Artis Rowing

Artis Rowing is a community from Artis Strength and Fitness, we are made up of all ages and experience levels. This group is here to have fun and challenge themselves! Also compete in some of the challenges throughout the year!

Athlete Age Location Country
Allison Burton 45 NE USA
Angela Diehl 37 USA
Anna Fawcett 22 USA
Bailey Knudtson 31 USA
Caitlin Griger 31 USA
Jessica Engen 34 USA
Jimmy Harding 39 Omaha, NE USA
Jon Day 36 USA
Jonathan Brown 34 USA
Kelleigh Potter 40 USA
Kelly Vap 40 USA
Kim Thomas 65 USA
Kory Gomez 43 USA
kyle schroeder 33 omaha, NE USA
Lana Melroy 44 USA
Lehua Stonebraker 40 USA
Mark Sommer 43 USA
Steve Stonebraker 49 USA