Bridport Gig Rowing Club

Steeped in history and naval tradition, Cornish Pilot Gig Racing is a rapidly growing sport that has swept the south coast of England and beyond. Historically Cornish Pilot Gigs would race out to win the business from visiting tall ships and pilot them into harbour; they were also used as lifeboats with hardy gig crews often being the only assistance available to stricken shipping. Situated at West Bay on the stunning Jurassic Coast; Bridport Gig Club was founded in 2007. We have five gigs and regularly race at regattas in the South West of England.

Athlete Age Location Country
Anna Pretty 46 GBR
Antony Lee 38 bridport GBR
Baker Alison 54 GBR
Becky Hone 30 GBR
Cameron Wills 20 GBR
Carol Marsh 53 GBR
Charlie Wild 32 GBR
Chris Mott 59 GBR
Christopher Bodycombe 47 GBR
Clare Cameron 45 Bridport GBR
Crystal Johnson 46 GBR
David Thomas 48 GBR
David Lohfink 51 Bridport GBR
Debbs Urch 52 GBR
Gemma Smith 26 Bridport GBR
Gina Bailey 59 GBR
Helen Wrixon 29 GBR
Jan Farnan 58 GBR
Jason Matthews 65 GBR
Jill Hearing - GBR
Name withheld
Jo Clare 40 GBR
John Caswell 56 Yeovil GBR
John Preston 61 GBR
Kat Keogh 35 GBR
Katie Dawes 32 GBR
Katy Graham 42 GBR
Kevin Batchelor 56 GBR
Kirsty Wills 50 Bridport GBR
Lewis Webster 36 GBR
Name withheld
Lucy Nightingale 23 GBR
Lydia Wilson 24 GBR
Mark Vanstone 60 GBR
Martin Huxter 47 GBR
Martin Carruthers 54 GBR
Morgan Barnes 19 GBR
Paul Skillend 57 Bridport GBR
Rachel Maltby 52 GBR
Richard Shire 31 GBR
Rob Shopland 56 Bridport GBR
Sally Reid 50 GBR
Sally Carruthers 18 GBR
Sara Buchanan 50 GBR
Sarah Girling 59 GBR
Sharon Harding 54 GBR
Shenda Shopland 53 GBR
Stephen Goodman 47 GBR
Tess Charnley 50 GBR
Tim Girling 18 GBR
Zoe Stansfield 36 GBR
sandie carruthers 55 GBR