Jess DiCarlo

Age: 53
Country: United States
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Team: Turtle Fighter Indoor Rowing Club
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 216 lb
Logbook ID: 1098508
Member since: July 21, 2016

Did a little sweep rowing in college, a little sculling after. After about 20 years off, picked it up again in the 2015 season. Started with once a week sweep rowing with a fun league and have gotten steadily more involved since then. No intention to stop this time, with a dream of some day racing in regattas all over the world.

Recent Workouts View log

Date Time Distance Pace Type
07/22/24 28:51.8 4,089m 3:06.4 RowErg on Slides
07/21/24 5:28.6 1,000m 2:44.3 RowErg on Slides
07/20/24 26:42.4 4,266m 2:50.3 RowErg on Slides
07/09/24 49:19.3 6,353m 3:26.6 RowErg on Slides
06/25/24 3:00.0 241m 2:45.7 RowErg on Slides