Triad Indoor Rowing

Triad Indoor Rowing offers small group fitness classes utilizing Concept 2 Indoor Rowers. Every class is led by an Instructor who will motivate you to perform at your best, regardless of your experience or fitness level.

Athlete Age Location Country
Abby Morton 60 USA
Amber Rogers 46 USA
Andy Farrell 63 Kernersville, NC USA
Andy Farrell 63 Kernersville, NC USA
Ann Snyder 39 Lexington, NC USA
Annie Colangelo 33 USA
Becca Sopoci 34 Kernersville , NC USA
Betty-Jo Creed 57 USA
Beverly Swaim 61 NC USA
Bonnie Younts 51 USA
Brian Finnerty 61 USA
Brian Finnerty 34 USA
Cheryl Fisher 46 USA
Cindy Goodwin 61 USA
Cindy Montgomery 67 Kernersville, NC USA
Colin W 10 USA
Couch Payne 44 USA
Danielle Finnerty 23 USA
Dee Barham 65 Kernersville, NC USA
Don Miller 68 USA
Drop Inn 67 USA
Gina Childress 60 USA
Ginger White 50 Kernersville, NC USA
Gladys Madriz 36 USA
Greg Atkins 55 Kernersville, NC USA
Heather Prior 38 Kernersville, NC USA
Isabella M 10 USA
Jacob Idol 28 USA
Janice Driscoll 72 Kernersville , NC USA
Jeff Tinker 44 USA
Jennifer Adam 37 USA
Jerald Winter 52 Winston Salem USA
Jerry Donahue 64 USA
Jess Paradis 42 Kernersville, NC USA
Jill Scott 60 USA
Jim Wutschel 69 USA
Joann Wutschel 67 USA
JoAnna Collette 61 USA
John McCue 60 Mebane, NC USA
John Scott 62 USA
Joy Hargan 46 USA
JP Paradis 42 USA
Judy Hamlett 58 USA
Judy Williams 51 High Point, NC USA
Kim Alley 43 USA
Kristen Hilt 53 USA
Lori Olive 62 Kernersville, NC USA
Lynda Miller 69 USA
Margaret Stubblefield 49 Kernersville, NC USA
Mary Paradis 65 USA
Mary Dee 54 USA
Nancy Harrison 65 kernersville, NC USA
Niru Sanghani 31 USA
Paul Hargan 46 USA
Pinky Greene 49 Kernersville, NC USA
Rachel Weavil 52 USA
Raegen Autry 44 USA
Robin Spivey 51 USA
Robin Gunter 59 USA
Robyn Feinsod 53 Jamestown, NC USA
Ruth Kerr 64 Kernersville, NC USA
Sandra Jones 64 USA
Scott Bennett 54 USA
Sharon Miller 76 USA
Sharon Worthley 63 USA
Susan Whitaker 62 USA
Suzy Bennett 54 USA
Tammy Nagem 48 High Point, NC USA
Tammy Cardwell 52 USA
Tina Schofield 55 USA
Todd Bryant 58 Surf City, NC USA
Vanessa DiGiovanna 50 Greensboro, NC USA
william price 30 USA