abby Coburn 16 USA
Adam Beane 45 USA
Addison Rolls 18 USA
Ainsley Fox 19 Winston Salem, NC USA
AK Karan 46 USA
Al Thompson 65 Winston Salem, NC USA
Alex Spain 50 USA
Ali Haynes 48 Kernersville, NC USA
Alisa Moody 53 USA
Allison Marshall 51 USA
Amanda Darrah 42 USA
Amanda Coburn 46 USA
Amber Burns 34 Winston Salem, NC USA
Amber Rogers 45 USA
Amy Beane 47 USA
Amy Wyscarver 50 USA
Amy Taylor 45 Kernersville, NC USA
Amy Exline 47 NC USA
Andrew Sweatt 68 USA
Andrew Cresimore 44 Kernersville, NC USA
Andria Alder 49 Lexington, NC USA
Andy Farrell 62 Kernersville, NC USA
Andy Farrell 62 Kernersville, NC USA
Angie Ford 54 Kernersville, NC USA
Angie Williams 51 Kernersville, NC USA
Angie Steele 50 Colfax, NC USA
Ann Snyder 38 Lexington, NC USA
Annie Colangelo 32 USA
Annie Hurm 51 Kernersville, NC USA
Anthony DePaolo 54 Winston Salem, NC USA
Ashley Dean 34 Kernersville, NC USA
Ashlyn Darty 20 Kernersville USA
Aver B 12 USA
Barbara Tyner 56 USA
Barry Nicholson 69 USA
Becca Sopoci 33 Kernersville , NC USA
Betsy Thompson 66 USA
Betty-Jo Creed 56 USA
Beverly Swaim 60 NC USA
Blake Jacoby 16 USA
Bo Fulton 59 USA
Bob Lauver 62 Greensboro, NC USA
Bonnie Younts 50 USA
Brendon Roach 42 USA
Brian Finnerty 33 USA
Brian Finnerty 60 USA
callie foust 17 USA
Cameron Spain 20 USA
Carissa Bright 45 Winston Salem, NC USA
Carl Kearney 60 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Carol Hines 54 Winston Salem, NC USA
Carol Blau 59 USA
Cathy Kesler 65 USA
Cathy Bryant 64 Colfax, NC USA
Ceci Martinez 61 Jamestown, NC USA
Cecilia Solano 72 USA
Chad Lankford 47 USA
Charles Giddens 47 Winston Salem, NC USA
Cheryl Fisher 45 USA
Chiquita Williams 47 USA
Chris Gardner 53 USA
Chris Crump 46 Belews Creek USA
Chrissy Alexander 63 USA
Christa Hall 48 USA
Christopher Plum 35 USA
Christy Fishel 51 Kernersville, NC USA
christy Lankford 49 USA
Christy McBride 37 kernersville, NC USA
Chun Edmonds 52 USA
Cindi Watts 63 USA
Cindy Montgomery 66 Kernersville, NC USA
Cindy Goodwin 60 USA
Cindy Boone 57 Kernersville, NC USA
Cindy Coulombe 63 Kernersville, NC USA
CJ Williams 36 Kernersville, NC USA
Clista Stevenson 44 Winston Salem, NC USA
Colin W 9 USA
Corinne Martin 23 Kernersville, NC USA
Courtney Holland 36 USA
Cristi Winthrop 50 Winston Salem, NC USA
Cristy Hamrick 55 High Point, NC USA
Danielle Griffin 46 High Point, NC USA
Danielle Finnerty 22 USA
Darcy Benson 64 NC USA
Dave Spain 51 Kernersville, NC USA
Dave Reid 53 USA
David Miller 76 USA
David Moulder 41 USA
Debbie Wrenn 61 USA
Debra Deegan 67 USA
Debra Duggins 45 USA
Dee Barham 64 Kernersville, NC USA
Dee Byrd 65 Winston Salem, NC USA
Dena Sopoci 47 USA
Denise DePaolo 59 Winston Salem, NC USA
Denita Cusack 52 USA
Dianne Smith 46 Kernersville, NC USA
Don Martin 70 Kernersville, NC USA
Don Miller 67 USA
Donna Burge 59 USA
Drop Inn 66 USA
Eli C 7 USA
Eli Greene 17 Kernersville, NC USA
Elizabeth Poteat 41 Winston Salem, NC USA
Emily Willard 64 USA
Emily Winberg 20 Kernersville, NC USA
Eric Fischer 30 USA
Erica Wilson 38 USA
Erica Mulrooney 44 Summerfield, NC USA
Erich Mink 23 Kernersville, NC USA
Finley F 14 USA
Fran Little 61 NC USA
Garon Anders 41 Kernersville, NC USA
Gina Childress 59 USA
Ginger White 49 Kernersville, NC USA
Gladys Madriz 35 USA
Gracie Harrison 20 USA
Greg Keever 58 Kernersville, NC USA
Greg Atkins 54 Kernersville, NC USA
