Erg Rats

RB Erg Rats are a dedicated group of athletes who train on and off the water. We strive to challenge ourselves and each other to go into the pain cave, pitch a tent, and sit there. We approach each erg session as an opportunity to learn and improve our rowing technique. Our mission is to be longer and stronger each time we sit down and to stay connected through the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are in this together, rain or shine, whether we win or lose. Come erg with us. All are welcome. Check out our free private Erg Rats training group on Facebook. And see our training calendar on for free workouts.

Athlete Age Location Country
Aaron Wagner 45 Chicago , IL USA
Aaron Spahn 44 Hales Corners, WI USA
Adam Altman 47 Chicago, IL USA
Ademar Cunha Dangone 43 Orlando, FL USA
Amy Wysocki 51 USA
Andy Baker 48 USA
Becca Fazio 30 USA
Brian Edwards 36 USA
Brian Moore 50 Huntsville, AL USA
Carlton Ylinen 34 Windsor, ON CAN
Cassandra Eattock 52 Cherry Hill, NJ USA
Cheryl Myers 53 Northport, MI USA
Chris Swartz 33 Charlotte, NC USA
Chris Meade 38 Winston Salem, NC USA
Chris Eattock 48 Cherry Hill, NJ USA
Christian Talbot 28 Chicago, IL USA
Christian Campbell-Perry 19 AUS
Christopher Simser 62 Cortland , NY USA
Name withheld
Connor Enright - Chicago, IL USA
David Reinisch 66 Chicago, IL USA
David Camp 34 USA
David Hale 52 Chicago, IL USA
Emily Breneman 37 USA
Eric Buck 68 USA
Eric Shrader 26 USA
Erika Nunes 44 BRA
G Campbell 58 USA
Heather Scott 40 USA
James Barker 54 Norwich GBR
James Powell 41 La Mesa, CA USA
Jan Leutheußer 32 GER
Jaquelyn Molina 32 USA
Jason Kay 42 USA
Jeff Readman 49 Edmonton, AB CAN
Jenn Schneiderman 51 USA
Jenna Powell-Wolf 35 Whitewater, WI USA
Jennifer Bernard 57 USA
Jeremy Noah 45 Keesler Air Force Base, MS USA
Jerry Murphy 56 USA
Joao Carlos S Nascimento 48 BRA
John Briner 52 Ogden, UT USA
Justin Nolde 38 Chicago, IL USA
Justin Gordon 33 USA
Karie Beverly 56 South Elgin , IL USA
Kelsey Olsberg 34 USA
Kevin Houtz 31 USA
Kris Mola 45 Colorado Springs, CO USA
Laura Mikels 38 USA
Liz Butler 61 USA
Luciana Bitar 42 BRA
Name withheld
Marnel Mola 50 USA
Marty Talbot 25 Chicago, IL USA
Matthew Roesner 34 USA
Mauricio (Mo) Ayala 52 Colorado Springs, CO USA
Melanie Koskamp 45 Chicago , IL USA
Mia Zierk 53 Chicago, IL USA
Michael Kelly 61 Chicago USA
Mike Maglothin 29 Panama City, FL USA
Nancy Konkel 61 USA
Niamh McGuigan 42 USA
Name withheld
Robert Osborne 57 Racine, WI USA
Rupert Price 31 Kingston GBR
Ryan Kennerly 39 USA
Ryan Beckwith 44 WI USA
Ryan Halpin 20 USA
Sarah Eng 45 Chicago, IL USA
Scott Anderson 55 Blue Mounds, WI USA
Scott Schlossberg 53 Virginia Beach, VA USA
Sylvie Hannuscheck 53 Oceanside, CA USA
Thomas Redburg 59 Elgin, IL USA
Travis Powell-Wolf 35 USA