Erg Rats

RB Erg Rats are a dedicated group of athletes who train on and off the water. We strive to challenge ourselves and each other to go into the pain cave, pitch a tent, and sit there. We approach each erg session as an opportunity to learn and improve our rowing technique. Our mission is to be longer and stronger each time we sit down and to stay connected through the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are in this together, rain or shine, whether we win or lose. Come erg with us. All are welcome. Check out our free private Erg Rats training group on Facebook. And see our training calendar on for free workouts.

Virtual Team Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
13 Scott Schlossberg 54 Virginia Beach, VA USA 469,967m
6 Thomas Redburg 60 Elgin, IL USA 199,272m
4 David Juffre 60 Weymouth, MA USA 165,903m
5 Christian Talbot 29 Chicago, IL USA 124,452m
14 Jamie Reeve 43 Amersham GBR 100,330m
16 Adam Altman 48 Chicago, IL USA 94,163m
9 Joshua Fields 45 Bath, ME USA 87,992m
3 Kyle Jones 32 Janesville, WI USA 85,480m
10 Brian Moore 52 Huntsville, AL USA 74,243m
1 Name withheld 67,734m
15 LeRoy Yoder 63 San Antonio, TX USA 50,707m
2 Amy Wysocki 53 USA 50,597m
11 Eric Buck 69 USA 48,889m
12 Erika Nunes 45 BRA 32,975m
8 Kelsey Olsberg 36 Hoffman Estates, IL USA 22,737m
7 Jennifer Bernard 59 USA 18,407m
17 Mike Maglothin 31 Panama City, FL USA 5,300m