Hailey Church 21 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Hallie Wieters 28 Clemmons, NC USA
Heather Prior 37 Kernersville, NC USA
Heather Ellis 33 Kernersville, NC USA
Heena Patel 42 Kernersville USA
Hope Bryan 43 USA
India Steele 63 Walkertown USA
Isabella M 9 USA
J.R. Childress 63 USA
Jackie Richardson 52 Kernersville, NC USA
Jacob Idol 27 USA
Jamiee Caviness 45 USA
Jane Wright 63 Kernersville, NC USA
Janice Driscoll 71 Kernersville , NC USA
Jason Thompson 38 Walkertown, NC USA
Jay Seawell 35 USA
Jeff Owens 67 USA
Jeff Tinker 43 USA
Jeff Jones 60 USA
Jeff Greene 55 Kernersville, NC USA
Jenelle Harbour 29 Kernersville, NC USA
Jennifer Dodson 53 USA
Jennifer Adam 36 USA
Jennifer Thompson 52 Kernersville, NC USA
Jerald Winter 51 Winston Salem USA
Jerry Donahue 63 USA
Jess Paradis 41 Kernersville, NC USA
Jesse Nestorick 22 NC USA
Jessi Jarriel 36 USA
Jessica Villarreal 33 Clemmons, NC USA
Jessica Gehris 28 Kernersville USA
Jim Wutschel 68 USA
Joann Wutschel 66 USA
Joanna Tyler 47 Greensboro, NC USA
JoAnna Collette 60 USA
Jobie Frisby 37 Kernersville, NC USA
John Curtis 58 USA
John McCue 59 Mebane, NC USA
John Clark 42 USA
Joseph MacCabe 77 USA
Joshua Bright 43 Winston Salem, NC USA
Joy Hargan 45 USA
Joyce Vino 62 USA
JP Paradis 41 USA
Judy Williams 50 High Point, NC USA
Julia Alai 34 USA
Justin Stultz 37 Kernersville, NC USA
Karen Whitaker 62 USA
Karen Taylor 68 USA
Karen Dull 67 Kernersville, NC USA
Karen Barlow 62 Kernersville USA
Kari Walker 46 USA
Kassidy Beck 21 USA
Katherine Coleman 52 USA
Kathleen Burchfield 65 USA
Kathy McBride 64 kernersville, NC USA
Kathy Boston 56 Clemmons, NC USA
Katie Pequigney 56 USA
Katie Burchfield 65 USA
Katie McNeill 21 USA
Kayleigh D 15 NC USA
Kayli Stanton 34 NC USA
Kelly Meivogel 43 USA
Kelly Chisholm 41 Colfax, NC USA
Kelsey Lentz 38 USA
Ken Marion 42 USA
Kenda Richards 55 USA
Kenneth Borgeson 48 NC USA
Kieran Plum 36 Kernersville, NC USA
Kim Boone 63 Kernersville, NC USA
Kim Jacoby 45 USA
Kim Alley 42 USA
Kim Moore 64 Winston Salem, NC USA
Kimberly Gibbs 51 USA
Kris Accetta 37 USA
Kristen Hilt 52 USA
Kyle Yarborough 27 USA
Landyn C 9 USA
Laura Shay 37 Greensboro, NC USA
Laura Devonmille 52 Kernersville, NC USA
Lauren Thompson 26 Walkertown, NC USA
Leah Evans 52 USA
LeAnn Taylor 53 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Leslie Dail 52 USA
Lina Sims 45 USA
Linda Sanders 70 USA
Lindsey Parnell 37 USA
Lisa Campbell 48 USA
Lisa Brayton 57 USA
Lisa Moore 53 USA
Lisa Boles 57 USA
Lisa Rofail 58 USA
Lisa Albright 37 USA
Lisa Bugg 57 USA
Logan Andrew 33 USA
Loren Walsh 40 USA
Lori Olive 61 Kernersville, NC USA
Lori Starnes 52 Walkertown, NC USA
Lori Duggins 49 Kernersville, NC USA
Lorie Thompson 41 Greensboro, NC USA
Lorrie Johnson 46 USA
Lucas S 14 NC USA
Lugene Gray 66 USA
Lugene Gray 66 USA
Luz Moogan 62 Kernersville, NC USA
Lynda Miller 68 USA
Lynn Clodfelter 62 USA
Lynne Forrest 64 USA
Madge Angel 47 USA
Mandy Rolls 44 Stokesdale, NC USA
Marcia Baker 52 Kernersville, NC USA
Margaret Stubblefield 48 Kernersville, NC USA
Mark Coleman 52 USA
Mark Martel 56 USA
Mark Montgomery 77 USA
Marnie Church 56 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Mary Dee 53 USA
Mary Paradis 64 USA
Mary Perko 64 USA
Mary Grace Butler 80 USA
Mary Lou Simmons 63 Kernersville, NC USA
Matt Tull 35 Lexington, NC USA
Matthew Harbour 30 Kernersville, NC USA
