KIWI AS, Aotearoa

KIWI AS: Aotearoa. Welcomes all with the Kiwi spirit where nothing is too hard and you get on and do it. Whether you have been munted, crashed and burned, stuff up somehow and now on the Repair, or you are just into adventure, you Row or Bike to your own goals and have fun doing it. As Kiwi's we like our BEERSIES with meat, and we enjoy WINESIES with cheese and crackers. We listen to Rock but also Pavarotti. When you are not Rowing or Biking in the gym, you're out doing stuff, ride a horse, a Harley or whatever Rocks your Boat. So whatever your goals are, GO HARD or GO HOME.

Athlete Age Location Country
Ann Nuku 61 NZL
Aris Holmes 49 NZL
Brad Mead 47 Auckland NZL
Bryan Taylor 59 Wellington NZL
Cathy Waho 62 NZL
Chloe Jarrett 36 NZL
Daryl Williams 59 Auckland NZL
Dave Nuku 64 Palmerston North NZL
Duncan Dunning 51 New Plymouth NZL
Hasan Itani 52 Wellington NZL
Kel Cassidy 40 NZL
Kevin Waho 62 NZL
Lyndsay Knight 76 Red Beach NZL
Pauline Craigie 62 NZL
Richard Wallace 66 NZL
Stefan Florea 49 Christchurch NZL
Tom Clark 45 Taipa NZL
W Cowper - Palmerston North NZL