Confederation Heights Fitness Centre

We are not the fastest, fittest, nor the strongest rowers by any stretch, but we will not be beaten when it comes to our dedication and will to reach our very best. Please note that team membership is limited to members of the "Confederation Heights Fitness Centre" in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

Athlete Age Location Country
Carole Doucette 54 Ottawa, ON CAN
Cindy Maraj 48 Ottawa, ON CAN
Dan Karov 43 Ottawa, ON CAN
David Michaud 51 Aylmer, QC CAN
JD Whall 50 Ottawa, ON CAN
Karl Bernatchez 43 CAN
Mimi Chan 44 Ottawa, ON CAN
Nicolas Vachon 61 Aylmer CAN
Paul Enwerekowe 44 Ottawa CAN
Paulina Pisarek 30 Ottawa, ON CAN
Rielly Riggs 26 CAN
Shelley Venasse 48 CAN
Vadim Rodine 56 Ottawa, ON CAN
Yasmin Latif 41 CAN