Maura Celik 59 Kernersville, NC USA
Megan Lassen 50 USA
Meili Mattern 46 Stokesdale, NC USA
Melanie Hicks 59 Kernersville, NC USA
Michael Hall 55 USA
Michael Beshears 60 Kernersville, NC USA
Michael Gianopulos 46 Kernersville, NC USA
Michelle Saito 26 Kernersville, NC USA
Michelle Brewer 51 Colfax, NC USA
Michelle Shannon 48 USA
Michelle Bednar 54 USA
Mike Hedgecock 46 USA
Mike Vino 55 USA
Millie F 7 NC USA
Mitchell Braden 29 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Mitzi Harrison 49 USA
Molly Voss 49 Kernersville, NC USA
Monica Ward 47 USA
Morgan Epling 20 High Point, NC USA
Murl Jones 57 Kernersville, NC USA
Nan Smith 60 Kernersville, NC USA
Nancy Harrison 64 kernersville, NC USA
Natalie Beck 22 USA
Noah Nestorick 20 NC USA
Paige Wilkerson 66 USA
Pam Christian 53 USA
Patty Edrington 57 USA
Paul Hargan 45 USA
Paul Stubblefield 49 Kernersville, NC USA
Phillip Dodson 17 USA
Pinky Greene 48 Kernersville, NC USA
Rachel Mills 50 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Rachel Reiland 37 USA
Raegen Autry 43 USA
Randi Edison 38 USA
Randy Rolls 53 NC USA
Regina Jones 57 Greensboro, NC USA
Renee Veksler 54 GUM
Renee Veksler 54 Kernersville, NC USA
Rhonda Blaine 41 USA
Rick Wilburn 61 USA
Rikki Dover 47 Oak Ridge, NC USA
Robin Gunter 58 USA
Robyn Feinsod 52 Jamestown, NC USA
Rodney Rhoda 55 USA
Rosemarie Clapso 75 USA
Ruby Singh 49 USA
Ruth Kerr 63 Kernersville, NC USA
Sam Smith 29 Kernersville, NC USA
Sam Kinkade 27 Winston Salem, NC USA
Sam Winthrop 57 Winston Salem, NC USA
Sandra Jones 63 USA
Sandra Marsh 50 USA
Sandy Tucker 57 USA
Sandy Walker 58 Kernersville, NC USA
Sandy Moss 74 USA
Sandy Jackson 58 Kernersvile, NC USA
Shannon McGlockin 44 USA
Sharon Richmond 62 USA
Sharon Worthley 62 USA
Sharon Jarriel 62 USA
Sharon Beshears 58 Kernersville, NC USA
Sharon Miller 75 USA
Shayne McGlockin 43 USA
Sheila Vernon 55 Kernersville, NC USA
Shelby Taylor 27 USA
Shelly Darty 46 Kernersville, NC USA
Sheri Jones 48 Kernersville, NC USA
Sherry Keever 70 Kernersville, NC USA
Sherry Leonard 49 USA
Sherry Quate 57 USA
Sheryl Christensen 37 USA
Sonya Kojevnikov 29 Kerneresville, NC USA
Sonya Thompson 63 Walkertown, NC USA
Stacy Miller 37 USA
Stacy Walsh 41 USA
Stacy Walton 38 USA
Star Daye 33 USA
Stephanie Jankowski 53 USA
Steve Darty 46 Kernersville, NC USA
Sue Stull 56 USA
Susan Poole 54 High Point, NC USA
Susan Parker 49 USA
Susan Walton 42 USA
Susan Whitaker 61 USA
Suzanne Tillotson 57 USA
Tammie Glenn 57 High Point, NC USA
Tammy Prince 55 Greensboro USA
Tammy Cardwell 51 USA
Tammy Pyrtle 49 USA
Tammy Spruill 49 USA
Tammy Nagem 47 High Point, NC USA
Terrie Messer 51 Kernersville, NC USA
Terry Venable 58 High Point, NC USA
Tiffany Butler 36 USA
Tim Montgomery 67 Kernersville, NC USA
Tina Schofield 54 USA
Todd Hodge 39 USA
Todd Bryant 57 Colfax, NC USA
Tomelene Montgomery 80 USA
Toni Haavisto 59 Winston Salem, NC USA
Tonya Reynolds 46 USA
Tori Carle 30 Kernersville, NC USA
Tracy Vogler 57 USA
Tracy Johnson 48 NC USA
Trish Frisby 34 Kernersville, NC USA
Tuula Mikkola 41 USA
Tyler Simon 31 Kernersville, NC USA
Tyler Haynes 17 Kernersville, NC USA
Vanessa Smith 49 Greensboro, NC USA
Vanessa Wedrychowicz 37 USA
Vern Thompson 62 USA
Vickie Nicholson 61 USA
Virgil Nestorick 50 NC USA
Wendi Mink 55 Kernersville, NC USA
Will Morgan 52 USA
Wyatt Darty 18 Kernersville USA