British Army

The team composition is pulled from within the Army’s Indoor Rowing League. All current serving members and indeed veterans are welcome to join our team and bump up our meters. Once you have joined the team, please spread the news to other serving members and veterans. Training, whether on the rower, ski or bike offers exercise which contributes to a healthy lifestyle and in turn creates a community of support. Happy training 🙌

Athlete Age Location Country
Adelle Tudor 36 GBR
Alan Morris 61 Leicestershire GBR
Alex Rees 35 GBR
Alex Reynolds - GBR
Andrew Gough 34 GBR
Barry Sweatman 44 GBR
Ben Charlton 36 GBR
Billy Bremner 52 GBR
Carl Gaber 45 Corsham GBR
Ceri Abbit 21 GBR
Charles Coussens 31 Sheffield GBR
charlotte peterson 40 GBR
Chris Coulson 51 GBR
Chris Evans 43 Aldershot GBR
Chris Isaac 57 Witney GBR
Christopher Liburd 38 LEICESTER GBR
Ciaron D 44 GBR
craig douglass 40 Suffolk GBR
damian mcbride 41 GBR
Daniel Edwards 34 GBR
Daniel Watson 49 Tampa, FL USA
Daniel Morgans 38 Crawley / Colchester GBR
Dave Lewis 38 Lincoln GBR
Dom White 38 Bath GBR
Donna Ratcliffe 38 GBR
Edward Lilleyman 39 GBR
Emma Simpson 27 GBR
Eric Parkinson 76 Huddersfield GBR
Gareth middlecoate 31 GBR
Gary Price 54 GBR
Greg Whates 44 Gosport GBR
Harry Holt 45 Manchester GBR
Helen Smith 28 GBR
James Mulholland 34 GBR
James Peters 36 GBR
James Peters 36 GBR
James Brown 39 GBR
Jason Marshall 34 Peterborough GBR
Jason Shaw 35 GBR
John owen 53 Bangor GBR
John Gajdus 38 GBR
Jon A - GBR
Kevin Sheppard 43 GBR
Kirk Reynolds 54 GBR
Laura Barrigan 29 GBR
Lee Paterson 39 GBR
Leon Mair 36 GBR
Libby Danckert 35 GBR
Luke Lucas 42 Catterick GBR
Marc Davies 48 Salisbury GBR
Michael Page 32 GBR
Michael Willetts 32 GBR
Michelle Langstaff 42 GBR
Mike Brewer 37 GBR
Muz Murray 39 GBR
Nicola Mckeague 36 Consett GBR
Nikki Kelly 40 GBR
Njomeza Blakcori 21 GBR
Paul Cooper 43 GBR
Paul Lambert 55 London GBR
Paul Spencer 28 GBR
Phillip Cree 38 Carluke GBR
Phillip Welch 38 York GBR
Piers Webster 43 Exmouth GBR
Robert Hares 34 GBR
Robert Enever 45 GBR
Russell Pritchard 52 Tonyrefail, South Wales GBR
Sam Bennellick 33 GBR
Scott Pollock 40 Catterick Garrison GBR
Scott Lucas 30 GBR
Shane Addison 33 Blandford GBR
Simon Schenk 55 Kerken GER
Simon Howell 50 Portsmouth GBR
Stephen Bailey 54 Cambridge GBR
Steve Hall 51 FRA
Steve Wilkin 52 Warwickshire GBR
Stuart Elvin 34 Bassingbourn GBR
Suzanne Talbot 38 GBR
Thomas Hardcastle 31 Aldershot GBR