Adaptive ParaRowers

This is an inclusive team for all Concept2’s adaptive athletes (all classifications). If you want to participate in team challenges with your peers then this is the team for you.
We have also worked with C2 to establish a place on the Forum for all adaptive athletes to share resources and support. By participating in a team like this, or sharing advice on the forum; you are inspiring someone else struggling with their limitations.
We hope this helps you accomplish your goals! Stay motivated!!!
Visit the Adaptive Athletes Forum at:

Virtual Team Challenge Participants

Pos. Athlete Age Location Country Challenge
6 Bill Davis 66 Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA 462,112m
1 michael burton 71 hamilton NZL 453,202m
13 Jon LaMar, PR3 36 CA USA 416,007m
7 VALENTINA ZHAGOT 61 Санкт Петербург UNAFF 409,744m
9 Chris Evans 62 Meriden USA 241,514m
11 James Johnson 65 NSW AUS 211,986m
4 Ian Ronald 41 Sunderland GBR 194,345m
3 Chris Isaac 59 Witney GBR 180,940m
10 Kevin Rasco 51 Houston, TX USA 150,590m
2 Yves REMY - Aviron Club Auray 56 65 Beaumont Louestault FRA 141,827m
5 Nerys Pearce 42 GBR 79,926m
12 John Murray 69 GBR 60,311m
8 Alexey Gerasimov 45 Worms GER 21,922m