Marek Gawrysiak

Age: 52
Country: Poland
Location: Zielona Góra
Affiliation: Polish Indoor Rowing Team
Team: Polish Indoor Rowing Team
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 163 lb
Logbook ID: 2190531
Member since: December 13, 2023

Hi! Like every sports amateur, I like competing. My fav sport is cross trail running, which I do competitively. Other, fuun sports I do are tour cycling, MTB, hiking and skiing. Rowing is what I do to help me stay fit and perfom better in other disiplines. Cheers and best to fellow sports people!

Recent Workouts View log

Date Time Distance Pace Type
04/23/24 20:07.2 3,086m 2:01.2 RowErg
04/16/24 15:05.2 3,401m 2:13.0 RowErg
04/03/24 6:00.0 911m 2:14.3 RowErg
03/22/24 32:00.0 4,211m 2:03.2 RowErg
03/20/24 13:59.8 2,341m 2:00.8 RowErg